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and here we go, top 25 torrents for march 2013:
85 points - Swedish House Mafia - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 6 (WMC - Miami) - 24-Mar-2013
49 points - Arthur Sense, Kairy & Djafar - Experimental Battle 008 on TM radio - 29-Mar-2013
37 points - Arthur Sense, Liya - Esoteric Frequencies 019 - March 2013
30 points - Tiesto - Club Life 309 - 03-Mar-2013
28 points - Carl Cox - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 1 (WMC - Miami) - 15-Mar-2013
27 points - Musabesni & Dido - Bulgarian Freedom Day - 03-Mar-2013
25 points - Sasha - Live at Shelborne Hotel - Viva Warrios Pool Party (WMC - Miami) - 22-Mar-2013
25 points - Steve Aoki - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 3 (WMC - Miami) [FULL SET] - 17-Mar-2013
24 points - Deadmau5 - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 2 (WMC - Miami) - 16-Mar-2013
24 points - Deadmau5 - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 5 (WMC - Miami) - 23-Mar-2013
23 points - Sasha - Live at Club Trilogy (Dubai) - 14-Feb-2013
22 points - Carl Cox - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 1 (WMC - Miami) [FULL SET] - 15-Mar-2013
20 points - Sasha - Live at A Night With... Sasha, Loft Studios, London [5hours] - 10-Nov-2012
20 points - Carl Cox - Global 519 (MiniCoolBoyz guestmix) [Live From Ultra Fest, Chile 22-02-2013] - 01-Mar-2013
18 points - Amir Nashaat - Chicks Night 005 - 01-Mar-2013
17 points - Armin van Buuren - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 3 (WMC - Miami) - 17-Mar-2013
17 points - Sasha - Live at SLS Hotel - Never Say Never (WMC - Miami) - 23-Mar-2013
17 points - Ultra Music Festival (WMC MIAMI) 2013 - UMFtv live (VIDEO) vol.1 - 25-Mar-2013
17 points - Andy Basque & Rex - River of Sin 020 on TM RADIO - March 2013
16 points - Hardwell - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 2 (WMC - Miami) - 16-Mar-2013
16 points - Richie Hawtin - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 2 (WMC - Miami) - 16-Mar-2013
16 points - Armin van Buuren, Ruben de Ronde, Myon & Shane 54, Ferry Corsten, Dash Berlin, Dennis Sheperd - A State of Tance 600 - Live from Sofia, Bulgaria - 08-Mar-2013
15 points - Knife Party - Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 2 (WMC - Miami) - 16-Mar-2013
15 points - David Guetta - Live at Ultra Music Festival (Miami, WMC, Day 5) - 23-Mar-2013
15 points - Carl Cox - UMF Radio - 01-Mar-2013
we're back with this newsletter, which actually is not getting sent out as a 'news-letter' aka mass email. this is an extra and a tribute to all those DJs and performers who have good fan-following, who can spread the word, or to those really famous ones, or collections of great djs: 15 in 1, for example, as in the Welcome to My Nightmare - 1ST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION.. so here we go with the top 15 torrents for this month:

78 points - Arthur Sense & Tomas Haverlik - Esoteric Frquencies 018 - Feb 2013
67 points - Musabesni vs. Bo B, Ceaz Amaze - Bulgarian Dream 016 - 19-Feb-2013
60 points - Biontek - Iberico - 10-Feb-2013
46 points - Welcome to My Nightmare - 1ST Anniversary (15hrs of DARK) - Feb 2013
38 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 019 - February 2013
34 points - Juan Sando DSD, Oliver Petkovski, Nick Wurzer - Time Differences 063 - 03-Feb-2013
28 points - Eric Prydz - Essential Mix on Radio1 - 02-Feb-2013
21 points - Shiva - Preserve The Essence 038 - February 2013
20 points - Hisham Yahia - Journey To The Sky, Yearmix 2012 - 21-Feb-2013
19 points - DJ KiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare 013 - February 2013
17 points - Avicii, Hardwell, etc - Live At Ultra Music Festival 2013 (Buenos Aires) - 19-Feb-2013
17 points - Aquadro - Epic Radio 009 on TM RADIO - February 2013
17 points - Carl Cox - Global 518 (Harvey Mckay Guestmix) - 22-Feb-2013
15 points - Jordan Petrof, Graham Lloris - Sacred Habitat 007 - 09-Feb-2013
15 points - Andy Basque & Selami - River of Sin 019 - 11-Feb-2013

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hello. here we come with the top liked torrents for january 2013. saying that, we mean "all the torrents shared in january 2013, excluding releases". for a while there facebook has had new changes introduced, and for a month there was no way to automatically scan the numbers of likes on the torrents, but they have restored the missing attribute in their new setup, and the process is working again, thus allowing us to deliver the list of most liked mixes for the last month. here they are, and this time we are proudly including the top 20 titles:

48 points - Stratos DeepDark & Djafar - Liturgy of Darkness 027 - 15-Jan-2013
41 points - Musabesni & Vylka, Alessandro - Bulgarian Dream 015 - January 2013
40 points - Bandzius, Frede Goto, Tee-Ex - Time Differences 060 - 13-Jan-2013
40 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 018 - January 2013
33 points - Andy Basque & Deep Cult - River of Sin 018 - January 2013
26 points - Dimitar Valev - Tribalero Part 2 - 27-Jan-2013
26 points - John Digweed & Knox - Transitions 439 - 25-Jan-2013
22 points - Sasha - live @ Liquified, Atlanta - 26-Oct-2012
22 points - Juan Sando, Santo Adriano, etc - Time Differences 059 - 06-Jan-2013
22 points - Dimitar Valev - Tribalero - January 2013
17 points - Sasha - Live @ BPM Festival - edited - 11-Jan-2013
17 points - Stranger & Violeta - Lost In The Darkness - 10-Jan-2013
16 points - AMIR NASHAAT - LIVE on RADIO NOVA (BULGARIA) - 30-Jan-2013
16 points - Adam Beyer - Drumcode 127 - 04-Jan-2013
14 points - Sven Vath - Live At The BPM Festival - 08-Jan-2013
14 points - Sasha - Live at BPM Festival 2013 - 11-Jan-2013
14 points - John Digweed & Guy J - Transitions - 18-Jan-2013
13 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 087 - 06-Jan-2013
13 points - Laurent Garnier - Live At The Warehouse Project - 16-Dec-2012
13 points - DJ kiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare 012 - 04-Jan-2013

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2013 is here!!! and we're here to announce the most deserving and liked torrents and mixes of December 2012.

74 points - Andy Basque & T-Dallas - River of Sin 017 on TM RADIO - 10-Dec-2012
56 points - Arthur Sense & Abraham - Esoteric Frquencies 016 - 04-Dec-2012
43 points - Musabesni & Djane Yani - Bulgarian Dream 014 - 18-Dec-2012
37 points - Jordan Petrof, etc - Time Differences 056 - 16-Dec-2012
31 points - Hisham Yahia - Journey To The Sky - Top 10 of 2012 - Dec 2012
25 points - Aurora Nights Project - Time Differences 055 - 09-Dec-2012
19 points - Gerardo Boscarino - De Ushuaia a la Quiaca - 12-Dec-2012
18 points - Hisham Yahia & DJ Tarkan - Am a Dj @ Party107 - 14-Dec-2012
16 points - Paul Oakenfold - Live From Cream 20TH Birthday - 13-Oct-2012
14 points - DJ KiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare 011 - December 2012

but that is not all of it!! for the first time, check out the TOP LIKED DJ MIXES OF 2012!!! the competition in this one was tough, and only most beloved torrents, some - winners of monthly "milestones", over 10.000 torrents were examined and allowed to participate, and only 10 of them have deserved their place in this list. here we are:

852 points - Musabesni - IDC 2012 - February 2012
473 points - DJ Mando - IDC 2012 - February 2012
148 points - Arthur Sense, Stelios Kostidis - Esoteric Frequencies 015 - November 2012
142 points - Danny Florev - IDC 2012 - February 2012
128 points - AquAdro - IDC 2012 - February 2012
114 points - Andy Basque & N-Tchbl - River of Sin 016 - 12-Nov-2012
99 points - Arthur Sense, CJ Art - Esoteric Frequencies 008 - 03-Apr-2012
88 points - Arthur Sense, etc - Esoteric Frequencies - 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - August 2012
83 points - Arthur Sense, Infula - Esoteric Frequencies 010 - June 2012
82 points - Andy Basque, Luke Warren - River of Sin 015 - 08-Oct-2012

ps. see extended top 100 torrents of 2012
come december, we have 15 top liked torrents so beloved by our subscribers who also use facebook and share stuff there, and we are always happy when you share and like our pages, so please do, and we'll always deliver these top 10-20-s... =)

143 points - Arthur Sense, Stelios Kostidis - Esoteric Frequencies 015 on TM radio - November 2012
111 points - Andy Basque & N-Tchbl - River of Sin 016 on TM RADIO - 12-Nov-2012
46 points - Musabesni - Bulgarian Dream 013 on TM RADIO [1st Anniversary] - November 2012
42 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 016: Wanna Dark? on Insomniafm - November 2012
42 points - Juan Sando, Jordan Petrof, Aurora Nights Project, Louis Sollard & Guests - Time Differences 050 on TM RADIO - 04-Nov-2012
24 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Live At La Rocca Lier (Belgium) - 02-Sep-2012
18 points - Hisham Yahia - Journey To The Sky - Episode 22 [Top 10 of 2012] - December 2012
16 points - Sima Deep - Underground Resident 025 on TM RADIO - 10-Nov-2012
15 points - Fro Ptr & Boral Kibil - Theriel Meets... on TM RADIO - 31-Oct-2012
15 points - DJ Gaetano - Tech-House Grooves vol. 2 - November 2012
14 points - Stranger & Violeta Kukleva - Lost in the Darkness 014 on TM Radio - 08-Nov-2012
13 points - Hisham Yahia Feat eM - Beat Mansion - (Recorded Live 1st - Nov - 2012) - 01-Nov-2012
13 points - Fro Ptr & CJ Art - Theriel Meets... on TM RADIO - 28-Nov-2012
13 points - DJ KiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare 011 on TM RADIO - December 2012
13 points - Eelke Kleijn - Outside the Box 080 (Frisky Radio) - 20-Nov-2012
Halloween, Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE 2012 has been for another year...

Rounding off a massive month of music, many memorable mixes, many memorable tracks, many celebrations and hours of music listened to and shared. October 2012, Andy Basque with guest Luke Warren triumphs with his show "River of Sin". Snapping at his his heels in popularity for October is Arthur Sense and guests. Noteably the top 5 in popularity are occupied by "dark" mixes.

I welcome Fro Ptr with her new show "Theriel" and Myra Alexa with her show "Juxtapose" to the TM Radio airwaves, exciting to have you and your guests along. You can catch each of their shows monthly, check for scheduled times.

Submit your like and support your favourite dj and mix.

76 points - Andy Basque, Luke Warren - River of Sin 015 on TM Radio - 08-Oct-2012
44 points - Arthur Sense, Doomsday S - Esoteric Frequencies 014 [Dark Progressive] on TM radio - October 2012
39 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 015: Prometheus Tribute [Deep Dark Progressive] on Insomniafm - October 2012
36 points - Jordan Petrof, Yamil Farag - Sacred Habitat 003 on TM Radio - 13-Oct-2012
23 points - Aurora Nights Project, Yoogie Van Bellen, Gary Harkin - Time Differences 047 on Tm Radio - 14-Oct-2012
21 points - Mark Knight - Kiss Presents - Toolroom Knights 6th Birthday Special - 04-Oct-2012
21 points - DJ KiDe & Arthur Sense - Wicked Conscience 002 on TM RADIO - 25-Aug-2012
18 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 076 - 20-Oct-2012
16 points - Moshic - Masa Album Preview - CD1 & CD2 Mixed Version - October 2012
16 points - Musabesni & Chris Bau - Bulgarian Dream 012 on TM RADIO - October 2012
16 points - John Digweed & Josh Wink - Transitions 426 (Proton) - 26-Oct-2012
summer days are over!! school starts, all the birds (users) that flew away for the summer are coming home, and people are starting to switch from summer mode into the boring winter mode.. we're going to see some increased activity over the next 9 months here on tribalmixes, so in general we kinda like these times better than summer. there'll be less festivals, less torrents on main torrents page, allowing better deserving ones to stay there longer and show up to more people.. this month's top 10 likes is again dominated by Arthur Sense, where we cordially congratulate him on this success!! there's been a few anniversaries of TM Radio shows this month, and some of them you can see in this list, make sure to check them out, all exclusive music!!

86 points - Arthur Sense, etc - Esoteric Frequencies - 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (2 days, 27 DJs) - August 2012
26 points - Matteo Monero - InsomniaFM Showcase 013 on TM Radio - 03-Aug-2012
25 points - Musabesni & RPO - Bulgarian Dream 010 on TM RADIO - August 2012
21 points - Andy Basque, etc - RIVER OF SIN on TM Radio - 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - 30-Jul-2012
16 points - Aurora Nights Project, Paulina Cewe & David Ormonde - Time Differences 038 on TM RADIO - 12-Aug-2012
12 points - Gerardo Boscarino - De Ushuaia a la Quiaca on friskyRadio - 01-Aug-2012
11 points - DJ KiDe & Arthur Sense - Wicked Conscience 002 on TM RADIO - 25-Aug-2012
11 points - Deep Soul Duo & WCross - Time Differences 037 on TM RADIO - 05-Aug-2012
11 points - Sasha - Live @ All Gone Pete Tong Arena, SW4 Festival, London - 26-Aug-2012
10 points - Josh Wetherington, SoundSex - Positive Progression Sessions on TM Radio - 21-Aug-2012
Another month passed, and here are July's top 10 torrents according to how they were liked via facebook. lots of things happened, festivals every weekend, sometimes 3-4 festivals in different countries all happening simultaneously, it's the summer season, it's the time for fun! from the most fun festivals wanted to mention Tomorrowland in Belgium, Balaton Sound in Hungary, Exit Festival in Serbia. those all looked like lots of fun. otherwise, July's top 10 is here, congrats to MUSABESNI:

43 points - Musabesni & D.E.V.A.A. - Bulgarian Dream 009 on TM RADIO - July 2012
37 points - Christopher James - PHLYT Episode 001 on TM Radio [ Exclusive Mix ] - July 2012
29 points - Josh Wetherington, Trigg - Positive Progression Sessions on TM Radio - 17-Jul-2012
22 points - Joce M Petrof, Aggressor & IngxS - Time Differences on 034 TM RADIO - 15-Jul-2012
14 points - Arthur Sense, Kairy & Djafar - Experimental Battle 007 on TMradio - 29-Jul-2012
14 points - Louis Sollard, Suffused & Relief - Time Differences 035 on TM RADIO - 22-Jul-2012
13 points - Djafar & DJ kiDe - Bloody Rhythms 028 on TM Radio - 20-Jul-2012
12 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 063 - 22-Jul-2012
10 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 062 - 14-Jul-2012
10 points - Biontek - Summer Tribal Cocktail (Special For - 10-Jul-2012
see Extended top 30 torrents of July [slash]
june is here, summer officially starting in the majority of places on the planet, and the season has struck us with a few great 'opening' sets and parties, especially Ibiza and all that bedlam that's going to happen there again this summer, like it did last summer, and every summmer before that.. what's Ibiza? party island? part of Spain? Part of the international community of resort-like areas that contribute trends and huge drinking problems to the meager lives of those crazy clones that get drunk and shift their positions from one wall to another, going over possible catch... no matter, whenever you've had too much of those, simply forget the world, and come here to Tribalmixes, we are always happy to see you and to present hand-picked mixes of June 2012:

66 points - Arthur Sense, Frangellico - Esoteric Frequencies 009 - 01-May-2012
59 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 010: Deep Sands of East - 19-May-2012
45 points - Sima Deep - Underground Resident 015 - May 2012
37 points - AquAdro - Epic Fail 001 on TM Radio - 17-May-2012
36 points - Kult of Krameria, Musabesni - BULGARIAN DREAM 007 - 15-Feb-2012
35 points - Andy Basque & Aya Mavra - River Of Sin 010 - May 2012
34 points - Joce M. Petrof, Stanisha - Time Differences 027 - 20-May-2012
31 points - Dubfire - Essential Mix #958 - 26-May-2012
29 points - Arthur Sense - is feelin Frisky - 23-Apr-2012
28 points - Nick Warren - Sound Garden 012 - 01-May-2012
23 points - Airwave - Time Differences 026 - May 2012
18 points - Arthur Sense - Mindscapes 5 Year Anniversary guestmix - 28-Apr-2012
17 points - Edi Raingard - Everybody Sing 'Love Song' - 07-May-2012
16 points - Martin Garcia - for - 12-May-2012
16 points - Edi Raingard - Deep Mada Faka - 21-May-2012
16 points - Trentemoller - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1 - 14-Oct-2006
15 points - Aurora Nights Project - Time Differences 026- 13-May-2012
15 points - John Digweed - Cream Live @ Clubland, Pacha, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 21-Apr-2001
14 points - John Digweed - Live @UMF Buenos Aires - May 2012
14 points - Deep Soul Duo, Joce Petrov, Aurora Nights Project - Time Differences 024- 27-Apr-2012
14 points - Christopher James - UMF Radio - 25-May-2012
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Top Liked DJ Mixes & Torrents of APRIL 2012. congrats to Arthur Sense for headlining and having a total of 3 torrents in this list as well: very good support base, his fans actually like him alot, i guess... =) check out his dark ethnic tribal and progressive beats, always awesome sets!!

96 points - Arthur Sense, CJ Art - Esoteric Frequencies 008 on TM-radio - 03-Apr-2012
46 points - Musabesni, Vylka - Bulgarian Dream 006 on TM Radio - 17-Apr-2012
22 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground #009: Old School Roots of Dark Soundon Insomniafm - 21-Apr-2012
20 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 048 - 08-Apr-2012
20 points - Carl Cox - @ The Revolution,Electric Brixton (UK) - 05-Apr-2012
18 points - John Digweed, Nick Warren, Jozif & Denis A - Live @ 11th Annual Sunset Cruise, Miami Beach, WMC - 23-Mar-2012
18 points - Hybrid - collection - 1999- 2011 - 28-Apr-2012
17 points - Kairy - Turntable to Turntable (Vinyl Mix for TM-radio) - April 2012
16 points - Arthur Sense - Insomniafm Like Russia Guest Mix on - 30-Mar-2012
14 points - Pole Folder - Live at Culture Club (warm up for sasha) - 07-Apr-2012
13 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 049 - 15-Apr-2012
12 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 047 - 01-Apr-2012
12 points - Magda - live @ Time Warp 2012, Mannheim, Germany - 01-Apr-2012
12 points - Carl Cox - live @ Time Warp 2012, Mannheim, Germany - 01-Apr-2012
12 points - Carl Cox - Global 475 (Guest Mumbai Science) - 22-Apr-2012

check forum for a longer version of this list...
18 DJ Torrents most liked on facebook for November-December 2011.

