DJs: Upload Promos & Mixtapes, Share Your Livesets & Monthly Radio Shows online

Please, register an account or sign in to see the full version of this page and be able to Upload DJ Mixtapes for Free as torrents. is an EDM Community, thus we share dj mixes, livesets and mixtapes as Community, using torrents, which involves all the community members: they download Mixes for free, they listen to these free dj mixes, rate them and comment on them, and for months and years to come, these users 'seed' your mixes i.e. in their turn upload your mixes to other users, those do the same later, etc.

community-sharing allows us to leave the website and its bandwidth alone, while 129,021 users all over the world take care of the uploads, involving high speed seed-boxes, cloud-services and simply amazing country-localized p2p network upload speeds. anything can be downloaded within minutes, often just seconds. it is free dj music, downloads are free and unlimited.

after initial torrent client software installation (we recommend utorrent) and a few minutes of getting used to it, uploading mixes happens in a snap:
  • create .torrent-file (right in utorrent) for your dj upload mp3 file
  • upload that torrent (small file) to tribalmixes, supply tracklist and describe the mix to get more downloaders interested
  • relax and let your client/computer do the rest of the work

    this takes 1 minute on average. and you can always edit the torrent and its description later.
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