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would you like to see your website's name on this page? offer what you have to our evergrowing community? it's very easy! just follow these 3 simple steps, put a link to on your page, and we will link right back to you!

step 1.

tribal mixes

Copy the basic HTML code from one of the boxes below.

point pick the link you like & left-click on the its code box.
point press [CTRL+A] to select all the code in that box & [CTRL+C] to copy it.

step 2.

tribal mixes

Stick it into your website's code, social profile, blog, etc.

point locate a spot where you'd like to see this new link & press [CTRL+V] to paste the code copied in step 1.
point save/apply the edit, check how it looks, then adjust font/logo size if needed.

step 3.

tribal mixes

Now just tell us where to find this link and that's it!

point the email must contain following items: a) URL on Your site to see Our link; b) your tribalmixes username; c) your LINK (must be same domain as URL, non-offensive, etc, etc); d) Logo Picture as its URL address or Attached to the email (100x100, gif, jpg, png only); e) alternative text (shown when images are disabled in the browser); f) caption (shown if mouse hovers over the image).
point now give it a few hours, and Your Logo will be on our page the way You want it!