83 points - Arthur Sense, DJ Dincer - Esoteric Frequencies 003 on TM Radio - 01-Nov-2011
59 points - AMIR NASHAAT - I LOVE EGYPT (SPECIAL SET) - 22-Dec-2011
53 points - Stranger - Who Killed The Dark Inside 005 on TM RADIO - November 2011
44 points - Shiva, Lemon8, Moshic - Preserve The Essence 032 on MCast - December 2011
43 points - Shiva - X-Chrome - December 2011
40 points - D.E.V.A.A - The Tales of Mother Ganga 013 on - November 2011
38 points - Above & Beyond - Live @ Tight Space, London - 17-Nov-2011
35 points - Fernando Ferreyra, Lemon 8, Dpen, CJ Art, Suffused, Matteo Monero, Rasti Tkac, Tino Deep, Tomas Haverlik, etc - Deep Visions 3rd Anniversary on - 29 - 30-Nov-2011
35 points - Moshic - December Episode - 2 Hours Special Mix - 11-Dec-2011
32 points - Juan Deminicis - Artist of the Week on FriskyRadio - November 2011
30 points - Stranger & Violeta Kukleva - Lost in The Darkness 004 on TM Radio - 10-Dec-2011
27 points - Arthur Sense, Deep-L - Esoteric Frequencies 004 on TM Radio - 06-Dec-2011
25 points - Kintar, Gerardo Boscarino, DJ Tarkan, Kike Mayor, Darin Epsilon, etc - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (45 DJs, 48 hrs, music, marathon) - 30 - 31-Oct-2011
25 points - Serkan Sar1kurt - Dark Tribal Set 001 - 04-Oct-2011
25 points - Sasha - Mixmag covermount CD (November 2011) - 16-Nov-2011
25 points - Marco Carola - Live @ Yalta Club, Bulgaria - 12-Nov-2011
24 points - The Kinky Funkers, Luca ETB (guest) - May the Funk Be with You 036 on TM Radio - 22-Nov-2011

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12 DJ Mixes & Torrents most liked via facebook for October 2011

56 points - Djafar, Arthur Sense - Bloody Rhythms 019 on TM Radio - 21-Oct-2011
38 points - Djafar & Stratos DeepDark - Liturgy of Darkness 001-011 - 2011
34 points - Amir Nashaat - TM Radio 5th Anniversary - 30-Oct-2011
31 points - Moshic - October Mix on - October 2011
30 points - D.E.V.A.A - The Tales of Mother Ganga 1-st Anniversary - October 2011
30 points - Dubfire - Live @ elrow, Barcelona, Spain - 23-Oct-2011
30 points - John Digweed - Fabric Promo Mix (live @ Circus, Montreal) - October 2011
28 points - Stranger - Who Killed The Dark Inside 004 on TM RADIO - October 2011
25 points - Stratos DeepDark & Dj Duma - Dark Ocean 019 on Pure.FM - 13-Oct-2011
24 points - Djafar & Stratos DeepDark - Liturgy of Darkness 1-st Anniversary - 23-Oct-2011
22 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 024 - 16-Oct-2011
20 points - Steve Lawler - Live @ State - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 14-Oct-2011

discuss Best DJ Mixes (most Liked ones) of October 2011. is the best place to download DJ mixes, because we do everything to find the best DJ mixes and bring them to you. once a month we go through all the torrents uploaded in the month before, and select those DJ Mixes, which you (users) as a community deem the most interesting via "liking" them thru facebook. if you want to, you can see results of the previous months, - Best DJ Mixes since May 2011, just scroll down or use browser search by keyword "liked". enjoy!!
Direct Download Links are finally here!! Tribalmixes is now combining the best of two worlds: the world of TORRENTS and the world of DIRECT DOWNLOADS. yes, we finally have both!! starting 14-Oct-2011 all new torrents are seeded at the highest speeds provided by our dedicated servers, and each new torrent is furnished with several Direct Download Links, i.e. you no longer need a torrent client to DOWNLOAD DJ MIXES!!!! this is an achievement that places Tribalmixes WAY AHEAD of the competition, we are now THE MOST UNIQUE resource on the web!! like torrents - max out your download speeds, prefer not to bother with ports and clients - get your Mix-Fix via DIRECT DOWNLOADS, which can also be sped by download-managers, like JDownloader and similar. direct links are available on the torrents-browse page and in torrent details.

if you want to get at least 2 distinct Direct Download Links for your DJ mixes - simply share a torrent on tribalmixes! as soon as SuperSeed3 downloads torrent from you - links will be auto-added to the torrent (you can use them, they will be available for years) and information will be sent to several facebook accounts, twitters, a dozen social networks and 3 DJ Mixes BLOGS! we're all over the place, and we want to MAKE YOUR MUSIC EVEN MORE POPULAR!!! share those link wherever you want, they'll be good for ever!! =) tribalmixes guarantees that!
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most liked DJ Mixes of September, 2011....

65 points - Sima Deep - Deeper - Darker - 06-Sep-2011
25 points - D.E.V.A.A - The Tales of Mother Ganga 011 on - September 2011
25 points - D.E.V.A.A - Deepest Enlightment 007 on Beattunes - August 2011
22 points - DARK HOURS on TM Radio - 1st ANNIVERSARY Celebration - 25-Sep-2011
22 points - Sasha - Live @ Panorama Bar (Berlin) Part2 [320k] - 20-Aug-2011
21 points - Frangellico - Trippin on friskyRadio [Deep & Dark Progressive] - 02-Sep-2011
20 points - Sasha & John Digweed - Bonnaroo Festival [Top 10 Best Rated Ever] - 17-Jun-2007
20 points - Sasha - Live @ Never Say Never closing party (Ushuaia Hotel, Ibiza) - 29-Sep-2011
18 points - Dj kiDe - Welcome to My Nightmare 003 on TM Radio [Dark Progressive] - 24-Sep-2011
17 points - Musabesni - Pushing The Beats Harder - 03-Sep-2011
17 points - DJAFAR, KAIRY - Bloody Rhythms 018 on TM RADIO [Dark Progressive] - 16-Sep-2011
17 points - Sasha - Live @ Panorama Bar, Berlin, part1 - 20-Aug-2011
16 points - Eelke Kleijn - Delta Sessions - Delta 90.3 FM - 07-Sep-2011
15 points - Nick Warren - Live @ Delta 90.3 FM - 21-Sep-2011
15 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 002 [Dark Progressive] on Insomnia - 17-Sep-2011
14 points - 16 Bit Lolitas - September Mix - September 2011
14 points - DJ Mavrikoff JR, Musabesni - 3 Million Ways 014 on TM Radio - 17-Sep-2011
14 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 021 - 24-Sep-2011
14 points - Jody Wisternoff - Australia Tour Promo Mix - 18-Sep-2011
13 points - Gerardo Boscarino - De Ushuaia a la Quiaca on friskyRadio - 07-Sep-2011
12 points - Hernan Cattaneo - Delta 90.3 FM - Episode 020 - 17-Sep-2011
11 points - Ida Engberg - Drumcode 059 - 23-Sep-2011
check out our official blog to see the archive of all the Most-Liked DJ Mixes starting May 2011.. [moocowdanstar]
DJ Mixes & Torrents 'most-liked' via Facebook in August 2011. finally, the list is here. 22 dj mixes & torrents this time, next month i will cut off on 20. enjoy!!

74 points - Kintar - Presents 2nd Album Carpe Diem on Beattunes - Aug 2011
59 points - D.E.V.A.A - The Tales of Mother Ganga 010 - August 2011
35 points - Biontek - Tribal Pulse - 20-Aug-2011
22 points - Sasha - Live @ Never Say Never (Ushuaia Hotel, Ibiza) - 18-Aug-2011
21 points - Aylen, The Kinky Funkers - May The Funk be with You 029 on TM Radio - 09-Aug-2011
19 points - Kairy - Chihes Digital pres. - Promo - August 2011
19 points - DJ kiDe - Welcome to My Nightmare 002 on TM Radio - 27-Aug-2011
18 points - Stratos DeepDark & Djafar, Cem Ermis & Burak Colak - Liturgy of Darkness 010 ...
17 points - Djafar & DJ kiDe - BATTLE IN HELL (Tribute to Slash) - 18-Aug-2011
17 points - Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 001 on Insomnia - 20-Aug-2011
16 points - DJ TARKAN - NO SMOKING ON TM RADIO - 26-Aug-2011
15 points - Stratos DeepDark - Solomons Tample - August 2011
15 points - Biontek - Aye Ritmo ! (Tribute To TribalSoul) - 28-Jul-2011
14 points - Lemon8 - 8-Track Mind on friskyRadio - 04-Aug-2011
14 points - Tomorrowland 2011 (All Mixes) - July 2011
14 points - Luciano & Sasha - Live @ Never Say Never at Ushuaia Hotel Ibiza - 18-Aug-2011
13 points - AK, Deep-L & Deepness - Deep Motion 031 - August 2011
12 points - Semih Karakas, Enes Karakas - Never Back Down 001 on TM-Radio - 17-Aug-2011
12 points - Chris Bau, Alper, Runo - MindControl 058 on TM Radio - 25-Aug-2011
12 points - Above & Beyond (Guest Dash Berlin) - Trance Around The World 384 - 05-Aug-2011
11 points - Panoulix, Djafar & Vylka - Terminal Velocity 021 on MCast - August 2011
10 points - TribMan - Late Night Cruze 06 - June 2011


hello from! =) don't get gloomy, this is going to be fast and easy, just a short news update and some useful information in here, please, take a moment to read this.

most important, Tribalmixes Radio is being renamed into TM RADIO, please, change your bookmarks, the new website is - it's on and working and streaming and some people have already tuned in. the page looks the same, but there will be alot of changes soon. radio will kick off in the nearest future, there'll be more shows, famous djs and alot of fun in general. the old radio website has been down for a while now, and will be available by the end of May.

Facebook is a big thing nowadays, all cell phones come with it, all sites have it.. well, we have it too now! so far it's just 'like/unlike' feature, but very soon new users will be able to register with their facebook credentials, avoiding the confirmation process and stuff like that. in the mean time, feel free to spread the word by 'liking' the site, becoming a fan of our page (nearing 2000 fans, check out and 'like' it too). you can find facebook 'like' buttons on main page (fan club link is below the vertical menu on the left), dj mixes torrents page, new top20 page, and most of all - on any DJ Mix Torrent details page. you like this torrent? - 'like' it on facebook, let your friends know, well, you know the drill...

another new thing - (graphical) torrent advertising. if you have shared a torrent and have a banner for it, or someone else shared the torrent, and you have a flyer or cover or any graphic for the 'event' represented by this torrent, feel free to go into torrent's details and press [PROMOTE THIS TORRENT] link on the right to start an advertising campaign for this torrent. 3 days long campaign produces about 100k impressions and is free, longer campaigns are going to require some immortal points from you. torrents are advertised on main page and in details of other torrents. torrent details page has been revamped a bit as well, extra info removed and design changed a bit - so feel free to check it (them) out. see all active/inactive banners right here

which brings me to my last announcement, and this one might interest you... i am planning yet another change in website's design, going to make it look contemporary, fresh, easy to use and all that... and so i am looking for help.. any creative people wishing to be part of the process on bettering their favorite site are invited to contact me and, maybe, help out sometimes. yet i don't have much free time myself, so this is not going to be a pressing fast development, but rather slow, stretched over months and maybe up to a year, i dont know yet the magnitude of the undertaking and how much help i'll get. generally i'd love to hear from designers, graphic artists, php/js/mysql/ajax programmers... again, there will be no pressure, maybe get to help out once a month or so, don't panic.. =) as a part of this project, DJ List should be made mode engaging, easy to work with, etc..

oh no, not yet! one last but most important thing: Tribalmixes BIRTHDAY is coming, it's 5th of May, and we're turning 6 years old!! i won't be spoiling the celebration by announcing the festivities yet, but one (yearly) event is to happen for sure: a collection of DJ MIXES recorded specially for this celebration. we've done it every year, and i believe this year is going to yield the grandest and greatest results!! all those mixes will be shared as single torrents and as a mega-pack, broadcasted on the radio, shared on other edm sites, it's a great thing and it will be BIG!! i am already receiving mixes for the BD, so don't wait for too long, send me your precious mix (a present for all of the community), and i will personally make sure that hundreds, maybe thousands of people hear it!! you can upload mix to any file-servers and send me a link, or upload mixes to our ftp server at (copy this address into your file browser, not web browser, and click enter, then drag'n'drop the mp3 in that window).

until next week!!
yours, slash [slash]
Hello Everybody!!

We Need Money... Again. as much as it saddens me to start the message with these 3 words, i have to get your attention from the start. yes, we have had no need to ask for money since May 2009, when over a 100 people have answered the call within first week, donating a sum totaling over a thousand dollars, which tribalmixes community really needed and highly appreciated at that time, as you might remember, our old server machine was a bit expensive, gradually draining our accumulated funds, and about a year and a half ago we've decided to transfer to a cheaper (and faster) server, which we did in August 2009, increasing the efficiency of the site and its average response speed, as well as cutting the monthly cost by 40%. donations kept coming, and all together there's been over 200 donations until now..

recently we've eased alot the rules of the Ratio, removing over 90% of the low-ratio warnings and allowing all of us to download more while caring of your Share-Ratio less.. well, that was good for the community, but wasn't so good for the site's funds, since warned users have been a major branch of our funds' growth. now only "happy users" give some money from time to time, averaging $50 a month, and such low amounts only let total funds number decrease, and now we've come to a meager $20 in funds... at least $110 is needed until the beginning of November, and later we'll need more, and in January some more again... this is a monthly thing, - paying server rent, and your donations are the needed to sustain our awesome way of life here, to keep our community intact. and so i repeat again:

WE NEED MONEY. please, as much as you can spare, even 2-3 euros/dollars from 1 person our of every 100 of users will give us enough funds for half a year of rent payments. you can always conveniently see our Total Funds on the right of the Control Panel, every donation will be reflected there within 24hrs (of money transfer). we are accepting donations via PAYPAL, simply click the easy to use button on this page and enjoy the security and safety of dealing with we're also looking for other ways to accept donations, and so far we're able to do so via, although we're unable to set up a nice button yet, thus a way to deal with that would be for you to reply this message or simply send us "donation mail request" any time later with such words "i want to donate $XX via AlertPay, show me how to do it, my email is", and we'll send a request through, which won't even require your registration there, a simple credit card transaction will work fine!! check out if your country is allowed with AlertPay here (over 190 countries allowed), if you're not good with PayPal.. =)

again wanted to mention, donations of $100 and over (or several totaling $200+) will reward you with a PLATINUM Member Status, which basically is V.I.P. with extras (ie better than v.i.p.), but also has its own indicator PLT next to username.. each donor, $1 or $100, will receive a special Star to show everyone that you've donated and supported our community, also Download Debit will be awarded, significantly decreasing your downloads and increasing the Share-Ratio... Plus there are Immortal Points, which are getting more and more popular, there are great ways to spend those points already (like new feature we're having - 9 different sets of Genre Icons, which can be activated for 50-200 points each -; work is being done on RSS subscriptions, that will also be done for Points, soon Uploaders will be able to advertise their torrents with special Cover pics and, of course, in exchange for some Points, etc, etc, and so on, and don't forget, that points can also be traded for Share-Ratio improving credits and debits).

this is it. for now, at least. and we're humbly waiting for your responses, hoping to have a few donations this time, maybe even more than we've had last time, 1.5 years ago.. maybe we won't need to ask for money again for another 2-3 years after this run? let's hope so...

thanks for your attention!!
administration of
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heil to the king, baby!! is 5 years old!!! what a number, huh?? =)) this is awesome. 5 years ago this place was created on a cheapest hosting possible (like $7/month), but it allowed mysql/php/ssh and some data storage, so it all started there. did i know that in 3 months my site (and me) will be banned from that simplest hosting for overloading the servers? and all we had was like 300-400 peers at that time... seems strange right now. so we went to our first dedicated server, actually a virtual one, i suspected then, but who cares now, right? oh well, maybe half a year with them, or longer, and constant bandwidth falls were too much, so we moved to an even better server, p4 machine provided by mjwebhosting (mercuryserver & co), stayed there for over 3 years i think, but grew out of price, to be honest, and last summer moved to an even better dual core amd-machine with a 100mb uplink and a great deal of storage space - 1.5 tb. and here we are... 5 years... this is amazing...

for this incredible anniversary, we've prepared a 12.5hr long Show on TribalMixes radio. The Show starts in less than 2 hours from the moment i'm typing this news-item, and will showcase 12 DJs, all of them have been with tribalmixes for quite a while, influenced the site's life in any way possible, brought in their music and promos and shows... these DJs have their fans here, some of them even admit they "grew up on", which makes me really proud.. and happy too... my pleasure, friends!! i'm always happy to help!! but one thing i'd mention here: to be honest, only 1 DJ of all has sent me the mix 2-3 weeks prior to the date, and on may 1st i've had this idea - why not have a bigger celebration, let me ask some of my most favorite DJs... AND ALL OF THEM HAVE MIXED SPECIAL MIXES FOR THIS SPECIAL OCCASION. and some of them even did it within few hours from moment my request arrived... and for all of this, for the full throttle of being able to rip a reward once in a while, i really thank you!! thank you, 12 DJS who participated in this Celebration Show, thank you uploaders here on the tracker for doing your thing every dam day, for bringing here the best music there is, for all your hard work, thank you v.i.p.-s for simply bringing your behinds in here - you're all very appreciated in this community, thank you higher echelons of power - moderators and admin, you're my eyes and hands here when i'm not on computer, don't know what i'd do without Viktor1983, special one goes to you, bro!! thank you power users for spending your bandwidth and time on this website, for devoting your clients to sharing the best stuff live music scene has to offer, thank you users, for being with us, for loving our Radio Music and for believing in us, day by day. Thank You ALL!!!

and as a great prize to all of us, here comes the what and the who of the 5th Anniversary Celebration Show... a present from us to us all...

This will be a monster event! Starting 9am on Thursday, May 6th, it'll run for 13 hours straight until 10pm, with performances lined up as follows (times might differ, this is just corresponding time-frame, '14:00' read 'around 2pm').. Very much hoping you'll join us in our Listening Celebration. All times are GMT00, London Time (although now it's BST - GMT+1 for summer), easier said - radio/tracker Local Time. (discuss this news item in Tribalmixes Forum) [slash]
it has been a while this time, quite a while.. but sooner or later the time comes when this section yells for an update, when it looks simply naked without some new opus from me... well, you've asked for it, so here it goes... hehe.. not really, but still, a few things i'd like you to notice...
  • IDC 2010 is over. there was a bit of teasing in the end from my part, but finally all the Results were announced, all the team winners and personal winners were crowned. to a great surprise, or maybe not so great, Rafraf has won the contest, although with a brand new team. read more here. btw, the biggest surprise this year was the 2nd place winner team Magnats (Slovakia), while in personal (per each dj, unofficial) results one of this team's Djs - MCX - has placed the highest.
  • if you haven't yet gotten hooked on the new Tribalmixes (c) Genre Icons, i recommend you do so. it is yet another great way to waste your (immortal) points, as much as a definite provider of new and hip looks for the site interface. read more here.
  • please specially check out our latest invention - Tribalmixes Icons Set 5 named "EDM Spectrum 2010". in this set, icon of each meaningful EDM genre (16) has a picture of the Most Famoud DJ playing this genre (Cattaneo - prog, Zabiela - tech, etc). read here to know more. and don't hesitate to leave your own suggestions to the "Best Ever DJs in each of (tm) Genres".
  • new RSS development is planned. besides renewing the main thread, making it more accessible and informative and such, it will only be available to registered users. or should i say "they" instead of "it"? yeah, there'll be at least 10 more types of different RSS feeds. more.
  • now (erroneous/rebroadcasts/etc) torrents can easily be suggested for removal with just a few clicks. torrent owner gets notified and should try to remove the torrent asap. reports are posted here, pms are sent out, etc, etc.
  • some of us do not know this simple fact: torrents that don't make it ratio-free (undead/everLife) are removed after 180 days cycle of life. but! if such torrents have main or additional genre set to any of the two (tm)-mixes or (tm)-only genres, they will be made ratio-free then and kept on the site. usually (tm) categories are given to mixes produced specially for (tm), exclusive releases seeing the world on Tribalmixes, mixes recorded off FM, Satellites and Streams specially for (tm) community, etc. more info can be found in this forum thread. this will be available as an RSS feed as well.
  • as i haven't announced before, now there's such a feature called "Silencing"... it can be utilized by moderators to, pardon my language, completely shut somebody up... check F.A.Q. for more...
  • a few minor adjustments were introduced here and there along the way: [e]browser had some design changes and bugfixes, couple of center tabs were updated on control panel; index page is constantly changing its "parts", their location and their design (i hope this doesn't annoy everyone too much); more graphical banners and flyers can be now found on torrents details-pages leading to rather popular or educationally valuable torrents (as in dj-mixes), live party recordings, etc, etc, and so on. work is going on and constantly something is changing, although now i'm planning to spend more time on Tribalmixes Radio, reprogramming its design and features, introducing 2 different streams for trance and house music, and many other cool and awesome new features. but i am looking for a Nice Designer or two, if possible, to relieve me of graphical re-design of the (tm)-radio Interface or to help me out with some Pro-Advice, at the least... if interested and have some time to spare, please contact me. bye for now!! thanks for your time reading this!! (feel free to discuss this news item in forums). [slash]
    Rules and Regulations. ver.1.00. 03-Jan-2010.


