IDC 2012: SUBMIT DJ MIXES (after registering)

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let's assume you've registered for IDC 2012. if not - read here how to register for International DJing Competition 2012 (IDC 2012). if you're still having doubts about it, maybe IDC 2012 Prizes will nudge you towards participating?

nevertheless, here's how to Submit your DJ Mix(es) into the competition:
  • just to clarify, we're expecting MP3 files only, saved with 44100Hz and 192kbps and higher bitrate. lower settings will not be accepted. VBR is allowed with an average rate of 190kbps. all mp3s must be sent to us no later than January 31st. 3 days extension is possible on special request. files must be exclusive i.e. specially mixed for IDC 2012, and must remain hidden from everyone until the time we release them on tribalmixes. music duration cannot be shorter than 55 minutes or longer than 1 hour 5 minutes. track-list must be provided with no more than 2 IDs.
  • the easiest way is to upload mp3 onto our public ftp server: (ftp is protected and noone will be able to download your mp3s except us - organizers).(*)
  • to make sure mp3 is uploaded in full, please, also upload a text file with same name as mp3, with following info: exact file size in bytes (number with 8-9 digits), exact duration as HH:MM:SS. include track-list in the same file. "resume upload" function is not available, if your upload is interrupted - rename incomplete file on the ftp into "delete this", and start uploading anew.
  • another easy way is to use file hosting services, which have grown really popular these days. we prefer , , , , . DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE DOWNLOAD THE FILE. if using - make sure file is set to private and noone else can download it from your account.
  • send us the link to the file, with that link also provide mp3 file-size in bytes (on your computer's hdd) and duration as hours:minutes:seconds. with that info, also include the track-list.

    (*) there are numerous ways to upload files to an ftp server. here are the most simple two... first and the easiest (and we're assuming you're using windows) is to copy the ftp address (highlight it and press CTRL+C), then open File Explorer a.k.a. Windows Explorer by pressing START->RUN->explore (click enter, in different versions of Windows steps might differ), then clicking on the Address Bar of it (where your current browsed folder [path] is displayed) and pressing CTRL+V (or right mouse button -> 'paste'), and enter. this will open ftp server as a Folder, so you can simply drag-and-drop your mp3 into that window. windows will automatically upload mp3 to our ftp server. remember, this will not work with any internet browser, it only works with File Browser. another way requires a free ftp client, many free ftp clients may be found on and similar software sites. install it, then open it, use "" as site address, login name "anonymous", password "any@email". and then upload your mp3 using that free client. there are dozens of clients, so our explanations here are rather thin...

    we really appreciate early submissions
    early mp3 submissions will help us kick start judging earlier, and also estimate participation. thanks!.
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