11 Reasons Why Torrents are Better than direct downloads!

Here we'll try to convince you "Why Torrent Sites are way better than Direct Download Sites", and we're talking about big file-hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, and many others, which have transfer limits, waiting times, low speeds and overloads of advertising, but purchasing a premium account helps all that. Now, here are 11 reasons why we (such experienced tm-users as moocowdan, willy84, forro, mades, KS, IB1 and myself, read more) think that Torrents are WAY BETTER than Direct Download links...
  • torrents always give higher download speed, especially for well seeded ones. this is very important and must be explained. Fact: while downloads from filesharing websites can only go as fast as those sites can (or want to) send data; torrents with many sources produce much faster speeds and can easily max your download capabilities!
  • along with torrents comes on-line information, such as: files included (no mysterious archives allowed), tracklists, recording methods/sources/bitrates, etc.
  • before downloading a torrent, one can see its rating and how many votes and downloaders there were, read users' comments on the torrent, check how long ago was it shared, and many other options and parameters that will help one choose the proper strategy towards the torrent (take it or leave it alone).
  • (our) tracker carries with itself a bold ever-growing community of many thousands of users, and being a part of such a big group who shares your interest in EDM has but too many positive outcomes (our own Radio can be counted as one of such).
  • all torrents are kept for many months. many of them are kept for ever! including all popular torrents, special torrents of local DJs, releases for Tribalmixes, (tm)-radio music releases and many others. while download sites are keeping your link operating for a just a few short weeks, tracker will always bear info on your special torrent, just arrange that personally with a staff member.
  • (our) tracker has a very strong and deep 51 way newly expanded Search Engine. find anything in moments, use classic search in torrents page or per-DJ search in [e]-browser.
  • there's always history of used to be torrents, that were removed of age or other reasons, - easy ways to consult on originality of older sets
  • specific and strict torrent uploading rules protect users from downloading same mp3 several times under different names and dates, dupes or rebroadcasts are instantly removed
  • (our) tracker is really easy to work with through RSS feeds, software exists that will download torrents as soon as they're shared or choose new ones from lists of filters and preferences etc; while direct downloading will always need your personal click, just to show you some of their advertising.
  • there are no restrictions on several downloads at once, and there is no waiting between consecutive downloads, and with the recent tenfold decrease of Share Ratio rules - every last torrent is just offering itself for a care-free download...
  • tribalmixes as a tracker and a community has a vast number of its own flavorful and entertaining happenings and institutions, which include our most famous International DJing Competition (IDC, since '07), daily updated [E]ntertainment Browser - info on over 2500 EDM entities, daily again Lottery Drawing with prizes to improve one's Share Ratio, Bookmarks, Favorites, Featured DJs List, new Top 20 Torrent Charts & BillBoard, have fun with Best Torrent of the Week selected weekly by users, multifunctional Profile with lots of changeable Setup and Display options - customize anything, and many many other features and things and options and all kinds of stuff...