  • 03-Jan-2010 00:00 - 09-Jan-2010 23:59 - Preparation Period - All willing teams will be allowed to register at this time, registrations will be closed 23:59 GMT00 (website time) on Saturday, January 9th, 2010. There will be no 'friendly' early registrations, as there will be no emergency ones - get your team-mates to register the team.
  • 10-Jan-2010 00:00 - 23-Jan-2010 - Submission Period - At this time period all competitors must submit their Full Info and their Contest Music, teams that do not fulfill all the requirements of the Registration and Music Submission by 23:59 GMT00 (website time) on January 23rd will be DROPPED from the competition.
  • 24-Jan-2010 ... 13-Feb-2010 - Judgment Period - Honorary IDC 2010 Judges will be given competition music (as direct download from the website), by the end of this Period all their grades/ratings must be submitted in full. if one's grades are left incompletely submitted by 23:59 GMT00 on 13 February 2010, that jury member will be dropped from the competition's staff.
  • 14-Feb-2010 ... 27-Feb-2010 - Finalizing Period - This two-week-period will start with the OFFICIAL RESULTS on February 14th, 2010. this will be followed by Uploading Torrents and SHARING the IDC 2010 MUSIC with all the community. Open-Ratings will commence after that, allowing all the downloaders rate djs and their performances, and on 27th of February PUBLIC RESULTS will be announced.

    Entering the Competition.
  • only complete teams of 3 (three) DJs will be allowed to enter the contest this year.
  • NEW :: all three Djs are Strongly Encouraged to be from the same Country. yes, we're returning to this original rule of the IDC, although with a slack: you all don't have to be homies on the team, but you will have to provide countries of origin to satisfy the new rules of team naming nevertheless.
  • NEW :: teams will not be notified on their assigned Names, there will be no list of accepted teams nor the total number of teams accepted into the competition will be published anywhere before the SUBMISSION PERIOD ends on January 23rd, thus making it a bit more interesting and eliminating embarrassment for teams that were dropped from competition due to incomplete mp3 or pic/bio submissions, or for any other reasons.
  • maximum of 20 teams will be accepted to compete!!! please note this limitation. since there are pretty much no fair ways to select one team ahead of another given more than 20 teams want to participate, the only possible solution will be FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED. Registration will be open at 00:00 on January 3rd, so please make time in your schedule to visit as close to that moment as possible to have best chances of getting into the Contest.
  • teams that do not make the fist 20 will still be allowed to stick around for the 'unofficial ratings', thus their music will not be given to judges, but will be released with all other teams' music as torrents after the official results are published. also such teams can auto-enter the competition if some of the first 20 teams are dropped for none-compliance with Entering or Music Submission rules and requirements, thus such teams will be placed on Stand-By to replace any 'faulty teams' in the official line-up.
  • all 3 (three) DJs' names must be entered at the moment of registering a team!!! if only 1 or 2 names are entered - team is dropped from the contest (if needed to give way to the next registered team of 3 DJs with proper data submitted).
  • NEW :: each Dj must have their Country of Origin submitted on Registration. from that point, teams will automatically be assigned their Names based on such general rules: a) all 3 DJs (or 2 DJs) are from the same Country - team gets named 'CountryName XX' (XX stands for number of teams already participating from that Country); b) all 3 DJs are from same Continent - team gets named 'Countinent XX', c) all 3 Djs are from different Countries on different Continents - team is named 'World XX'. This is done to invite more National Listeners, to promote more country-based healthy competition, to give the old spicy kick back to IDC.
  • team CAN NOT be changed after making the 20 accepted ones. please make sure all DJs on your team are willing to participate. teams that request change of a member will be automatically dropped from the competition (or rather from the Official Competition, teams that are declined participation because of any formal rules can still enter the Unofficial Contest and still prove to everyone their worth).

    Requirements for Submission of Music.
  • technical: each DJ has to provide 1hr long recording of live dj session. only MP3 format is accepted. music has to be at least 192kbps-44khz quality. good quality VBR with an average of at least 192kbps will also be accepted.
  • teams do not need to provide different music genres, such actions will not be awarded with bonuses from now on. As a matter of fact, there will be NO bonuses or deductions in IDC 2010. failure to satisfy rules this year only results in one action - drop from the competition and replacement by next waiting team.
  • as it was stated last 2 years, we're trying to insist on first hand musical experience, meaning all dj mixes, all entries are strongly recommended to be exclusively premixed or recorded specially for this competition, with a great expectation of keeping the music unaired and never-publicly-heard until all of the teams' music sets are revealed to the world, until official results are published. lets keep it interesting at all levels.
  • each mp3 has to have a TRACK LIST by the time Submission Period ends. all track titles must include name, artist(s) and remix name and artist(s) if applicable. presented track lists can have NO MORE than 2 IDs, i.e. only two (2) track names can be hidden with IDs instead of titles. use of DJs' own productions are strongly encouraged and recommended, since IDC music torrents are exposed to vast numbers of people throughout long periods of time, - it is in DJs' own interests and is left to be decided by DJs.

    Grand-Jury. Its features and Responsibilities.
  • JUDGING WILL BE BLIND in IDC 2010. this means that all mp3s will be cleansed from their IDv123 tags, then they will be 'shuffled' and naming will be changed to 1.mp3, 2.mp3 etc to exclude any possible biased judging. Judges will only be able to guess who is playing what set by knowing personally that dj's music, tracks and style, which really has nothing to do with IDC and only relies on dj-judge past relations, otherwise any other ways of knowing the names will be eliminated.
  • Honorary IDC 2010 JUDGES will be required to allow at lease 3 hours of 'free' time per day for 3 weeks of the Judgment Period. 'free' time could be classified as 'time when one can listen to the music'. there will be 20 teams and 21 days to listen to 60 hours of music and submit ratings and comments on those sets. Judges will be required to comment blindly as well. their comments will be posted to the torrents when latter are shared. of course Judges can receive upgrade to V.I.P. level for the competition times and most likely keep it afterward as a token of appreciation of their labors.

  • TribalMixes shows as quite a poor community, struggling to keep website's funds as high as just 2 monthly server payments ahead of the schedule, so there's never been and will most likely be no valuable prizes this year. Reading this, if you can ask your boss to sponsor a prize for IDC 2010 winner - don't hesitate and do it!! =) usually you don't get beat up just for asking...
  • As none-monetary-value prizes, there's of course almost 1 Year of your teams' and team-members' names being displayed on the main page of, allowing people to get to know DJs for long long time after the contest is finished. The music of the winners of IDC 2010 is heard by at least 1500-2000 people around the world through the next year (over 1000 snatches on torrent, 200-500 radio listeners on separate occasions, 100-300 downloaders on other sites by methods other than torrents).
  • All djs-participants are gladly accepted at TribalMixes Radio to host their shows, whether they just want to rebroadcast on our station or start a brand new project right there. also any torrents shared with the names of IDC 2010 contestants automatically become ratio-free.

    after reading all this, please feel free to drop by the OFFICIAL IDC 2010 DISCUSSIONS FORUM THREAD, post your suggestions and concerns, everyone is welcome. only try not to ask questions like 'when is it all starting?' or 'how do i get in?', cause those and many other nagging ones were answered above... [slash]
  • too many News accumulates over time, and so little of this time to point them all out to you, my friends.. this 'broadcast' will be covered through our facebook page, yes, tribalmixes now has a profile and a TM-FB Fan Club. some news and talk go through there, it's a good way to hear brand new developments in case site goes out or any other emergency happens. more than 2 months nothing was said, so now there's quite a few points to consider, please, spend a few minutes on this reading, it's gonna amuse and entertain you, i promise!!
  • oldest of all, mid september, addition of two new categories and New Category Icons development were suggested, thus new categories are active now, "(tm) Only" and "(tm) Mixes" they are (btw, torrent search by category has been updated as well to show all torrents where this given category is additional, and not the main one), and torrents carrying such a category become Undead at the end of their appointed 180 days, if 100 snatches were not reached before that. new Icons were introduced, another set was created and published, while many others threatened with creation of their own Icons and never followed through, so we're probably be setting current and those Amiga-like icons changeable via Profile.
  • newest development is the New DJ Ratings, they are not new, as a matter of fact, but more like renewed. If some [e]-record you've rated quite a while ago pops up in front of you in torrent details or elsewhere, you will be invited to Re-Rate this record if you haven't yet rated it in 2009. this will be our Own Top 100 DJs Poll and will last till the end of 2009, when on January 1st the results will be revealed and published. in the meantime new ratings will be added towards current existing summary and average ratings.
  • as a separate item, DJ ratings haven't been advancing alot lately, as much as torrent ratings haven't been in most cases plentiful. to try and fix this issue, and to promote some Extra Rating Activities, current rewards of doing it have been increased tenfold, plus a new way to benefit from such actions have been established... now when you rate a Torrent that you have downloaded, you will receive 1 immortal point and 2 Free Tribalmixes Lottery Tickets for the next Raffle. but it gets even better because for submitting your Brand New or Newly Fresh (2009) rating on top of an old one will reward you with 5 immortal points and 3 Free Lottery Tickets. return to your unrated downloads (through my downloads link on the left for instance) daily or weekly, rate them all and receive a bunch of Free Lottery Tickets, win prizes and be happy!! =)
  • torrent details page has been changed a bit, more info is displayed there now for [e]ntertainment database records, new design elements have been introduced, bigger pictures and easier to read layout. numbers with #s to the right are the Ranks of [e]-records amongst others of their kind (type), and are updated only once every 3-4 hours.
  • new and exciting Top 20 torrents and users is coming up almost ready, a few touches need to be added, and we will proceed with a Brand New torrent Charts (BillBoard) System, where torrents will be awarded for being one of Top 20 ones in 15-17 categories, thus contributing to torrents' BB-Ratings, which will also produce their Ultimate Charts, where all comments, ratings, snatches, seeds, one word : torrents winners of all 15-17 categories will be considered extremely popular and will be on top of all charts, easy access to which will also be placed on the main page, to promote more downloads on these popular torrents. along with that, torrent sharers will have their own Charts and Ratings, more like 30+ of them, coming just a bit later, they will also produce benefits for the uploaders (meaning all users who share torrents) in top20, small points but still big amounts if taken over days of being first in the Up-Charts. this will be very interesting and should produce some more healthy competition among uploaders.
  • some technical words at the end... many of us have been hit by several days of site's being unreachable and needing to use proxy servers to access it, that was all due to old server owner's shady activities, thus some routing was blocked, later unblocked, now all is fine and back to normal, although we've taken some steps to eliminate such events' destructiveness in the future. also a few days ago there was a black-out on the server due to repairs, some of us might have noticed that due to messages to restart our peers in our torrent clients. we're always trying to be on the look out for any abnormal site's behavior, but please let us know if some serious errors or bugs come your way, we'll really appreciate that!!

    Many things are changing, or are about to change, i'm trying to invest more time into the site's programming and code updates, but it's not easy with real-life demands growing and work loads increasing, recently that crises is finishing (or seems to be), but give me time, and i will finish transferring other Skins into their new formats, i'll add tracklists to be as manageable as torrents, will implement suggestions system and will simply turn everything upside down, but it all needs some time, maybe more helpers would do good as well. have a Happy Halloween and be nice to dead people!! =))) (and feel free and welcome to discuss this news right here in forums). [slash]
  • And so it comes, THE BIGGEST CHANGE EVER... this is i'm not talking about design changes, since the biggest one in design was Ajax version few years ago, no... this is about the most painful subject of any tracker with stats - SHARE-RATIO. after long long thinking, pondering this hard issue, we've decided to ease up on those ratio demands, especially the ridiculous first step - no ratio with up to 1GB downloaded, which is very little, just barely 7-10 sets nowadays, and many new users could get discouraged by the warning so sudden, so the Biggest Change of them all changes listed here are the NEW SHARE-RATIO RULES:
  • as of right now, Ratio Rules do not apply to your account, if you have less than 20 GB downloaded, from 20 GB to 50 GB in downloads, one must maintain a ratio minimum of 0.1, thus giving only 10% of taken, from 50 to 100 GB total downloaded, ratio of 0.20 is required, 100 - 500 GB - 0.30, and over 500 GB total downloaded - ratio of 0.4 is required. in general terms, Ratio Rules & Requirements have been sliced 10 times, reduced to mere 8-10% of what's they've been before. and all for one and simple reason: to let YOU download ALL YOU WANT, without concerning your mind with your Share-Ratio!! (as new rules were applied, almost 850 warnings were removed, let's hope it stays that way!!)
  • as a little treat for new users only, the old and overly useless now restriction of maximum 3 simultaneous downloads for users with less than 2 weeks online, has been dropped: download all YOU want, 20 first Gigabytes of music are Yours to take, while getting closer to those 20 GB try to share back (a.k.a. upload) some mere 2 GB and you're safe. or donate $5 and get those 2 GB in upload credits, easy and safe as well: since now donations as small as $5 will make a big big difference!! plus, as an afterthought to all these changes, donation credits assigned to willing donors will be increased as well, a bit later.
  • third and not the last, comes change of (Immortal) Points received for seeding, especially for seeding Ratio-Free torrents, to be short and to avoid math in here, i'll just say that now you'll receive 10 TIMES MORE POINTS for seeding regular torrents, as well as ratio-free (a.k.a. undead, a.k.a. everLife) ones. for those who seed hundreds of torrents this means much faster growth of Immortal Rating... long story short, now you will receive 0.002 of a point for seeding 1 torrent for 1 minute.
  • and fourth little present, RATIO FREE MONDAYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!! wow, it's been gone for 1.5 years, and now it's time to bring it back, so that all our community could enjoy one awesome feature of tribalmixes: DOWNLOAD ALL YOU WANT!! especially on Mondays.
  • now more from the background life of as some have already noticed, we have a new Moderator, it is our widely well known, highly respected and deeply beloved MADES, he's been in this status for about 3 weeks already, looking around & getting used to new features, but it's about time for him to start attending to his duties.
  • new rules have been set for Power User's promotion, in two words - requirements were doubled. right now there's 2085 power users, their main distinction from users being permissions to upload and share torrents, along with some other nice little things. well, from this point on, to become a Power User, one must have been a member for at least 8 weeks, uploaded 50GB of data to other users and possessed a personal share-ratio of 2.00 or higher at the moment of promotion. demotion now will come if that ratio falls below 1.90. Please NOTE, current Power Users with total uploads below new limit of 50GB or ratio less than 1.90 will not be demoted for those reasons, but treated according to old rules: unless their ratio falls below 0.95 they will not be demoted, but once that happens, they will have to adhere to new rules of promotion.
  • comes last, but still important to mention, our server machine underwent some maintenance, it was powered down and possibly moved to a different room where it shows lower temperatures now, thus website wasn't accessible for about 3 hours, and i think most of us haven't even noticed this downtime, besides this there was no significant outages, except for 3 minutes that same day. also the background mechanics of server-to-your-browser page-data sending has been changed, now all pages are sent to you slightly archived (zipped), taking up to 10 times less bandwidth, plus archiving process was set up through the page-serving software, to make story short: you should have noticed faster website response times, faster page loads, much much faster browsing even if your browsing was lightning-fast already! i know i see it...

    all in all, just trying to keep you on top of our 'happenings'. thanks for being with us!!! people like you make our community a stronger institution, and even if you don't communicate or rate torrents, the numbers of downloads (snatches) still mean alot to us. if you'd like to discuss this news post, offer insights, suggest possible additional changes and improvements, and even congratulate our new moderator, - please, come by this topic in forums and speak your mind!! [slash]
  • This Is The OFFICIAL REPORT on how things are going on and in and around the TribalMixes Community.. things are finally good. finally? yeah... the moving process is finally over. we've switched to a much much better server. now we have Unmetered Bandwidth on a very powerful machine: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ (Dual Core), 6 GB DDR2-800Mhz RAM, 2x750 GB HDDs, 100Mbps Uplink on 1Gb card. This baby costs 89 euros per month, which comes right now to $127/month, so far we've spent 120 euros on setup and first month fee, "website's funds" atop were adjusted accordingly. with a few possible tweaking-sessions along the way, this server should last for a few years. Server is physically located in Luxembourg now. =)
  • last few days have been hectic, i'll leave all back-door-stuff at the back door and am only going to say here: WE DID IT!! there were bugs, holes and weird things, but so far all of them seem to have been patched. we (slash & Viktor1983) are directing our full attention to all the errors and/or bugs you might encounter, please report them to any one or both of us immediately upon discovery. We're employing newer versions of software that works behind the scenes, such as MySQL & PHP, code and precedences are verified stricter in these newer versions, hence unexpected errors come up, but all the errors that we know of (so far) have been fixed.
  • the process of re-working and re-designing the website is still on and going, you can see some pages still look the old way, but be sure all of them old pages will be changed and updated in the following few weeks/months. all pages (new or old) are functional, and that's most important, but sometimes one wants more than spartan and laconic walls around themselves, one wants eye-candies, visual luxuries... he-he.. so we're trying to make website look newer, somewhat cooler, i'd even say... and main part of this change is New Skins. so far there's only one - [def] White Attack, it's all new and all good, but other skins are yet to be updated. this process takes hours, maybe days for 1 single skin, - so vast they are now, - thus you're to choose which order skins will be changed in through Main-Page-Poll, going on right now just above this post. please, vote, if you haven't done it yet. =) all in all, enjoy the show and let us know what you think of it!!! (discuss this news article) [slash]
  • summer is in its full power and the days are flying by, soon all these fine nights will end, so make sure to go out there and party!!! there's a few things i'd like to announce just to keep the data flowing:
  • as a nice summer present, Ratio-Free Torrents will now become such after ONLY 100 downloads, a little "extra" to the ratio-free band, while the life of a Normal torrent that yet not turned Ratio-Free will expand to 180 days instead of 105 as of right now. the new forum topic was made for this, please check out over 130 torrents that were turned Ratio-Free according to this new rule, a total of over 10k awards were given out.
  • our current server contract is ending on July 20th, and we're moving! to a much faster and cheaper server at a different company, in a completely different part of the world as well! possible picks are Switzerland and Netherlands. so this means possible faster page loads for European and Asian groups of our community. we will try to make this switch as seamless as possible, but still letting you know..
  • the New Server Machine will be celebrated by starting the website in its new shape, little bit redesigned and redrawn, with much more extensive css (skins), although to start it will only have 1 (or 2) skins, the rest of the most popular website skins will be converted into new format shortly after this Start. most of the changes are listed 2 news-posts down. if you want to try the new setup, please visit, it is being worked on so use it on your own risk, but it works fine.
  • that's all for now. enjoy your weekend!!! and summer!! (discuss this news article!!!)
    4 years went by, and we're still staying as strong as we were quite a while ago. despite all the evidence showing slow but gradual decrease of people's interest towards the dance scene, lots of people's devotions and passions are turned inside - into their own space, where they download music and listen to it in the private eyeless sanctuaries of their homes, some maybe swinging a dance move or two at the best favorite spots, some just shaking their heads to the beat, waiting for something new, something mind-blowing. in the meantime, our desperate cry for donations has been answered by many good and kind users from our community: there was no money to pay server rent in may, and now there's so much that we're going to go through the summer without any thought of funds depleting.. but let us share a little more technical stuff on donation... this little "event" went on from May 21st, 2009 till this very day of June 7th, 2009, for just 17 days, and what are the results!!! One Hundred Twenty Eight (128) users have donated towards the cause, amounts ranging from $1 to $100 per donation, the whole total number climbing over $1100, on average there was 1 donor in every 200 users, which is fantastic and simply heart warming and very very nice. just on the first day of the "Call", we've received a magnificent 65 donations, about half of the "whole run", but how amazing is that? THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!! and here's the list of users that donated money starting the very moment the call was issued: littleangel, najabi, digfun, housewarrior, calazon, vanquish, TomTom, victorius, Pusherman, rikk98, mulder72, gte141q, nickba, ilmarsm, ramballo, Andromea, jwarber, metal, chshkt, GAB, djalain, Dickson, leeroys, rms1k, klaasdv, buster, cpac77, BlackPanther, nuno, chuddy, kkaechele, coqui, NokturnaL909, lojza, igork007, dinomosin, faker97, reddek, PaF, ejao60, dima1873, TurkishBlend, pjoreilly, sygma99, monkey07, djmario2004, Lebron316, mrbix, kfergs, jewman, bazookajoe, perigan196, adrex, danailusa, suzysheer, mysticmable, BlitzX, LoUiSCY, TheVrk, E500, Wanath, pvdfreak, koko76, bigfudo, pookieman, jgornik, cos192000, HDM, VegasRich77, rage78, Roob, huncut, guguca, cscarlson82, n8FIT, haluciN8e, sebas78BsAs, wiggleworms, BESTIAFEA, gzmums, wyctorgold, gr8pumpkin, jammywanks, zebmac, manix, jetdrvr, lepp0012, tomsk, thecreep33, gorilata, ezec, de07, niotech, Wizard, petyke83, PaulvanDyk, ozzyarmani, shaboigan1, chriscoco, k01, mihai2211, langy667, maxish, bibmi, eyal, glasgow123, omega023, elldan, Bizon, alasdair, bechemot, faheemz, richcoupe, nickreilly, fozyfresh, zenmeister, pascal28, engessa, vbumpps, afterclubber, drfingers, PATASLARGAS, grega, djmarv. I still haven't assigned upload credit from 3 donations, please, if your donation wasn't acknowledged here or privately trough a personal message - contact me immediately with amount and email used to donate, i will apply your credit in no time!! thanks alot again, thanks alot!!! ps. if you'd like to discuss this news item, please, check out this forum topic [slash]
    4 YEARS!!!
    yeah baby!!! today tribalmixes dot com celebrates its 4th Birthday!!! that's right, we're officially 4 YEARS old!!! lots of things happened during these 4 years. our community has grown stronger at some point, and weakened during the world-recess thing, but just to become more tight and more like home. things come and go, the biggest thing came around was IDC, 3 times already it's been coming here and rocking us all into dancing stupors. official uploader-team constantly keeps changing its leaders and everyday soldiers bringing quality music to all of us and not asking for anything back but simply for some respect, i'd rather say - some acknowledgment at the least! did you thank your favorite uploader today? well, take this once a year opportunity to thank your favorite uploaders for their hard labors - they light up every time they see some appreciation note, and to cut away all the rabble, - these guys are the clay that holds together our community, without them we'd all be angry and music-less. great thanks must also go to all who donated money to support the server rent, THANKS ALOT, FRIENDS!!! i personally do know how hard it is sometimes to cut even tiny $5 out of your budget and give it away, that is why each and every donation is supported beyond the normal appreciation barriers. and again, using this space, i'm going to chase my own goals and say my thanks to the biggest supported i've ever had around here - site's administrator Viktor1983: your help, advise and action have been a colossal support over these years!!! Thank You, Brother!!! must not forget moderators and [e]ditors, doing their quiet but most valuable work behind the scenes, - thanks alot to all of you!! all the DJs, who's been bringing their music here to share it with the world - thank you, guys!! all the downloaders and leechers, seeders and snatchers, commenters and posters, quoters and browsers, surfers and readers, listeners and broadcasters, platinums and earthlinks, powerfuls and weakest, every every every member of this wonderful community - thank you for being here, thanks for being with us!!!
    if you'd like to discuss this news post, wish someone a happy tm-bd publicly, or just check out what others think about this event - please, check out this forum topic..
    tribalmixes newsletter is back.. or so it seems to be...
    this section of website news has been empty for a while, since the IDC 2009 finished, nothing big has really happened around here. nothing to write about. but recently a few things have been put in motion, and that gives me a reason to post some words in here. some of you guys have been waiting for your suggestions to come around for so long, that you might have forgotten about the things you wanted to be better around here and asked for them before. but i haven't forgotten anything... and so i present, or pre-present the big big big project going on right now behind the closed doors - strong, large and thorough renovation of the looks, of the code, of the processes happening on to be specific, i'm going to lay down a few major areas here which the work is being at, but since the stuff is mostly fresh now and most of it is unfinished, it is going to be a quick lineup, while major explanations and story-telling will commence later (whenever that stuff is finished and polished enough to be put out for all the community)...
  • first of all, bothersome (to some users) AJAX is going, and the traditional page-loading is coming back. right now some of us are able to set up Olde Design in the profile, well, that's going to be something like that, only better, gray control panel on tob with tabs - staying, only loading html will be done differently, while the average page-load should go down dramatically, probably going (again average and assumed, cause i don't have any stats of page loading, - it happens on your computer) from 2-3 seconds per page to 0.1-0.2.. with ajax gone a few things will work differently, such as browser image caching, browser-operated back-forward history buttons, lots of other stuff.. full list of all benefits will be posted later. one thing though - AJAX will still be used around here, only for smaller things, such as rating torrents without needing to reload the whole page...
  • one of the biggest changes is happening to the [e]browser. it is going to have a completely different look, completely different way of operating, it will be enhanced with Favorites, where you'll be able to select a few of your favorite djs, radios or shows, and those will provide you with emails on new uploads, maybe rss feeds for each dj, this is still going on, so something might change. but one thing is for sure - the [E]ntertainment Browser is becoming a very powerful tool for anyone interested in EDM scene. most likely free access to the [e]browser will be set for everyone without even registering on the website, but before that we'd have to move to a cheaper and more-bw-ed hosting.
  • torrents page browser is undergoing many changes as well. most important - a new search mechanism is being made. this new way will not only allow you to search just in torrent names for an 'exact match' (highly anticipated feature), but also search by numbers of seeders, snatches and comments, release date and upload date, bitrate and quality.. all in all mathematically calculated, this will be a 50-way search, no less... also (annoying to some) yellow icons will allow to completely disable themselves, not even leaving text links, although new way of displaying those text links will be incorporated, along with extra genres they will line up next to or above every torrent name-link, thus requiring less bandwidth and shorter waiting times, if that was an issue. with that thing on, it will be much easier to see if you've already snatched some torrents without going into the details page. also this change is expected to boost the 'best torrent of the week' program, since the link to vote for the best torrent will be always in front of you, asking to be clicked... by the way, once clicked it disappears till monday next week...
  • control panel is going to be a little different as well. the scroller on the right will be enhanced with several different types of info, besides ratio-free torrents a few other types of info will be added, such as recent comments, recent forum posts, everLifes in the way they've been moved up in status, allowing weeks-old torrents just freshly turning ratio-free to be seen on top of that list, etc. also i'm bringing out the donations section again to the open... it will be put into the control panel itself in between the tabs and the scroller and will display our current website funds.. as of right now, we only have 1 more month of money, and too few donations coming in nowadays. doing this i'm hoping to see more funds arrive since consciousness is a tricky entity... he he... well, it's just going to hit my pocket hard, if donations do not cover up the monthly costs...
  • cascading style sheets a.k.a. css a.k.a. website skins are expanding, so expect new style(s), fresh palettes and more aye pleasing graphics. since it is a long and work to adjust all colors perfectly, at first there will be limited number of new skins (maybe just 1 or 2), and old ones will probably be removed with time, because expanding them to have all the new added definitions will simply be an overly-time-consuming job, new css files are about 5-10 times larger than the old ones. but the good news is: if you ever decide to make your own skin for, you'll be able to change virtually everything, starting with regular things and ending with changes into control panel and [e]browser that weren't available before.
  • one sad change is coming, but it has to be done to ensure more money coming for the rent of the server... nowadays everyone gets (or already have gotten) hit with the economy crises, and if not able to donate real money, - please donate your time and clicks... lots of advertising will be placed throughout the website, mostly same places as they were before, but different stuff, and some additional spots, like awards page... if someone gets (or will get) bothered alot by this advertising, there will be ways to get rid of it.. mostly by donating money, maybe by exchanging your immortal points to switch off banners in some spots, but the easiest it will hit the platinum users, who will see barely any banners (talking banners i mean outside advertisers, while our local banners directing to torrents or other tribalmixes pages will still be there even for platinum users), although those users have donated significant funds to the website, that is why they deserve to see no banners, taking that they have 'paid their dues' to the community. thanks alot, platinum users, you really help out!!!
  • while all the outside is changing and will be noticeable, the insides are being reprogrammed as well. while it is senseless to talk about all the invisible changes being done behind the closed curtains of the workshop, it is important to mention at least one of them: we're cracking up on upload cheaters like never before... some little hidden bug was found in the system that allowed cheaters to slip through until now. but not anymore. the hole was closed, and since then twice more cheaters have been exposed every day. well, it's not like dozens of them, - only 1 or 2 cheaters a day, but still they try and still we catch them. think before cheating!! not only your account will be disabled, but the IP-address will be banned w/o any arguments, do not be surprised one day to see blank page in front of you, if you're accustomed to cheating. and that's not all... more work is planned in this direction, so that cheating is eliminated at all, or better to say, "100% of all acts of future cheating will be discovered with quite a number of sophisticated procedures and highly efficient software applications." this is for real... don't cheat and you'll have your music fix at any time.
  • if you'd like to discuss these news, maybe suggest some ideas of your own, - please, feel free to drop by this forum thread.
    Rules and Regulations. ver.0.99.1.beta. 22-dec-2008.


  • 03-Jan-2009 ... 10-Jan-2009 - Preparation Period - Teams will be allowed to register at this period, registrations will be closed 23:59:59 GMT00 website time on January 10th, 2009.
  • 11-Jan-2009 ... 24-Jan-2009 - Submission Period - At this time frame competitors must submit all their info and their music, teams that do not fulfill all the requirements of the Registration and Music Submission by 23:59:59 GMT00 website time on January 24th will be DROPPED from the competition.
  • 25-Jan-2009 ... 14-Feb-2009 - Judgment Period - Honorary Judges and Official Listeners will be given competition music (as direct download from the website), by the end of this Period all their grades/ratings must be submitted in full according to the pledged position. if one's commitment is left incompletely submitted by 23:59:59 GMT00 on 14 February 2009, that jury member will be dropped from the competition's staff.
  • 15-Feb-2009 ... 28-Feb-2009 - Finalizing Period - This two-week-period will start with the OFFICIAL RESULTS on February 15th, 2009. this will be followed by Uploading Torrents and SHARING the IDC 2009 MUSIC with all the community. then open-Rating will commence, allowing all the downloaders rate djs and their performances, and on 28th of February PUBLIC RESULTS will be announced.

    Entering the Competition.
  • NEW :: only complete teams of 3 (three) DJs will be allowed to enter the contest this year.
  • NEW :: all three Djs DO NOT have to be from the same country. each dj will be able to select their own country, plus cumulative country will be possible to assign to the whole team, but that is to be decided amongst teams' members.
  • NEW :: maximum 20 teams will be accepted!!! Please note this limitation. Since there are pretty much no fair ways to select one team ahead of another given more than 20 teams want to participate, the only possible solution will be FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED. Registration will be open at 00:00 on January 3rd, so please make time in your schedule to visit as close to that moment as possible.
  • NEW :: all 3 (three) DJs' names must be entered at the moment of registering a team!!! if only 1 or 2 names are entered - team is dropped from the contest to give way to the next registered team of 3 DJs.
  • NEW :: team CAN NOT be changed after making the 20 accepted ones. please make sure all DJs on your team are willing to participate. teams that request change of a member will be automatically dropped from the competition.
  • teams that do not make the fist 20 will still be allowed to stick around for the "unofficial ratings", thus their music will not be given to judges, but will be released with all other teams' music as torrents after the official results are published. also such teams can auto-enter the competition if some of the first 20 teams are dropped for none-compliance with Entering or Music Submission rules and requirements.

    Requirements for Submission of Music.
  • technical: each DJ has to provide 1hr long recording of live dj session. only MP3 format is accepted. music has to be at least 192kbps 44khz quality, 128kbps is also accepted, with explanation of the reasons. good quality vbr with an average of 160kbps or around that will also be accepted.
  • NEW :: teams do not need to provide different music genres, such actions will not be awarded with bonuses this year. As a matter of fact, there will be NO bonuses or deductions in IDC 2009. failure to satisfy rules this year only results in one action - drop from the competition and replacement by next waiting team.
  • as it was stated last 2 years, we're trying to insist on first hand musical experience, meaning all dj mixes, all entries are strongly recommended to be exclusively premixed or recorded specially for this competition, with a great expectation of keeping the music unaired and never-publicly-heard until all of the teams' music sets are revealed to the world, until official results are published.
  • NEW :: each mp3 has to be accompanied by TRACK LIST by the time Submission Period ends. all track titles must include name, artist(s) and remix name and artist(s) if applicable. presented track lists can have NO MORE than 2 IDs, i.e. only two (2) track names can be hidden with IDs instead of titles. use of DJs' own productions are strongly encouraged and recommended, since IDC music torrents are exposed to vast numbers of people throughout long periods of time, - it is in DJs' own interests and is left to be decided by DJs.

    Grand-Jury. Its features and Responsibilities.
  • NEW :: JUDGING WILL BE BLIND in IDC 2009. this means that all mp3s will be cleansed from their IDv123 tags, then they will be "shuffled" and naming will be changed to 1.mp3, 2.mp3 etc to exclude any possible biased judging. Judges will only be able to guess who is playing what set by knowing personally that dj's music, tracks and style, which really has nothing to do with IDC and only relies on dj-judge past relations, otherwise any other ways of knowing the names will be eliminated.
  • NEW :: there will be no Supporters this year, Only the JUDGES, CONTESTANTS and LISTENERS. all users can become a part of IDC by signing up as a Judge or Listener, depending on the amounts of "free" time and the size of the wish to help out the community, this is a very good way to GIVE BACK - become a Judge or a Listener.
  • Honorary IDC 2009 JUDGES will be required to allow at lease 3 hours of "free" time per day for 3 weeks of the Judgment Period. "free" time could be classified as "time when one can listen to the music". there will be 20 teams and 21 days to listen to 60 hours of music and submit ratings and comments on those sets. Judges will be required to comment blindly as well. their comments will be posted to the torrents when latter are shared. of course Judges can receive upgrade to V.I.P. level for the competition times and most likely keep it afterward as a token of appreciation of their labors.
  • Official IDC 2009 LISTENERS can only download mixes as torrents when the Judgment period is over. there will be no other way for them to obtain the music of the competition before that, since there's no need to blind Listeners on their judgment as their ratings will only affect the Unofficial Results. A Listener will be required to download at least 51% of the torrents to vote in the FINAL_Main_Page_POLL about the best team in IDC 2009.

  • TribalMixes shows as quite a poor community, struggling to keep website's funds as high as just 2 monthly server payments ahead of the schedule, so there's never been and will most likely be no valuable prizes this year. Reading this, if you can ask your boss to sponsor a prize for IDC 2009 winner - don't hesitate and do it!! =) usually you don't get beat up just for asking...
  • As none-monetary-value prizes, there's of course almost 1 Year of your teams' and team-members' names being displayed on the main page of, allowing people to get to know DJs for long long time after the contest is finished. The music of the winners of IDC 2009 is heard by at least 1500-2000 people around the world through the next year (over 1000 snatches on torrent, 200-500 radio listeners on separate occasions, 100-300 downloaders on other sites by methods other than torrents).
  • All djs-participants are gladly accepted at TribalMixes Radio to host their shows, whether they just want to rebroadcast on our station or start a brand new project right there. also any torrents shared with the names of IDC 2009 contestants automatically become ratio-free.

    after reading all this, please feel free to drop by the OFFICIAL IDC 2009 DISCUSSIONS FORUM THREAD, post your suggestions and concerns, everyone is welcome. only try not to ask questions like "when is it all starting?" or "how do i get in?", cause those and many other nagging ones were answered above... [slash]
  • welcome to the newest tribalmixes newsletter.. or whatever you'd call this one... more like news update...
  • first and the most important, - we've had a big shift in staff today, and that is relieving 3 of the 4 moderators of their duties, and introducing a new moderator - Willy84. he's been around for over two years, know what's up and where and why, speaks good english and egyptian (to my knowledge), and sticks his nose in every affair here on tribalmixes, so you will be seeing alot of Willy84 in the times to come. please, love and respect!!!
  • IDC 2009 is being talked about, but of course rules and dates haven't been published yet, there's still some time till we hit the slopes, i was even gonna offer having IDC start in late january 2009, but we'll see about it. no registrations have been opened so far, but will be in the nearest future, most likely within a week from now. so look for team-mates and read up on discussions here.
  • that is all of what i wanted to say here, enjoy your time and be good, friends!! [slash]
    monthly tribal herald is here to announce some great things, fall-backs and bargains settled.
  • in one of the most recent polls 93% of 1870 users have said they'd like to see (Recording Source) Sound Quality announced by torrent sharers to possibly avoid unwanted low quality mixes and such. so it was done, all new torrents have this quality marker. mc - crowd with mc's voice, crowd - air/mic, stream - obviously internet,fm with fm-card or stereo+line-in, line-in - direct connect to source, satellite - xm, Sirius, Dish Networks, MasterCopy - only if 100% genuine received from DJ/creator of the mix, please be careful selecting this last one, do not deceive your downloaders, - even if you know that this show on this radio was a new promo from that fine dj you like, and it was played as you've heard it on djs website (in low quality), and so you recorded it from fm-radio now, but you still cannot put 'master', but only 'fm' or other, depending how recording was made. recording quality is displayed by Bitrate on torrents page (and t-details as well).
  • [e]-browser has undertaken a massive change program, in particular and kinda most of all, the display of Active Torrents has been redone, new functions were introduced to it, including paginating (by 20s), more stats on screen, better column sorting handling (both asc & desc now), list-boxes of all other celebrities (with records in [e]-browser) divided by their type with numbers of occurrences next to their names (NN), any df/radio/etc can be selected in any list-box, and then original torrents-results can be filtered by these selections, which [b]really makes finding any torrents in [e]-browser very easy - just a matter of 3-4 mouse clicks.[/b] click to see a demonstration - gif file (size 90kb) with easy achieved results for John Digweed + Sasha + WMC - 13 active torrents - just 3 lazy mouse-clicks!!! according to this, history display was changed similar to active torrents, also given 2 way sorting, bio/info output was also altered for ease of access/reading with text/image flows. yet it became even fast[e]r than before.
  • HIGH SPEED DOWNLOAD ALLIANCE - is right now simply a new topic in the forums. all users with High Speed UPLOADS (2mbps+) are kindly invited to join this league, later when they will seed some torrents, the latter will have special notes saying, so many 'high-speed-dawgs' are seeding this or that torrent, so when users want to download something seeded by "the Fastest", they will receive their Downloads at very high speeds (of course, depending on many factors, but in general it will work that way). come and join us!! medals will be given for such labors later!! =)
  • Best Torrents of the Week are now going to be posted into this forum thread in full every sunday-monday night, just to keep some kind of fair record of what other torrents were nominated, instead of only 1 main torrent-winner being posted on the right in music-world section. don't forget to vote for your favorites of the week by clicking the appropriate links on torrents' details pages.
  • now history is recognized more and more, a couple of important things needs to be mentioned.. besides reassembling the Top Ten page in general, explaining tables better in their captions, some new table was added on the contributors tab, it's second table in first row (yes, that's where rehab+re-amp happened first, and spread to other tabs, changing their output and layouts, mostly countries tab). along with this "innovation" another useful one was programmed - now you can see any user's upload history by simply clicking their username link anywhere and browsing to see the new "torrents in history" link right below well known "nnn uploaded torrents" link. just for fun. for some to take pride in, too, right?.. =) ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!
  • [slash]
    there's alot to say and many things to be announced, and it has been a long time, so i'll try to put a lot into smaller package to be easier to read maybe... 1) first of all, highly requested before but completely overlooked now, Best Torrent of the Week option on the details page of any torrent. i know, yellow buttons - recent innovation - have been good to many and bad to some, - and this one is also from this series, shown by a button with 2-1-3 on it as shown on the left.. every week you can give your vote for 1 torrent by going to its details and clicking this picture (or text link), and confirming your selection. first in the list of 10 best published torrents also goes on the main page. read more right here
    2) now, there will be no more Ratio Free Mondays, with all due respect such a nice feature haven't ad any attention besides 2-3 shoutbox messages over the summer time, more is written here, in two words - almost 1 whole month of ratio free days in summer only helped 200 people to get rid of their warnings, and another 400 to grow their ratio, which is upsetting and disturbing at the same time, thus i (backed up by some of the staff team) decided to stop Ratio-Free Mondays, summer is over and so are some of the summer fun things, including this one. but don't be too sad, this feature is to come many times in the future.
    3) the problem of Wrongly Categorized Torrents is getting somewhat bigger and bigger. all user classes have been noticed to mis-genre some of their uploads, upsetting downloaders by that, when they receive minimal instead of tribal. this problem has raised some tension in forums, and the only reasonable way out seems to be instant comments by downloaders on the wrong-categorized torrents for uploader to edit, and actual time spending by uploaders involving listening to the mix that they want to share, at least by browsing its contents in 2-3 minutes and having some vague, but at least real impression of the music in the torrent, so that minimal sounds disguised as tribal wouldn't attract many tribal-heads and vice-verse. if this problem persists and keeps bothering our community, further measures will be taken: such torrents will be removed, causing their owners to temporarily lose uploading privileges.
    4) some changes are being introduced to the [e]-browser.. it will become faster, slicker, finer, but will include pagination for the active torrents and history, as well as new 'do i have this one' column, new 'get .torrent file' column, with many other nice features, basically all produced through filtering torrents by suggested-noticed other [e]ntities.
    5) and of course IDC 2009 is coming very soon... again only 3 months left, time to start gathering people together, registering teams and even preparing the music.... teams are mostly agreed by community to downsize to 3 DJs per team, as well as International rule to be dropped, although this last one isn't set final just yet. also IDC 2009 will have some catches, like using Dj's own tracks or remixes or any other productions in the mix, possibly with links to where those tracks are present to download or purchase, to prove the ownership of course, cause that will give teams extra points, as long as possibly to-be-kept last year's rule of bonuses for all entries of one team being distinctly different musical genres. time to start talking about this as well...
    =) hope you've had some good times reading this.. i'm thinking of making new ways of news publishing and delivering as a news-letter as well, sending emails with new news when these news are published here. what do you think?? thanks for your time!! [slash]
    hello. just now i've had some design changes and just a few nice things incorporated and tested and opened to public use. yes, it is my favorite topic - THE YELLOW BUTTONS... =) cannot stop playing with them, and this idea has been in the air for quite a while, finally it summed up into something complete and more to that - finished now. again, if you see any bugs, please report them to me, otherwise i'm hoping this new thing will help us alot in the means of time saving. so far 3 main features have been introduced: 1) on torrents page, 2) on torrent details page, 3) reinvented bookmarks, 4) best torrent of the week.. "one" gives us 4 buttons: torrent, comment, un/bookmark, details (for less crowding they are invisible); "two" brings several more, mainly navigational, "three" is reintroduced in the narrow sense here as bookmarks for torrents only (later will be expanded to allow bookmarking forums, ebrowser and other info). torrents page was changed in some other ways as well: date shared + ttl were changed for "age" of the torrent, name of the uploader is changed with their avatars, so please, my friends: set up your personal avatars, if you're going to upload torrents. and finally, "four" means simply this: every week users can vote for 1 special torrent they've loved the most this given week (don't need to have it snatched; can vote for same torrent over and over), and on sunday midnight into monday all votes will be processed and the Best Torrent of the Week will be pronounced. if you need more explanations on the yellow buttons, complete legend can be found here. if you want to discuss these new things, maybe suggest some more functional buttons, or simply tell how you're enjoying this stuff - this forum thread will help.

    next projects are being thought through now: changing active/history torrents display in [e]-browser, introducing yellow buttons into the [e]-browser, integrating more of the tm radio into the community, maybe posting its schedule in 'world of music' news section, since it's always empty, maybe posting some random dj info every day on it, and some more things just forming in my mind. later (and been thought about for quite a while now, maybe over a year i've been thinking on this) probably to implement advise/suggestion system, which will recommend users which torrents might come to their liking, according on how other users have liked them. if you have some special suggestions - don't hesitate to pm me about them. and well, yeah, it's all about time, which i don't really have much, so some projects might take too long, but well.. better later, than never.. [slash]
    and more food for thought will this news-cast bring to those who read these.. at last, but not least, the new process of torrent removal is on. now power users will not loose their uploading rights for ever, but regain them after some period of time, if mistake was a LIGHT mistake (rebroadcast, 1 month revocation of uploads) or a MILD mistake (double/fake, 3 months no uploads). again, if something illegal is uploaded, that we name HOT mistake, and be it lighter rules, we still take uploading rights away forever in this situation. yes, we can make same mistakes again few months later, so revocation period for that type of mistake is doubled... doubled every next mistake after 1st. so after we get our 5th rebroadcast removed from tracker by staff, some years later after we've made our first upload of some other older rebroadcast, well, 5th one will put us out of uploading for 8 months... and oh my, just 3rd double, that we were lazy to look up in the [e]-browser, will stop our uploading rights for 1 year...

    and the forecast... for the future months... ...the staff will officially stop being extra nice now... it's been a long run, and it's been well dealt with. but still being nice, in some ways, is very good. and everyone will help. moderators will still try to notify faulty-torrent-uploaders, maybe some special auto-notifiers will be made for those purposes, for light and mild mistakes, of course, not for Hot, cause illegal stuff was and will be erased as soon as it's been spotted. then again, if no response comes within 3-4 hours, bad torrents will be deleted (by staff), and revocations will be issued, temporary and permanent. and then everyone will learn from faq and from everyone else, on how to spot doubles and reveal fakes & rebroadcasts, and no junk will be uploaded, and noone will get hurt, but that is to take years... and till that great times, let's all have patience... [slash]
    good good good good good good good good good news.... yeah, i would say so... and why? because tomorrow is our 3rd ANNIVERSARY, yeah, TribalMixes was founded on a perfect day of 5-5-5 three years ago, out of first thousand registered (somewhere by mid fall 05, i think) at that time, only 30 are left to see this day, many a wonderful person, including admin, mods, current and ex-uploaders, djs, vip-s and power users, in fact, only 5 of them are of class 'user', rest are pu+. all in all, it's been intense all these years, it's been interesting, i love you all!! happy birthday!!! and as it is hard to give gifts to the website (and we did present server with more brains earlier, so it counts, kinda..), so it's the website's turn to give presents to all!!! take a better sitting position, cause you're about to be blown away... and read on...
  • from this day forward, we're all going to seize the beginning of each week with more happy thoughts, cause every MONDAY will be the RATIO-FREE DAY, for downloading that is, but in a different way - nothing downloaded will be stored in your account on mondays, of course uploading will be saved and reported (so do keep seeding, please).
  • ratio-free will be done in a manner not like the known everlife torrents, where we get awards after completion, although everlifes will still produce awards for what you report downloaded, so it's like double ratio free on mondays for them.. want to improve your ratio? download everlifes on mondays!!!
  • and more to this, to celebrate the website's birthday, we're having MONDAY every day the WHOLE WEEK starting May 5th, so it's going to be 8 days of intensive downloading without ratio damage, and yet good ratio improvement for those who seed!!!
  • and to pump up these happy days with hundreds of fresh mixes, we are amnestying all power users' mistakes as of tomorrow night, and it's about a 100 of possible torrent uploaders, who had their uploading rights revoked earlier for any reason.. to all who this affects, please take our great welcome and try and upload torrents again, but do, do read rules first, as they've been slightly changed and updated, do check first not to end up with doubles, rebroadcasts or yet worse - illegal torrents. you will still be 'punished' for your mistakes, just freshly amnestied you can lose your newly re-acquired privileges in no time, and that is the main addition to the rules. just to be sure more users get to read it all, next three dots are the new rules' additions.
  • new uploading radio shows, keep host and guest(s) in same torrent, do not separate them (use folders). [this 'new' rule and the next one are merely our customs being put into the rightful words, since for our newer members it is harder to learn our ways nowadays, especially with 20k people, but these two are easy and of the great importance, so please do keep in mind...]
  • new when fuller/better/longer/fancier version of a show/mix/party is uploaded, shorter/worse/incomplete torrents of same events must be deleted. [this basically means torrents and music/videos with better quality and higher bitrate, or an hour longer mix, or more guest mixes were included in the showtime and played but not released, or show was aired on another radio station in fuller version, these 'better' torrents will replace their smaller versions be that such torrents were uploaded earlier. of course if those earlier versions have made it everlife by the time better ones were found, they will stay on the website, unless uploaders themselves remove them.]
  • new and finally, most important, we're redoing the faulty torrent removal system... now bad torrents will be categorized and actions on removal and punishments will be taken according to these types: rebroadcast (1), double/fake (3), illegal (00).. weird smiley faces next to types aren't smiling, they're mean and mean months of losing your uploading privileges, if someone from staff removes your faulty torrent. that is rebroadcast (hard to check/know sometimes, right?) is an easy offense, but if you don't remove such a torrent in timely manner after finding out about its double identities, staff will remove it and you will be stopped from uploading torrents for 1 month. not checking for doubles, or finding something fishy on some public networks and sharing it here with following research proving its fake natures, please erase your torrent, or staff will and again you lose it for 3 months. illegal uploads strike the zeeero, that is still punished with complete and total revocation of privileges.
  • a little addition to all said right above.. these 'punishments' will be progressing, that means in case you happen to make more than 1 mistake of a kind, your revocation period will be DOUBLED from last probation length for this same mistake, so a rebroadcast will give you 2 months of no uploads on second time if happens for you to share one (1m*2=2m), then third offense will give 4 months probation (2m*2=4m), and oh well, 4th mistake will put you out for 8 months, and so on... be careful with fakes and rebroadcasts, cause those will revoke your rights right for half a year, and a full year on 3rd offence...
  • that is it.. please, download responsibly!! and enjoy the shows! =) [discuss this wonderful news here] [slash]
    hello, hullo and welcome-welcome-welcome!!!
    looks like a 1.5 months long time-out was taken from the news, but not from the website development work in general. many things are being done on the background, oh yeah, like take at least this discussion we're having in the staff forum section about "giving everyone a huge slack on the ratio thing", which should basically look out for the average users here, or suffering from the ratio rules.. maybe these rules will be eased a bit, maybe there will be some off-record downloading days, we're soon to find out!!

    in the mean time, work is going on some luxury features tat i think will be very helpful and are aimed to enlighten your stay here at, these are not type of changes we've seen earlier with the whole system reformed, these will be mostly represented with new small icons around the website pages, that will react to your mouse placed above them by loading (only then and there, so virtually there will be no increase in the final html-page size) specific preprogrammed, but of course dynamically generated on the "cook-per-order basis" pages, so well.... we'll simply see that soon... as some have probably noticed the [MY...] tab on the control panel in top-left corner have already been undergoing some changes for a little while now, in the nearest future it will be possible to mark some torrent you want to 'watch' and follow, simply like bookmark it, and this [MY...] tab will provide quick info on those torrents at any time (new comments posted, everlife status etc)... same goes for forum topics.. and more other cool stuff.. soon-soon-soon...

    our record of maximum online users have been growing recently, now at 289 or higher, which is about 20 more than the number was sitting unbeaten there for quite a few months. so yeah, nice to see everyone here, and enjoy your stay... cause it's just about to get even more comfortable... [slash]
    and the Judgment Day has come!!!
    this was intense, and a lot of work, but we're at the Final Destination now and a few things need to be said right now. as many have noticed, different teams were penalized, as promised, for late mp3 submissions. Egypt1 and BG Team - 5% each, for being 1 day late, and Egyptian Grooves and Electro Mania were both fined 10%, which has really driven these 2 to the bottom. on the contrary, there were several 5% bonuses given out to those teams, whose music was noticed to be clearly representing five (5) distinctly different EDM genres. those teams were Egypt 1, Sound Pressure, Brothers In Law, Egyptian Beat Enforcers, House Republic, BG team and Electronic Pimps. little analysis of this would help anyone see, that IDC 08 winner Renesanz have won without any bonuses and penalties, and second place winner Egypt 1 have done so pretty much also without any bonuses ( -5% + 5% = 0% bonus). then again places 3, 4 and 5 were occupied by teams with bonuses that have also submitted their music on time. if submitted their music in time, BG team could have shared 4th place with Brothers In Law... and if you're good in some other style - play it to earn 5% bonus, cause you will definitely earn something, even if risking your final Personal score, 'cause personal Loss of that divided by 5 in your teams final Score will be more than covered by 5% bonus on that Score (with simple math we see, that loss even if your Personal score ends up 1 point less than all others, 1/5th of that on the Teams Score will be covered by 5% bonus as a fraction of 1/4th in the final number...)

    ok ok enough of that. in a few hours new main-page Polls Series will be born, each new poll for next few weeks, or months, will be related to IDC 08, everyone who's downloaded at least 1 IDC torrent will be able to vote in those polls. again a little later there will be some changes done to the idc final pages so that sorting by scores could be done on each of 3 aspects of the final scores included. in the meantime, lets celebrate and talk about it and do all kinds of stuff.. and to mention, all judges were rewarded with 10k immortal points each, listeners with 5k and supporters with 2k. i'm also sorry to inform, but those judges, listeners and supporters in total of 127 people that have signed up but never did enough to keep their status or anything at all, were banned from coming back to try and fail in next competitions. [slash]
    After-shock of the late mp3 submissions and more...
  • it's past the official mp3 submission deadline, but we're still missing 9 mp3s from 9 different djs, who haven't been successful in passing them to us yet, but they are trying, so we're very sorry on this slight delay, but this is to be dealt with during next 3 days only, given following in mind... time for mp3 submissions is extended. a little. you have 24 hours from NOW, given that you i see all 5 mp3s from your team - you pass ok, otherwise each day after that for up to 2 days/48hrs more, if 5 mixes aren't yet present, a penalty of 5% of the FINAL TEAM SCORE will be applied towards your team, for each day of lateness, thus up to 10% can be taken off your team's score for your late submission. if after that 5 mp3 files are yet not there, your team will be dropped from the contest. and again, everyone was waiting for the torrent files already, so they will be released tomorrow during the day (it's midnight here now), then good given we have 4 more complete torrents by next midnight - we share them also (sorry, forgot to say, 9 missing mp3 are jeopardizing 4 teams at once. only 9 teams are "complete" and ready ) asap, and hope never happens, but anyways fined and penalties will be applied to those teams yet delaying... 3 more days from this very point - and january 29th, 6am GMT00 incomplete teams will be dropped from the contest.
  • and earlier on JAN 21st...... while it is yet almost 4 days left till the end of the Music Submission Period, mind that music will not be accepted after 23:59:59, Fri Jan 25th, GMT00 there is only 1/3rd of all mp3s in our possession right now, which says these 4 coming days will be hard and heavy on down/uploading... whatever comes next, several things are certain already... out of 134 possible contestants, only 46 were left on the contestant list of idc page, those djs and contestants who confirmed their presence in certain teams.. some several more djs could and were supposed to do that as well, but failed and were also removed from the page along with those who never entered any teams, or teams they entered weren't approved to participate.. confirmation isn't that big of a deal, just your tm-identity associated with your dj-e-library... also 5 teams were removed, 3 of them complete but dropped, and 2 - half-empty, incomplete & dropped.. so it is 13 teams from fabulous 7 countries, 65 djs and 65 hours of music. wonderful... early morning January 26th, 2008 we begin the downloading and rating and discussing and all that kind of interesting activities that always follow IDC around... Good Luck! [slash]
    and finally something about the website makes up the headlines... yesterday absence of the whole tribalmixes.* family was caused by a tiny bit of server upgrade. after some careful thinking, we added 1GB more RAM (making it 2GB now) and 500GB hdd, which appeared to be faulty, and was to be changed in minutes, but due to some misunderstanding and miscommunication server's return was postponed for 9 long hours, now it is back and should really take care of all those lags and slow periods in daytime and everything should be way way better, faster, and more services planned in the future. we'll see...
  • and IDC news, as we're used to with those bullets, include one point: Team Registrations and DJ submissions are to be prolonged till Jan 21st for those countries wishing to join that if their team(s) haven't yet been officially pronounced. as mentioned before, 1 or 2 teams will be advancing, and that is based on last year's finalists and summary of [e]-browser popularity ratings - highest values pass.
  • on Jan 12th first contestants will be selected and contacted, they will need to start uploading their mixes, or passing them to competition's officials, list to be posted. teams that might and will come and register in the 'prolonged' 10 day period till Jan 22nd will still have 4 days to upload or pass their mixes. teams with less than 5 mixes present in possession by idc staff by 23:59:59 GMT00 (website time) on Jan 25th Will Be Disqualified!!! again reminding - this must be FRESH music, mixed or recorded specially for IDC 2008 and first seeing (rather large masses of) people on January the 26th...
  • as some users have brought it up, again needs your attention: dates listed on the right aren't yet exact if after Jan 26, because we do not yet know how many teams will there be, and how much music we're gonna end up with, so dates might be extended if needed, to let judges try to carefully review all the music and make fair decisions. planned idc time-spending of 4-5 hours a day will be kept in mind, as well as its equivalent 'one team per day plus a couple of days' to submit ratings.
  • [slash]
    International DJ-ing Competition 2008 is OPEN!!!
    in the nearest future, or by the time IDC08 really kicks off in January 2008 (and we're sorry to admit, that due to many technical and real-life issues, the contest is postponed about 2 weeks later than promised before), this main page of the community will be transformed alot to represent most things happening with IDC, to show teams and participants, comments and ratings, and for now here are the rules and regulations to bound the contest and to be followed by the djs.

    ver 1.01a from 24 December 2007
    On entering the contest...
  • only complete teams of 5 (five) DJs residing at or coming from the same country will be able to enter this contest. DJs traveling, studying or simply living abroad can still act on behalf of their birth country.
  • at least 2 of the team members must be community members by the time the team is submitted.
  • NEW select countries can be represented by MORE THAN 1 TEAM, according to a simple scheme: if your country was one of the top 3 last year - 3 teams will be allowed to participate in this year's contest, if your country came 4th through 10th - 2 teams can be registered, otherwise only one team advances. be that more teams from a country want to participate than allowed for that country, best team will be selected by the means of highest Popularity Ratings from [e]-browser, all members' personal ratings summarized as team rating.
  • NEW each team must assign a "captain" which will be responsible for communication with the organizing committee, as well as timely music and info submissions (all djs missing in [e]-browser must be entered there before the team is revealed, best by contacting [e]-ditors). those DJs personally organizing the teams would usually and most likely pronounced captains. if any problems are met with finding and pronouncing team captain, a well trusted and tm-community-known person not on the team can be made captain..
  • teams can enter the contest by Saturday, 12th of January, 2007.
  • On the IDC 2008 music...
  • technical: each DJ has to provide 1hr long recording of live dj session. music has to be at least 192kbps 44khz quality, 128kbps is also accepted, with explanation of the reasons. good quality vbr with an average of 160kbps or around that will also be accepted.
  • NEW team presentation of 5 distinctly different major music genres, such as trance, tribal, breaks etc, will be specifically higher rewarded by judges, where they will be able to given extra points to the teams to reward their diversity.
  • as if was stated a year ago, we're trying to insist on first hand musical experience, meaning all dj mixes, all entries are strongly recommended to be exclusively premixed or recorded specially for this competition, with a great expectation of keeping the music unaired and un-publicly-heard until all of the teams' music sets are revealed to the world.
  • timeline:: teams can submit their contest music by Saturday, January 25th of 2008.
  • On the public JURY and judging
  • every website community member can become a part of IDC 2008, and temporary (up until a few weeks after the final results are published in 2008) upgrade their status to one of the following: Judge, Contestant, Listener, Supporter (an "upgrade" will result into several possible idc functions, as described below, and special signs of honor - little pictures - added to nickname everywhere throughout the website's pages when contest starts).
  • an Honorary IDC 2008 Judge will have to commit to the IDC in full power, as Judges will be required to listen to up to 4-5 hours of IDC music per day (when the judgment time period comes), and submit their grades on the 2 different aspects - DJ work (mixing, scratching, technical side) and Track-List (Selection of tracks, their arrangement, etc) - on the scale of 1 to 5, commenting on at least 1-2 sets per team. Judges will have to stay rather country-insensitive, show cold judgment and no priorities or favorites. Judges will be disqualified if noticed to intentionally rate their home-country-djs higher than other djs. it will only be Judges' votes that will have affect on the final IDC 2008 standings. if newly promoted Judge has community member class less than V.I.P., it will be upgraded to V.I.P. for the time of the competition.
  • an IDC Contestant will be any DJ participating in the IDC 2008. Contestants will have to be a part of a "team" by the time Competition kicks off, or their upgraded status will be downgraded, as it will be on anyone falsely registering as IDC Contestant, and a warning of up to 1 month long will be issued..
  • an Official IDC 2008 Listener will be required to download at least 55% of all IDC torrents by the time the Judgment Period starts, or 75% of them by the Judgment DAY time-spot. listeners will be allowed to vote alongside with Judges, at the same time, their votes won't have to be on all the sets, but only on those they've snatched, and listeners' ratings and votes will be going to the Unofficial IDC 2008 standings, as that "Best DJ in competition", "best house dj", "best trance dj", "best tracklist" etc. it is expected that Official Listeners will have the main role in finding out "best in..." titles assignments.
  • an official IDC 2008 Supporter will be something similar to the Official Listener, only Supporters will only have to download at least 25% of the sets by the Judgment DAY time-spot, they will be allowed to cast their votes and ratings at the last week of the Competition.
  • community members that decide not to "upgrade" their status for the time of the IDC 2008, will still be allowed to cast their votes, again affecting only the unofficial IDC 2008 ratings and standings, and the time to do it will be the week before the judgment DAY.
  • [slash]
    quick news here... everything is going well... first of all, of course, it is October 4th when Tribalmixes Radio is celebrating it's 1st Birthday, everyone is invited to participate by listening on that day, we have prepared 3 great new showtimes to headline the celebration, but more music will never hurt, all this week is for celebrations, many shows turning 1year next few months, expect that as well, and please, djs and producers, feel free and warmly welcome to submit your unheard or at least unpublished sets to the staff or me personally with subject "for tm radio BD", and we'll air them preferably all on thursday, but other days or later that weekend (although it's packed well enough with 13 new showtimes, as a follow-up weekend celebration of the radio BirthDay) we can find lots of great time to air your wonderful music. as a matter of fact, you can read more here or on tm-radio forums

    voting and selection of the first 3 best t-shirt designs is going on with its second step right now, maybe another week or two, we'll see clearly 3 best designs and go on with printing them and organizing some kind of service to pass shirts to all those wishing to have 1 or few. worldwide, of course. so be ready, save euros, dollars and pesos.... soon we strike with the shirt-deals.. =) until that, adieu!! [slash]
    newsflash as it follows the recent new findings... voting was stopped. after careful review of the candidates, several entries were found not to comply with the rules of the competition, as it is not going to be stated who and which rules, but each of the rule breakers will be contacted personally and asked to REWORK the design more to follow the rules of the competition.

    as of right now, Wednesday 00:40GMT00 website local time, designers are given 48 hours to redo their work and re-submit it by Friday, August 24th, 01:00GMT00. if there are any major problems with reaching the designers or anything like that, this time might be prolonged till Monday, August 27th, 00:00GMT00, since i'll be away from my computer till that time.
    Action, Cameras, T-SHIRTS R in Spotlight!!!
    long promised and much sought for, here comes the beginning of the Tribalmixes Clothing line... :) no, of course not the line (yet?), but we're going to make an official tribalmixes t-shirt, and everyone is invited to participate in the Contest, make their own cool design of a t-shirt that you think everyone will like to wear, and see if the masses love it!!! it will go for 3-4 weeks starting from today. 3 best designs will be selected by means of the MainPagePoll, even maybe in 2-3 step process, if there are that many competitors, and will receive prizes, as becoming Platinum Users and getting free Official T-Shirts when those are printed. please, read more in this forum thread, and go for it, and if you have a friend designer and strong wish for a free t-shirt - go for it twice as hard!@!! =))) yes, why am i bringing this up? because then we're going to sell them tees for the lowest possible prices. from now on tribalmixes people can hook up w/e/o on raves by wearing these babies.. i mean, when they will be, and sent, and received, and worn... sure thing, not forgetting here, existing Platinum Users will receive their Complimentary t-Shirts in the mail probably by the end of the summer... so will those first people to order t-shirts at the very first print. we're not sure yet how will the process go with printing them, concerning things like, will each 1 t-shirt out of a 500 item order be much cheaper then in order 100 shirts, more on this commercial side later, but we will try to sell these t-shirts at the lowest prices possible.

    another good question is sizing, i.e. ranging 100 t-shirt order into sizes? Maybe next Poll on top here will be "What is your t-shirt size"? good idea. in the meantime, since earlier polls showed we have only like 3-4%% girls here, i'm assuming 5 Small t-shirts, 5 Medium (for sisters and girlfriends =)), 40 L, 40 XL, 10 XXL? makes sense... does it? the matter is, i've never done something like this, and really do not want to try and end up overfilled with unneeded sizes or over-estimate the need, and stuff like that. if someone has good experience in this area and some free time, please contact me and mention "help on Estimating", i have many many questions. again, these planned 3 best designs, how to spread their percentage of tee-printing? not 1:1:1, but maybe 50:30:20 %%? questions, questions...

    and last but not least, as i've said before, Left Vertical Menu is gone by Default, but can be enabled though the Outlook options, and "status" bar of the control panel is basically the same stuff as control panel from the Olde Design. Once Again, New Website Design is intended to decrease the server load and the bandwidth usage, it is here to stay, all new website projects will be designed and programmed for the new website design structure, and are not guaranteed, but maybe will work in the Olde Setup, none the new links/buttons will be added for access to them into the Olde Design (if, for e.g., a new link is installed onto the new control panel, it won't be added into the old one by default, ), there will be no more support of the Olde Design. those qualifying for Olde Design Enabling can switch to it any time and use it. as more to these news here now, this is NOT the end of the New Design Development, but it is all in a little Pause right now, and please rest assured, that one day, maybe 2-3 weeks or more, we will strike back with the New DESIGN in a NEW state of Mind... because i have lots of ideas i would redo in it, but need some time for it... so here it goes... enjoy and join in on helping!!!

    and almost forgot about one important thing. just wanted to make sure everyone knows about out daily Database Export and Upload to a remote server, when Exporting tool locks the database to make sure it doesn't changes some parts of it so that they don't show to incorrect unfinished values and stuff, and a long queue of un-processed sql requests from all the users and clients come in, so this quite heavy export is followed by many many timing out requests, which usually results into 10-15 minute of very high load on the server, sometimes even making it impossible to browse and 'un-reacting' to clicks.. it is usually active at 6AM to 6:10-6:15AM. this also happens along with that we have special web-log-analyzing software, that runs at 4am every day and processes huge logs of all clients updating their peers like 30-40 times a day, and all that on top of all processing stuff... it is three different processes running at 4:00, 4:07 and 4:23AM, GMT00 u uh// so usually 4am to 4:30 you can notice some blackouts with timeouts. if you happen to visit at this time and cannot access the page, please do not get upset, just check back in a few minutes. these are two essential processes we cannot give up, but as the site grows, they become heavier and heavier... we're trying to figure something out.. thanks!! [slash]
    hello world! please welcome our new moderator, he is well known to all of us - bidona is what he goes by, so this is good news. i see there's been more activities in poll section, which is i guess cause the IDC part was removed from the index page unblocking the view? as far as i was expecting, most of the users are taking new website's design nicely, some more changes will be made according to public opinion, like beloved by many, but yet voted to go the "vertical menu" @ the left edge.. well, all old-school lovers, you can still enable it, i mean, there will be an option in the OutLook-Profile to enable it, but default value there will be set to "new version". same is going to happen with the "old design", - it is going to be returned as an optional thing through the outlook as usual, only not usual will be the required conditions : registered july 30, 2007 or earlier, presence of 5k+ immortal points in possession, and an explanation of why do you d.a.r.e. to be different.. . =) just kidding about the last one, but first two conditions are something like that... maybe more or less strict... so yeah, as i said - rejoice oldschoolers...

    according to rather small amount of bug-reports in forums topic listed at 2007-06-26 news, the worst bug so far is the partial or complete refusal to work of the browser history buttons in Operah browser (which is btw probably can not be solved), all other reports have been or are being taken care of, everything is going to be fine. Sunday's line-up on Tribalmixes Radio : the Flash Brothers and Pablo Roma, i don't wanna miss those, starting in about 5 minutes!!! enjoy your stay!! one last thing here. as an improvement and looking forward to alot more discussions of old topics, all forum topics were unlocked and no topic-locking will happen in future, so feel free to enjoy that new feature (actually, it had to be like it from the beginning)... [slash]
    monthly update on what's going on... monthly? why not weekly... it used to be like that 2 years ago... it was more like daily.. no matter, here goes the biggest upgrade of them all - a complete change of the interface into the ajax-based software-like low-bandwidth-using future-promising mechanism of inter-exchange of data between server and your browser without you even noticing that. for now it is still in "testing" mode, so please excuse any bugs and do report them and discuss and suggest your ideas in here!! it is very important that we work together on this one for the best results and improvement of the total experience.

    wanted to thanks all who donated recently, big thanks to platinum users, who donated the most, of course, and using the moment want to say sorry about not implementing the extra features i promised before - this was all i could, obsessed with ajax, haha. but now i can concentrate on many left-out projects including platinum privileges, music genres info w/short examples, some radio tricks and much much more.

    and to top it all off... thanks for being with us!! and enjoy! [slash]
    how are you all doing? nice seeing you here!! wanted to mention a couple of new features implemented recently.
  • Lottery algorithm has been updated and improved. tickets have been issued by means of 5000 per accumulation per day, so if there's more then 5k tickets in today's drawing, level 1 grand prizes will be issued twice as usual, but now second series of them will only produce tickets from the second series of 5000..10000, etc. same with level 2 grand prize of 2k points - comes in every 7000 tickets and will double if there are more than 7k tickets in 1 raffle... consider previous behavior a bug. =)
  • those users missing awards for everLife torrents can now simply claim them downloads back as debit awards, it works for partially downloaded megapacks, rejected or nor found peers and lost-request failures, which in some way could stop you from getting the award for snatching that everLife torrent. whether your peer appears as a seed or a leecher, you can still claim the award for the torrent, just click your nickname anywhere and scroll to incomplete torrents, click [show/hide] a couple of times and see what awards you could probably claim, then check each of them on torrent details page. and again, this can only be done with torrents that say "not reported as completed" in their details.
  • little reminder: awards expire, for example, download debits received for everLife torrents only can be used within 1 week from the download date. then they are deleted and should be completely forgotten about, since there's no reimbursement for not using the award. please do not blame anyone but yourselves, if you forget to use received awards.. although you can claim an unreceived award any time, if such happens that torrent is removed for some reason, award won't stay available after that point.
  • some of you might have received 'reimbursement' awards already, those stand for reimbursement of your reported downloads on a torrent that was deleted by uploader or a staff member with that option enabled (all are welcome to use it!!), meaning it is not your fault torrent is deleted and there's no way you can seed it to get ratio up on it, so partial download debit fits right in. it is still sole decision of the torrent remover to decide if reimbursement is needed there, as there should be none issued for illegal torrents removed, while removal of a double-post must be processed with the full back-credit processed. enjoy!
  • [slash]
    2 years of tribalmixes dot com !!!
    happy anniversary to all who's been there, to those who're coming, and for all the members who enjoys being here and yada-yada-yada... well, it's been two intense years. however, we're just growing and expanding and promoting and stuff, but again the bigger the community gets, the better hardware is needed to support it, better software is required, faster requests and everything else. and thus very most of the future happenings are going to be within this mainstream.

    first and most important goal - purchasing our very own server machine, followed by renting only internet access, which on a long shot will definitely save alot of funds. good machine would be around $2000 supposedly, so today we're are starting the First Official TRIBALMIXES DONATION MARATHON, which will last for as long as our reserve funds are below the mark of $2.5k, and will result in following: each and every donation appreciation reward will be DOUBLED for donations up to $10, TRIPLED for donations from $10 to $50, $50 to $100 will give 4 TIMES the reward (it is 4GB upload credit per $5 of donation), one time donations of $100 and higher or a total of your donations exceeding $200 will make you a PLATINUM USER!!

    Platinum users will have alot of unlimited rights, they will not be affected by Ratio Rules, will be able to hide their ratio or any other personal or activity info from other users, as well as the fact of their own existence. They will also automatically receive a complimentary tribalmixes T-SHIRT, to be detailed, they will be put on the list for receiving one in the nearest future, as planned for the summer - logotype shirts, hats, pens and car decals with no bumper stickers. shirts will be sent out as soon as they are designed/created and printed/pressed.. Platinum users will also be able to upload as many torrents as they want and do any mistakes they find necessary, since they will be unlimited in many ways, including these specials too.

    new waves in it and our own community growth are calling for alot of underground rearrangement work, making website go into a newer phase after 2 years of being, now it will be enhanced with much more intuitive and revolutionary comfortable interface, even more faster and easier page loads, all adjustable and simple as is - power of AJAX in hands of humans. =) tripping here, anyways the new interface will be available to power users and higher for testing purposes within next few weeks, soon after that all members will be enjoying it. old interface will probably be still available, but not to all, and probably for immortal points.. =) and so enjoy this day, 2 years of being the great and caring bunch of dance music headzzz!!! [slash]
    and we're finally announcing the end of IDC drag, so here are the results, more detailed can be viewed from the IDC page.

    1. ARGENTINA (308)

    2. BULGARIA (303)
    3. EGYPT (302)

    4. HUNGARY (298)
    4. RUSSIA (298)
    6. SPAIN (293)
    7. CANADA (288)
    8. GERMANY (287)
    9. HOLLAND (286)
    10. ROMANIA (284)
    11. LITHUANIA (280)
    12. GREECE (278)
    congratulations to all the countries and djs participated!!! [slash]
    hello and warm welcome to all the new members, hey hey hey for all the older ones and special greetings to all the rest. as the time goes, website is growing, we're all experiencing new situations and feelings, but nevertheless life keeps moving and so we must! there have been lack of news in both parts of the main page, and i cannot promise there will be more in future, but i can say a few things right now.
  • International DJ-ing Competition has finished and appeared to be kinda an unorganized disaster. i know all of us are waiting for the results of the competition, and long time gone, the excitement is chilling down, but... we're still waiting for 3 more judges to submit their votes/ratings, and then results will be delivered asap. pinkie promise right here - if IDC is to have the continuation, it will be thought throughly and presented at the best possible service to all of the djs and listeners...
  • our staff team is experiencing quite a noticeable change - great and wonderful (ex)moderators bo12 and Commissar have been greatly consumed with life outside tribalmixes lately, so they couldn't devote as much time to moderating as before, after serving such for over a year each, thanks alot, guys. your help was and is very much appreciated. and so i welcome bocaccio11 as our new moderator, he's shown himself as a wise man ready to learn more and spend time around here, so give him a warm hug everybody!!
  • thanks to viktor1983, our www-server software was switched to a faster, less resource consuming package, to be specific apache was changed for lighttpd, and i'm hoping many of you have noticed remarkably fast page loads, quicker responses, etc.
  • highly promoted lately, the group of [e]-ditors are known for having full access to the [e]ntertainment browser, they can add, edit and update records, so if you notice an absent dj you would like to see in the [e]-browser, or find a new radio or a party to add to the entertainment database, please send the info to any of the [e]-ditors asking to manage it for you. if you want to promote your event in the section on the right here, find a flyer and link to the info-resource and send it all to them guys for additions, yes, they can add news to the 'world of music' section.
  • if you didn't know, Armin van Buuren, A State of Trance and our own arnani are all together to hit the 1000 snatches for the first time in tribalmixes history, congratulations and check out top10 (torrents/djs) for more info.
  • our radio is growing, a few great djs/producers joined lately and have had their shows on the air already, such as Dj Aleksij from Slovenia, DJ Slide from Hungary, sLiM & Amr Mohey from Egypt, well famous PGM Recordings label will be hosting their show, also Ariel Cybana started her new project with us, and quite a few more well famous names we have to add to the list in the nearest future!
  • wish you all some good time of the day, enjoy your stay and be happy!!! [slash]
    no, no one has won yet!!! official. due to a very small spread between the scores of 9 teams other than first 3 (Bg, Ag & Eg), not depending on the popularity demand, all 12 teams are advancing to the final part of the IDC - the GRAND JURY treatment, which will require jury, as noticed before, to rate each of the 60 sets in 3 ways and present all those ratings together to be summed and represented as final scores for every team. this process is very hard and time consuming, but we're expecting it all to be finished within 2 weeks from now!!!

    while this process is underway, i wanted to share some of my happy thoughts and feelings about this project. i have personally spent tons of time and physical health pulling IDC together, had alot of great times, some upsetting moments, but i truly enjoyed all of it, met quite a few djs and got a couple of new personal favorites. was great to meet all of you guys, thanks for stopping by here and for bringing your creations in - it is highly appreciated and greatly valued.

    and so i wanted to pass my personal thanks and hi-s to the following people: Hisham Zahran for original idea of the IDC and gathering IDC Egypt together; Python for initiating the gathering of IDC Greece, IDC Argentina & IDC Germany, as well as helping alot with advises and moral issues; JBravo for IDC Bulgaria and many wise advices and ideas; Gabriel A Dawn for assembling IDC Hungary; Alejandro Rado for being very patient and getting IDC Argentina together; Viktor1983 for technical support and numerous advices; Rinspeed for pulling IDC Russia in; DJ Edi for getting IDC Romania together; Sunnteck for IDC Spain; Mario for IDC Germany; StereoK for getting IDC Greece up; DJ Smiley & Peric for IDC Holland and many good emotions; Jacob Jeffs for bringing in IDC Lithuania; Grand Jury, whose names will later be announced, for agreeing to spend countless days rating the idc sets. thank you all guys, without you IDC wouldn't be such a great contest. [slash]
    IDC first step voting has started!!! as i have mentioned before, first step of the Best IDC Team (s)election starts right now. only those users who have dowloaded 8 of the 12 IDC Torrents (considering other 4 could have been heard on the radio), are knowledgeable enough about IDC music to select their BEST 8 Favorites which they think should advance into the second step of (s)election.

    this is all done since we do not want as popularity contest up here, and the second step will be conducted by HONORARY JUDGES, whose names are known to some, but will be publicly announced on February the 4th, when the time will come for them to take those 8 best teams that advance to next step and carefully go through every dj set with a magnifying glass to search for any good and bad sides of the music, then they will rate each set on 3 different criteria - a) technical side, b) trackslist, c) set structure, with grades ranging from 1 (poor) to 5 (best), and it means each set in every team with get 3 grades making it a tremendous job of assigning 180 grades, which will surely take them judges alot of time, thus we will allow another 1-2 weeks for them to complete the judging process. all judges will send their work to me and i will summarize and calculate the best on a simple average formula, which will provide the best results since all judges will know what they are doing and will be responsible for their actions, since all their grades will also be publicly announced whenever the time comes to announce the GRAND WINNER! so please enjoy the time, catch more sets on the radio, and praise the djs!!! =) [slash]
    outstanding news chapter - first in 2007 we have quite a few things to mention here, concerning the INTERNATIONAL DJ-ING COMPETITION in first place, and website local news later, i guess IDC is what's most important right now! =)
  • IDC extends its deadlines for 1 more week, this is due to few of the djs being away and unable to pass their music to us. we don't expect another shift, many mixes have been submitted already. so there's still much time till 14th of January to finish submissions
  • one more thing to this, with his extension we have had an ease in team registration deadline and registering team LITHUANIA for the competition as 12th team making it all about 60 hours of music - 2.5days non-stop...
  • lottery was finally enhanced with the ultimate new IMMORTAL boost MEGA PRIZE .i1i. which is 2000 immortal points, to be specific.
  • account parking is now available, so if you are leaving and expecting not to check in for quite a few weeks or months, go to OUTLOOK and park your account there, it will not be bothered for up to 1 year.. for those who forgets to do this, your account will be auto-parked, read more in f.a.q. about it.
  • new uploads screen, reflecting more on specific content and (oh yeah) date formatting. also new feature of specifying bit-rate of the mp3s in torrents added.
  • enjoy your stay, and welcome to tribalmixes dot com!! [slash]
    news and update on IDC music submission
    INTERNATIONAL DJ-ING COMPETITION has started, yet if you feel you can pull a team together - do it asap. so far dj can start uploading their mixes, some have already done so. to submit your music to the competition (in case you are one of the participants), you can:
  • simply go to or and upload file in there
  • use any of the external uploading websites like megaupload and such
  • do it some your way known...
  • in any way you do it, please let staff here know what you've done, where is the link and how to get the file, please format file name to reflect file being for the competition. thanks alot on cooperation!!! =) [slash]
    this is to announce, that tribalmixes is hosting a local International DJ-ing Contest, which will not call for single warriors from each country, but drives more into TEAM SPIRIT! let me get this clear and up and on the way! basically short version of the rules for this competition is as follows:
  • only TEAMS of 5 DJs residing in one same country will take part in this competition.
  • each DJ in each team has to be a member of tribalmixes community! it is one of the main ideas of the competition - local but yet international it is.
  • only one team per country will be allowed in the contest, if more than 5 DJs from same country are wishing to enter the competition, they will be preselected by a group of staff members headed by sysop (slash). in case one of team members decides to quit, team will be fulfilled by the next-most-wishing dj..
  • now a little bit on the musical-dj-ing side of this competition, but here everything is simple:
  • each of the 5 DJs will have to present 1 HOUR long dj set, recorded from a live session or made in the bedroom - doesn't matter.
  • music must be at least 128kbps quality and up to 192kbps, 44.1khz stereo in MP3 format (averaging 50-80Mb per file).
  • genres can be anything: trance, house, tribal, proggy, electro or breaks - whatever moves you. BUT diversity will be very appreciated and will be rewarded with extra score (%%), meaning a situation when 5 different genres of music represented by 5 DJs in one same team will be treated with bigger respect and will have forth-start score-wise.
  • tribalmixes community will be to decide which country did the best showcase of its talents, music from which country sounded the best.
  • and of course, all mixes must be exclusive, thus recorded specially for this contest and yet unreleased. if one of the DJs in a team decides to fail this rule, all team will be disqualified.
  • as of right now we already have at least 5 teams planned with djs-competitiors being selected as i type this: Hungary, Egypt, Bulgaria, Russia and U.S.A. if you feel that your country wasn't mentioned here and are ready to take a challenge, all you need to do is get 4 more (or 5 more in case you're just an organizer) DJs to take part in this competition, ready to present their music and mixing skills to the public of tribalmixes community. the deadlines right now are as follows:
  • all teams must be submitted by Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 and will be appearing for all to see on the main page along with submissions
  • all music must be collected by Sunday, January 7th, 2007, meaning it must be either uploaded via ftp or any of the megaupload-alike websites.
  • starting Monday, January 8th, 2007 all the music will be uploaded to the tracker as everLife torrent(s), and a full week will be given for everyone to get the music and to listen to it. also starting this day tribalmixes radio will be broadcasting contest music on 'a country per day' basis from around Noon to 5-6pm for as many days as many teams there will be. more to that, a special stream will probably be up and running broadcasting only this competition's music. it is all done for community members to get as much knowledge of the competing music and countries as possible. and finally there will be a week-long poll on the main page to find out which country performed the best.
  • be on the lookout for more info, bigger and fuller version is soon coming to forums, also a big shout out to Romania, Canada, Greece, UK, Serbia, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Sweden and other countries not mentioned - gather up, make teams and join this compo! it's going to be alot of fun!!! and it is going to be a hard one, calling for all your skills and abilities to be presented and judged by public! all inquiries about participating or any related issues should go to slash. if you have a music-related website to advertise this competition, please do contact as well (cross-promotion available as well). so be it! and let the games begin! =)
    high, brothers and sisters, high!?! this section has been empty for quite a while, last news item added like a month and a half ago.. is it good? is it bad? well, it is stable, at least. but from this moment i'm hoping everyone will follow this news section, due to many plans and features we're planning. we had to give alot of time to the radio, to its programming side and all other sides, but lately it's getting easier, so many of the postponed plans concerning tracker will now become true. let's just quickly revise some of the main projects...
  • long promised lottery expansion will be implemented, including bigger prizes and better prize-assigning algorythm, that will most likely allow all 100% of the prizes to be awarded to participants..
  • [e]ntertainment brows[e]r is evolving into a new stage to be named Version 3, which will provide 100 times faster page loads, more search results, better arrangements and some more sweet features..
  • along with that a new call to arms is propagated: those members of our community with some free time and a strong wish to be valuable and respected more, are strongly needed to join the line of [e]ditors (being an [e]ditor means you get full access to the [e]-browser as for adding new names, editing old names, updating info and show schedules, - simply dealing with the fast growing [e]ntertainment database - one of a kind.
  • i can't really recall other projects underway now, but there's something that should call alot of attention, well... it's the INTERNATIONAL DJ-ING CONTEST, which you will soon be able to read about right above this message.
  • [slash]
    and here are the news for the moment... to become a power user you will need 25gb uploaded, ratio of 1.05 and only after 4 weeks being here this status will be given. measure promised and implemented, to make sure power users get to know how everything works and to get used to the process before they receive their main priviledge - permission to upload torrents. along with these several rules have been changed. regular users now cannot upload torrents anymore, unless they offer their own music, mixed and played by themselves and only! thus all older [offer]-s and [request]-s were erased, please continue requesting but do not offer anything that isn't mixed by you. no more approvals either, only moderators will give out upload slots and only to those who offer their own played/produced music. more to this : if power user is not paying attention to all messaging when uploading and messes the upload, so that someone from staff deletes torrent, this power user loses uploading priviledges once and for all. no begging will help. also about 40 powers users who had lost uploading rights were reinstated in this privile, please pay attention now to website messages.. and so that's it... listen to [slash]
    welcome our new featured djs!!!
    amazingly young, freshly talented and unpredictably dancy. many of us already know about these guys, check their music and enjoy their rhythms. well, this is time for all the world to know about them!!!
     J-SMITH /Hungary
     Federico Giust /Uruguay
     Niklas Harding /Denmark
    some new features, enjoy them wisely!!!
  • tribalmixes Radio is launching as planned on October 1st, if interested in having your music on air check out radio website!!
  • the New look of Featured DJ page, concentrate more on each featured dj!
  • new Featured DJs will be announced shortly, expect surprises and fellow faces!
  • [E]-browser's forum section now doesn't lock old topics, so you can discuss any [e]-record no problem!
  • two NEW skins were created for the competition, put them on by selecting [NEW] skins through the OUTLOOK. names are Twilight Theme and Minimal Light. draw your own skins for yourself or to compete by using SKINMaster
  • kinda bad news: soon power users are losing their unlimited uploading privileges, and rolling back to '1-mistake' mode. Initially any power user will be able to upload unlimited torrents here, but only 1 of them gets removed by staff - and no more uploads from that power user. sorry to those responsible ones - you have to suffer for many incompetent power users...
  • and more bad news.. with that demotion, we are raising the bar for a user to become a power user, since 1 week is definitely not enough for many to get used to rules here! to get power user status user will first have to be here for 4 weeks, have 25GB+ uploaded and maintain share ratio of 1.05 and higher! those who are power users right now with less than 25GB uploaded (just 10GB needed now) will have to watch their ratio stay above 1.05 to keep the status, since getting ratio less then that will call for auto-demotion.
  • [slash]
    this is the last warning for POWER USERS. once decided to let power users upload all they want, now we're almost at the point of recalling that decision. the problem? power users do not care about uploading rules.. well, we stop caring about them. it's the last time such official warning is published. the countdown has started. the countdown of deleted torrents. as soon as i myself remove 10 fresh torrents that have wrong date format, power users will lose their uploading priviledges. and i don't really care if all the abused ones go all over the net telling how screwed up this place is.. well, if you consider rules as a stupid thing you don't need to know, i don't want to know you.

    ps. if anyone is interested in becoming an [E]DITOR for the [e]-browser, please inquire. [slash]
    is it really hard to respect the site rules ??!! .. the shoutbox is a vital part in this website and anybody can see and read what inside even guests .. so when it's written above that ENGLISH only is allowed - and this is not because we love english, the sysop is russian by the way and no rule could prevent him to make RUSSIAN only in the shoutbox !!, but it's very known that English is the most common language all around the world - and yet people still breaking the rules and speak in other languages in the shoutbox like arabic and romanian and this is completely unacceptable .. so for everybody to know .. anyone get caught speaking non-english in the shoutbox will get a 3-days warning immediatly no matter who is he/she .. and if he did it again it will be a 1-week warning !! [Commissarlightning]
    you have asked for it, now you can have it.. well, more like, can't touch this. and it's for power users who have been riding their privileges in a wrong way. i have thought before, that power users are responsible and thinking people, but they have prooved to be completely opposite. well, here's what happened - noone can now add anything to the [e]-browser anymore; as of right now, power users can not rate torrents anymore prior to snatching them. maybe some users have been chasing the immortal points, maybe some were just sabotaging the everyday snatch-n-rate cycles, but all in all the result shows... the last (but not least) thing being very endangered right now is torrent uploading, as far as dating torrents. please take a little note here... when clicking upload, you have to check several boxes there. DO YOU READ WHAT THEY SAY??? i don't think so. torrent's date can only be either DD-MMM-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD, where YYYY is four digits of the year (1996 or 2006), DD is two digits of the day (01 or 21), and MMM here is AUG, JUL, JUN or JAN, followed by MM as a two-digital representation of the month's number (01..12). anything still unclear? well, if yes, then soon only V.I.P.'s and higher in status will only be able to do what they want to up in here. [slash]
    quick update... [e]-browser is locked. this is due to many users adding records for existing names, spelling names incorrectly and simply leaving info-pages blank chasing the number, i guess.. anyhow, noone can add anything in there anymore, until first EDITORS are assigned from users who want to be one, editors will have powers to add/edit/manage [e]-browser records, add radio-show schedules and other things as well. doing this will require some time and definitely alot of attention. so please consider before asking sysop about this. although i don't know how many users will want to become an editor, first we will have 5 [e]ditorial positions assigned on a contest basis. someone wishing to become an editor must submit a special request to sysop, sending a private msg, with subject "editor application", stating first the reason and motivation of the person, why and how are you doing this, and how long etc etc. then you need to present 5 new [e]-records that are not currently in the [e]-browser, but all of different types listed (dj, club, show etc), and give info for following items each one from new line: name, comment, bio-URL, picture-URL, webpage-URL, showtime for show or stream-URL for radio. if anything is missing - your request will not be considered... [slash]
    it's been a quiet month... well, now a few things can be said on what's going on here... tribalmixes Lottery hasn't got much attention, many people prefer not to hear about it at all, especially warned users, which is insane - but true. just recenly several users have tried to exploit website rules as for commenting on torrents using their native language. it is not right, and not really smart, because if staff were to exploit the rules as well... well, it doesn't say in rules, that sysop can not ban users for no reason, does it? if you are smart enough to bring up rules like that, please be considerably smart to simply extend shoutbox/forum rules on commenting torrents, and that will surely make you a better member of this community, but not them comments like "rules don't say nothing, so we can comment in our own language".

    a few words here about the [e]-browser... if you have noticed, its database is growing constantly, many djs, clubs, show and radios are being added, more to that : [b]global ratings have been added[/b] as to show the position of djs, radios and shows amongst their kind. ratings are showing global popularity position, and also if that popularity score is higher than 300, position by average rating. please be so kind and rate [e]-records showing up for every torrent, not only it is rewarded with immortal points, but also brings more determination in those ratings, makes them more meaningful. also periodical scans of new torrents activate corresponding banners (if present) for [e]-records, so if you keep noticing banners of John Digweed alot in last hours, it most likely means that there's some new torrent by JD uploaded, check the torrents page, simply click JD's namelink on banner or the banner healine link to see or even just jump to the most recent upload.

    and for those reasons, for everything to work automatically completely right, please make sure you spell names of djs, radios, shows etc the right way, correct way. after uploading a torrent check if djs have been distinguished and their names are showing up on details page. if not, check the names spelled correctly, search the [e]-browser to see if still nothing, take a little time and show that you do care about your uploads, about users and everything else. thank you! [slash]
    the BEST has happened to tribalmixes and it's community, this is no kidding, it's for real : undead torrents are now REALLY FREE OF RATIO!!! and by saying "really" i mean completely 100% ratio free for everyone for ever and for warned users especially!!! yes, yes, yes, now anyone with warning doesn't need to stumbly wait for someone to download their seeded torrents, they can go ahead and start growing their ratio ASAP by downloading undead torrents (that is also new music for them, most likely) and seeding them infinitely. since other warned users will download same undead torrents, all of them warned members of our community will be helping themselves to raise their share ratios to be able to get back to normal downloading. but let this not stop responsible users from downloading everLIFE torrents they do not have yet and seeding them as well to improve ratio even better! also please remember that you get maximum immortal points for seeding undead torrents, along with great help to others who want to get these excellent mixes, but that's not all - don't forget about FEATURED DJ page :: all torrents listed there are also undead, thus RATIO-FREE as well!!! please enjoy this responsibly! **(new users with low ratio and warned users can only download ONE everLIFE torrent at current period of time, meaning you can download them only one-by-one, but make sure they are 'force-start'ed for continuous seeding after download is complete. and by the way, this is the last good thing we do for warned users.. as sysop i can say, only 10% of them warned ones are seeding and removing warnings themselves, another 10% is begging staff to do that for them, and 80% just come daily never caring to read and just look around the website, find out what great features are there even when your downloading rights are revoked, there are things to do to help it and mixes to download as of right now... if and only if warned members show up and show some good healthy activity here, promised Lottery enchancements will be implemented. dixi.) [slash]
    just a few words about new features we're having...
  • undead/everLife torrents are free of ratio to download, download debit awards are given to snatchers
  • immortal points can be traded for many cool things, including extra lottery tickets
  • each user can get 1 complimentary LOTTERY ticket for every drawing (held once a day), prizes up to 1000points!!
  • FEATURED DJ torrents are also RATIO-FREE for all to download and enjoy! remember to seed them later, because they give the best immortal rating improvement you can get for seeding torrents, which is also a new feature.
  • [slash]
    hey everyone, you have probably noticed we're undergoing some layout changes on the website, new options are added and everyone is welcome to go ahead and set up their age, gender, location and title (if shown), let's open it up a little bit and tell everyone about yourselves. same way you can post short info about yourselves or set up your personal signature, which will be added to each forum post or torrent comment of yours. all these new features are available through new and improved OUTLOOK section. set up new website skin, number of torrents per page or just change your password or e-mail - all these and many other things can be done using the OUTLOOK link on your left.

    this is not all. many new things are being planned, some of them like immortal rating are already being utilized and used. this new feature has to do with immortal points that you get for being active on the website, soon them points will also be awarded for simply seeding torrents. in the nearest future everyone will be able to exchange those points for something they need or want, including power title, upload credits, download debits and more. undead torrents and featured djs' torrents will become free of ratio, which means after downloading them you will receive special award points, that you'll be able to apply towards downloads decreased. all this and much, much more is being programmed as you read, everything is done to make your life on tribalmixes easier and more enjoyable. adieu! [slash]
    THREE FEATURED DJs for summer'06! we are happy to announce, that this summer we have 3 FEATURED DJs!!! it is Hans Tavera from Peru, Dutch trio XiJaro (XDR, Fly & Gomaster) and well known here already Lover4o from Bulgaria. please welcome them all, check out their info on the Featured DJ page, which now should be renamed into featured djS, this is for the first time we have three new djs featured at the same time, so expect lots and lots of quality music, first hand at welll..

    also please note, that uploading and [offer]ing uploads is now automated, please read new rules on how to [offer] and how to get your [offer]s approved for uploading, how to start counter and when will you receive your upload slot... everyone, have a good summer! :) [slash]
    the news are... everyone must click ourRadio link on control panel and check it out! maybe something real good could come out from this discussion, so be a part of it, maybe take a part of it later! :) also please welcome the new banner-manner, that now runs the show for the banner-system above there.. some banners are prioritized, some are regular, more banner-shows for upcoming radio-shows and events on the website, most important shows will start hard advertising campaign 6-7 days before and 3-4 days after the showtime. :) well, hope you will enjoy it and catch up with two awesome upcoming shows - Saeed and Luke Fair, check out pop-up texts on banners as they now inform you how long it is till the show or how much time it's been since the showtime. chao! [slash]
    hello and how are you, my friends, nice to see we are keeping it on a good wave. less new registrations, as i've predicted, fell down to 50-60 a day from earlier 80-90... not a good note, huh? anyways, i've set up a great pointer for all of you to take a little time and rate djs and shows and radios, every institution that deservers to be rated. please, do so and rate and tell your opinion about them all, they'll appreciate it one day. also wanted to announce, this website now has new admin, it is viktor1983, applaude and listen to what he says. :)

    starting monday, June 19th, your uploaded torrents must be dated in one of two formats as follows: DD-MMM-YYYY - 19-Jun-2006 or YYYY-MM-DD - 2006-06-19. torrents dated & formatted incorrecty will be deleted!

    when everything goes solid and stable, news come out less often.. recent outrage of double-triple accounts has caused proxy-check to be enabled once again. watch your ratio - this easy rule will help you stay here and keep downloading newest music. now any accounts noticed to have same IP will be disabled, unless they have high share ratio or approved by staff. for those who get bored like i do recently, have some classic Arcades for a change... expect a big surprise in a few days in feature dj section... [slash]
    important news on the banners that you can see now have moved to the top of the page, right below the main logo and above your control panel for your true convinience. this talking is about the prioritized display of some selected banners. as of this exact moment you might sometimes really rarely notice new banner about may 31st coming up release of podcast004 by Lover4o, and frequency of these banners will raise as we get closer to the time (around 12 noon GMT), they will completely substitute the text part in the banner with their pictures. that will be 6 hours before and after the event, cause this release is set with highest priority display. later as we get some weekly show banners floating around this system will be improved to announce these shows coming up live three hours before the air-time and three hours after to let you know of possible uploaded torrent. these last adds will be displayed with, say, 70% chance.. and so on.. same could be done for an upcoming release of a special torrent recorded in a club you have coming or maybe own mix. this way you could let me know and i'd set it up for you. hope you are all enjoying these adds and banners as much as i do.. :) [slash]
    no news is good news. everything is hardcore stable and working perfectly well, uptime 100% of the time with the best connection possible. this is what money can buy. :) please take a look on the [draw)] project on control panel to take part in drawing banners for your favorite djs and shows to be displayed on the website. after these banners were activated %% of live/dead torrents went from 50% / 50% to 60% / 40%, giving extra 300-400 live torrents. little ratio help is given (no special "per banner" ratio aid rates, sorry), great thanks goes to gwende, jozeg, Untouchable, babiss, marting, Rinspeed, moussaas, bidona, badr9, =^..^=. keep up the great work, my friends! also wanted to notice that reverse DNS problem was fixed, it was causing many user-confirmational emails to bounce from such big mailers as, and a few more in .pl, .it and .ru. [slash]
    and so we did it! new server is up and running, perfectly optimized for the tracker needs, very big thanks goes to viktor1983 (please welcome him as our new moderator) for tweaking the setup, website cpu load has fallen from 6.00 to 0.07, and cpu usage from constant 50% down to 1.5-2%. our new server has p4 3.0ghz machine with 1gb of ram, this looks promising to keep and serve a community 10-15 times larger than nowdays, with 50-60k users and 100k peers active, just about the maximum we're expecting to gain before website will be closed to new public completely.

    for those of you who haven't used much the [e]-browser feature before due to it's slow appearence and time wasting loading speeds, now it is simply flying like a rocket, being fully optimized for explorer and firefox, this powerful mechanism helps you find any show or torrent in just 2-3 clicks. about 95% of torrents are represented in [e]-browser, 800 djs with listed mixes online and in history... simply start using it! [slash]
    ok, we moved and still some users will have DNS problems, but it doesn't depend on us, so if you cannot see the website, just wait a little more, it will be fine, about 80% of the users are dealing with it allright, so it just takes a little time. a temporary solution can fix it, simply edit your hosts file (in windows it is xx:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) and add in there, that will solve your problem until dns is updated everywhere in the world. thanks for your patience. [slash]
    as you've probably noticed, we're moving on sunday night, this weekend is going to be mad for me, so i have to postpone this moval process, sorry, but this is just for 2 days and then we will all enjoy the bestestest speed in the internet and past productivity! check our new podcast and look for torrent soon if you want a full quality version. [slash]
    thanks to all wishing happy bd to tribalmixes, we wish you back all great things and hope that you'll always stay wuth us. new server has been ordered, so within a week of so we will be moving to a better and faster place!! with the best and dastest premium bandwidth, so no delays whatsoever should be expected! more will be announced later on this topic. magic downloading marathon was extented to 36 hours run, 12 hours added up for the faulty beginning with no magic ratio rules promised, which have been enabled about 7 hours later than promised. so far it's been about 23 hours and we can see that over 40 users managed to get rid of their warnings, hope these lucky ones will keep it up from now. and please remember, this marathon is a once-a-year thing, so there will be no more chances... sorry. [slash]
    everyone probably knows the news by now: we have been down for about 8-9 hours, but we're back without any dataloss... anyways, this only shows, that it is time to advance again. now we're going to rent a new dedicated server, it is going to be way more resources and power than our current server, but the price goes up to $200/month. we are also looking for sponsors, so if your company wants to have prime advertising space on please contact sysop to discuss this. the new server will launch in approximately 2 weeks, around may 15th.
    be sure to check our new featured DJ!!!, his name is Armando Rossi, he's from Australia and some of his mixes have been posted here already. Armando has also prepared a special treat for all of us - newest podcast 002, which will be up online shortly, look for new additions in your rss subscriptions and in the music new column on the right. [slash]
    sad to announce, our good friend Gatz has resigned his moderator's position. this is accompanied by his partial retreat on torrent scene, although he promised to drop by once in a while. he will always stay on the honorable staff list as the uploader. also please check out this mix, author dedicated it to tribalmixes community. our cencere thanks for that! don't forget to stop by tribalmixes @@ myspace to see our top 8 friends there... for immortality look in f.a.q. [slash]
    today website's funds have suffered a very useful loss of $82, and what happened was we have renewed the registration of for the next 9 years, and also have registered and just to make sure no dumb copies will come up (length of 1 year for now, but maybe some daughter projects will require separate webspace names, so we'll see). also our featured dj Kosta Del Mar has promised to work on a poscast for tribalmixes, - highly anticipated.. also wanted to mention, that as a sysop i have incorporated and eased up in use a very userful tool to detect double IP ADDRESSES and remove them user-accounts. it is easy and last night i did remove about 25 usernames with double ips. so please don't try to cheat the system by signing up several user accounts... [slash]
    the quest is going on, as we enter the Blue Night and the Black Attack, two dark colored (black) skins that are designed to relax users' eyes in case the White Attack skin was too intense for some of us (they say, worst cases had strong side effects of dizziness and small monitors). now please proceed to the OUTLOOK section. :) [deleted]
    please welcome our newest website skin and the look it's going to have in the near future, heads up for the White Attack!!! this little Vynil is our newest face and official logotype, our own intellectual property with all copyrights reserved. :) and this will give a forth-start to the celebration of our upcoming I year anniversary on May 5th, 2006, which will be a great day for all of the users, especially for those with downloading rights revoked... as our appreciation of all the members, we are planning to run a magic 24 hour long downloading marathon. and the magic will corrupt the ratio system on that wonderful day so that all your downloaded data will not be counted and/or stored/applied to your account record, but all your uploaded data that day will be counted... and counted... and counted... (well, basically tripled)! of course we do not want everyone to go crazy, so users will be allowed only TWO downloads at a time, and no more than 50 torrents total that day. but this will help dramatically to all who wants to fix their ratios and come back to normal downloading activities the next day... :) stay alert, more cookies will be server out here... and yeah, if you want to set up another skin you like better than this new one, feel free to do so in OUTLOOK.. [slash]
    ha.. when you keep thinking that no news is good news i step in and bring them bad news for you... since the "virtual ratio" system doesn't show any good results, users would just exploit it, writing stupid and boringly cloned messages and comments will be no more.. from now on there will be no vitrual ratio whatsoever, no more good things to boring people. all you can do from now on to raise your ratio - is s e e e e d. seed and only seed your downloads. as simple as that. hopefully new users read rules at least just a little bit, maybe when checking those options there or when received first warning... [slash]
    full top10 functionality is back, now you can view the top10/25/50 comparisson stats on the [e]-browser records, all columns are sortable, added new columns score and max snatches, to make it to the stats an [e]-record must have at least 2 torrents associated with it. by the way, stats are updated once every hour and few minutes. later column undeads will be added showing the number of everlife torrents for each r[e]cord. also on behalf of all the staff wanted to mention that we're all really glad website is growing so fast. everyone is welcome!!! [slash]
    todays headlines are made by the [e]ntertainment brows[e]r and its amazing functionality. please check out all new features, like search by type, reviews/comments and most impotantly - rating system!!! now you can rate each and every r[e]cord in the database with 1..10 value of your appreciation. you can rate dj as well as radios or parties. please go ahead and read this complete description of most of the features of the brows[e]r and start using it and getting used to it, because it is much more information, than the regular [torrents] page. also for those who has selected the most-chosen negative poll answer or the 'what are you talking about' one, please check out where a click on that link in the poll will take you - it is a perfect alternative to unregulated and hardly managable public uploads (ask - [offer], hold - wait, upload is given heads up). [slash]
    ok, it's been done, sorry to all who had palced some expectations on public uploads vs their ratio, but since today users with the lowest class 'user' are not able to upload torrents any more. only power users and up can still upload without problems, but mistakes are yet counted, so please be careful with your uploads. as for users without these priviliges, please check out this forum and see what can be done now as for [offer]s system being activated. now to be able to upload you need to offer and then get a few feedbacks asking to upload this very set. please check out uploading section in f.a.q. and new uploading rules. this is all done to sort out all the mess dominating recently. if you disagree with this decision, please checkout main page poll above and cast your vote for this. some more restrictions and rules are coming. please keep updated. rapid site growth makes us react fast on many time-over-consuming tasks. [slash]
    hey.. we are now on myspace and are waiting and inviting all of you guys to join us there and be friends of ours. check out the page @@, this is just a scratch for now, but sooner or later with few hundreds of friends we could grow into a great place on myspace, it is a fast growing resource and should be popular. :) mobile version of the website got stuck, since my cellular phone doesn't support that fully for some reason, so i want to hold on to that project for a little bit. again wanted to mention, that website growth is very rapid in last few weeks, so expect big changes in rules for uploading and becoming uploaders: it will be much harder still more prestige to be on the team. make your choice now, stick around for good, we'll be the best source for any needs besides dj mixes-music, but promos, radios, booking and all kinds of stuff. just few more months and it will all be real. so keep your clients running and beats pumping! [slash]
    all right. back to business. nice to see such tremendous growth and all the inhabitality stuff, although few things need to be done. azureus of all versions below will [not] be banned as of April 1st, 00:00:00GMT. it was kind of an april fool's joke, i overreacted, but please upgrade your azureus clients if you are using one to something more than, client has holes in sharing rules and causes tracker misinterpret some info, raising many fake download counters. also uploading is going to be limited soon, this is in question. many other things. please be informed. [slash]
    Welcome back, the site was down for 12 hours because of SQL tables problem, as most of you know slash is in WMC, and we bothered him so he did fix it from miami :) .. noticed a rapid increase in members joining tribalmixes, welcome aboard and hope you'll enjoy your stay [Commissarlightning]
    Well, we are facing a little problem with uploading, maintenance in progress. the good point here is that everybody has nothing to do except to browse back through the past days and gather all the stuff he/she missed, I'm sure that everyone here must missed some nice sets, so it's time to roll back. No doubt all the stuff we are missing now will be uploaded as soon as the uploading is fixed... [Commissarlightning]
    as the latest poll has shown, about 86% of the community is using explorer or firefox to browse the website. we're glad to announce, that most of the javascript features have been reprogramed to support some different firefox page structure, and now [e]browser is fully accessible with mozilla firefox, all windows come up right and perfectly well. even better than ms explorer. :) also another newest feature added to [e]ntertainment list is now you can post your personal comments on any record in this list. this is intended to fulfill missing biographys, to consume your thoughts and feelings about djs or radios, etc. please feel free to initiate any plac[e]s in the entertainment browser. damn i lik[e] this [e]thing... hey, as an example of r[e]vi[e]ws, check out where this will take you... hardly unexpected. :) and little more to this, confirmational emails are now doublesent from postmaster@tribalmixes && tribalmixesdotcom@yahoo to make sure spam protectors choke and let mail through.. [slash]
    new categories were added : progressive, minimal, tech, funk, d'n'b and deep house. please feel free to edit your older torrents to represent music style more specific. also hard work is being put into the (((djlist2))) browser, although it is intended to be dj info and torrent browser, we want to make it an entertainment browser or simply an e-browser, funny abbreviations, very thematic. anyways, this e-browser will accumulate information on all torrents presented on the website. of course users are the sources of this information, so feel free to add anything related to your torrents into there, as for radio stations, rave parties, famous and infamous clubs, air/tv shows, global and local events, promo groups and music magazines, and of course djs, producers, musicians and composers: just about everything that has to do with club music or its affilates. with an intention to build the best and largest database in the internet, we already have about 260 names and venues in there, although fast growth of 5-10 times bigger is expected in the nearest future (with your help, of course!)!! [slash]
    here is another great start for all of us : torrents are now associated with djlist, showing djs represented in the torrent name which are also present in djlist on your left. in the nearest time djs will be reversely associated with torrents to ease up the seaches. 1137 out of 1737 torrents were associated with (some with few) djs. it is seen on the details page. check all your torrents please to see associations, if none are present, check if the dj's name is spelled right and if it is in djlist. if it's not in there, add it please, soon all users will be able to do it for given torrent name contents. so we have 600 torrents now that djs might be wrongly named there or just missed in the djlist. everyone please get to work on this matter!!! :) including staff. [slash]
    haha! since june 2005 when the first google add was displayed on tribalmixes, it's been 8 more months, although all summer of advertisign with google gave just $6, it started picking up a little later, and now we just received out first 'sponsor' money in the amount of $126 (they send payments only when accumulated over a hundred). thanks to all users who have contributed in this lump sum.. :) if it is more active in future, a better server could be rented on this income. [slash]
    hello. just to make up some fun, now all users lazy enough to represent themselves with an avatar of their choice will be assisted with a random default avatar, new every time (from our collection, growing right now with 30 pictures to start off). also for those who wants a bunch of their own pictures to show up randomly for their avatar, please read this info in F.A.Q. also wanted to mention here, that reading FORUMS is really good and helpful. many have read topics posted on control panel, but regular talk isn't read alot. and many problems with downloading or other questions can be easily resolved by just reading 1 or 2 threads, available through specific subsearches. [slash]
    lots of activity seen recently, thanks to all who's seeding. at last you see, that only everyone together can provide such tremendous speeds and uncountable livesets. even with this server we have potential to grow 5-6 times larger, and that is alot of time, but we're on the lookout for good server out there. sad news :: there will be no more trackpacks, only allowed by djs themselves, such as featured djs and other custom handmade material. also we would like to point that hit-and-run system is really easy to activate, so many of you may suffer. watch out with new torrents - seed them till you have 1+:1 ratio. wap-version of coming soon, check out this info-page. lots of users are connectable, so it is not an issue, but still if you check log section for peerrrr watcher reports, you will be surprised how many unconnectable peers were systematically turned connectable last night (randomly selected groups of peers were contacted by website and those answered were changed in status), meaning only that if some of your peers are connectable, you should click your name, see what peers are not, and stop them/start them in your client. it will most likely change status, otherwise do it again with 99% chance. wishing all good luck and good times!!! also for thouse who enjoys sking, there's a new one has been added reently - need for speed skin, check it out in your OUTLOOK menu. [slash]
    what to say, tribalmixes has bursted with tonns of new music, hundreds of new users, very stable code and great ongoing plans for expansion. very many torrent-files were lost because of crash, so if you have them .torrent-s saved somewhere on your hdd, please check maybe you have some of them. to see where these files are stored click options->ptreferences->folders->save .torrent descriptors to folder<> box there. clients vary so this path might be different. click [poss!ble] link on control panel to see them. please also welcome superseed2 highspeed monster operated by viktor1983, thanks alot! [slash]
    not looking anymore...heyhey!! we're looking for an awesome user who has donated $50 a couple of days before the website went down. if it were you, please contact sysop with transaction id or just the email this money came from. thanks! [slash]
    this sould be the last time we're out for the next few days, so let's keep our fingers crossed. we ran back to the old hosting for now, as it is taking some time and problems to set up this new server rented, and we're not pros of console linux setups... enjoy the community full power right now : registration works perfectly, connectability is fine and everything is back to normal. superseed will rest in peace for now.. also if you have donated some money in the last 2 weeks please let us know if your account doesn't reflect that, same for status upgrades. please report mixes if .torrent files are not accessible (about 350 .torrent-s missing). thanks for being here and for all the good words, really appreciated good emotions. [slash]
    we're back. more to come.. my 10 hours nonstop fixing up new server is coming to an end and i'm going to sleep. please take it easy now, database is from jan30th, so your name might not be in here, if you registered after that, sorry. more to come. new user accounts won't confirm right now, sorry. torrents probably won't work now as we need to wait for dns to renew. [slash]
    and as usual, people don't want to take it all seriously, but as far as we're concerned, there are 2 users already with next to their names, explaining that they cannot download torrents for 7 days, and there's more to that: if they make 3 more hit-and-runs, they will be banned from the website. as easy as 1-2-3. so please think before you switch off your clients. also users with regular warnings have been out of control posting comments and forum posts. remember, you can only write 5 comments daily and 20 forum posts, that will count towards virtual ratio, more will not count! and if any comment or forum post seems to be just 'commented to get points' - you lose 10 points, so if 5 out of 10 posts are deleted - you lose all saved 50 points. so please be careful! [slash]
    and here we go. if you have a warning, you can still download mp3s, but for that you will need to write comments and take part in forums. so, for every post you make you get 5 points, equal to 5MB of virtual ratio data, which can be used towards getting a torrent and downloading torrent data by wasting those points. it is all explained here, so every warned user can use this feature. but make sure, if your comment is deleted - you lose 10 points. and also seed those new mp3 you will get this way, since you really need to improve ratio, and newly downloaded amount will hit it too! btw, non-warned users won't see any changes in the help page, since they don't need this feature to download music, but anyone freshly receiving a warning will get credit for all fresh (2 days old) posts and comments, so you can start your downloading break with 30points if last 2 days you've posted 6 msgs. also i've added those credit points to people's warned accounts who did post in last 2 days totalling of 140 points awarded. please use this feature wisely. [slash]
    a few users have been noticed to either delete their own accounts and reregister again, or just signup using a proxy server (how silly can you be to start using your own ip address after that - it is reported by system). this is strictly prohibited! and to prove that we have arranged a simple proxy check when registering on the website. all double ip accounts were disabled. again. [slash]
    new featured dj - Pro-Moe from Egypt!! please welcome our new featured dj and check out his info and mixes, all listed on the updated featured_dj page. he's playing beautiful deep progressive house, very nice tracks and own remixes. [slash]
    registration is OPEN again! we're very sorry for all those who couldn't register in last 24 hours, but now it seems to be ok. all 'unsuccesfull' registrations have been deleted. enjoy! [slash]
    new!! hit-and-run policy is now active! this means that if you decide to download torrent and not seed it, just close and remove from client, then you get a hit-and-run and a personal message telling when and how. 4 such messages and you get a warning for a week, which closes downloading of torrents for the whole 7 days. if you happen to take 3 more hit-and-runs after this first warning making it 7 total - you are banned from the website. again and again i wanted to say: we want to be a sharing community. but if you don't like out rules - you cannot be here. sorry.

    also new reporting feature has been created, so that power users and higher can browse the lists of users have snatched this torrent and report those who hit-and-run, if staff doesn't notice that. please use that feature if you feel some users is abusing you or us just acting out of hands! [slash]
    hey.. bad and good news. old share ratio system with its banning is turned off and old warnings removed. and now a warning warned will mean that on Jan-20th you will loose downloading rights. there will be whole bunch of new warnings given out in a few minutes... consider it a last reminder. no exceptions will be made. deleting your active account with bad ratio will get you banned. seed and seed to fix your ratios! as log shows, 145 warnings was given out to users with ratios ranging from 0.01 to 0.39, those are all who will lose download rights if ratio is not fixed. sorry if you couldn't register in last 24hrs, - some malfunction caused db to produce same results on ips, but now it was fixed and registation is back and active. [slash]
    little new addition to security purposes, there will be no more double ip registrations available. if somehow cheated with proxy real ip will be discovered during deep data comminication and all accounts with this ip will be banned. also all current multiple-same-ip accounts were 'collapsed' to one name per ip as for download/upload stats. about 30 accounts were disabled. do not be surprised if you see ratio change when you come next time. as we did collapse them accounts to last visited names. what we can only do is change active account username to another with same ip reported, on personal request with explanations. thank you for you constant attention. [slash]
    Attention all BitLord client users!!! it will be banned from this tracker on Friday, Jan 20th, at noon 12:00 GMT as it has been reported before to act agressively, collect spy-data and send it somewheregodknowswhere. please consider µTorrent for a great alternative or BitComet 0.61 (no less) for friendly interface. [slash]
    i'm just hoping you guys are reading this stuff. so here comes a new addition to rules. everything is changed according to that..
    new ratio rules will also be activated on Friday, Jan 20th!! please note this and read this F.A.Q. section explaining what is going on and what will happen. i can only say here is : more you get, more you have to give. also please check out link on control panel next to your name ratio&co and read some useful reviews on what's being done and why. and the new ratio table is right here. please look at your ratio and downloaded amounts and see what you need to do to fix it, if needed. also in the nearest future there will be "REMAINING DOWNLOAD" link next to your ratio number on the control panel. it will explain you for now how much data you would still be able to download according to the ratio rules and your ratio, even if downloads are not limited now. starting noon of Jan 20th, link will tell you exactly the right thing - how much you've got left to download, it will also advise you on how much uploaded data you need to start downloading again or how long you could survive rights removal with that current ratio.
    up to 1 GBanydna
    1 GB0.10100 MB
    2 GB0.15300 MB
    5 GB0.201 GB
    10 GB0.303 GB
    25 GB0.4010 GB
    50 GB0.5025 GB
    100 GB0.7575 GB
    attention! bitComet users!! recent news have shown that bitComet team has released a newer fixed version of bitcomet, it is 0.61 and you can read more about bugfixed in this nice article, but the main thing it has resolved the problem with DHT on private torrents, and you can go on using it, but you need to upgrade it to version 0.61. as of right now...
    bitComet client of any versions below 0.61 will be banned from this tracker 7 days & 1hour since this post on Friday, Jan 20th, at noon 12:00 GMT.
    you are stroungly encouraged to try our pick - µTorrent client, as it is way better in any parameters, but if it is the matter of habbits or attitudes, please check updates either on the website or directly from the bitComet program updater, if such does exist somewhere in menus. this will be the first action on setting up the right sharing and the rights. more to come in this program: gradual ratio increase-must towards downloaded amount growth (the more you take, the more you must give to stay with this tracker), hit-and-run watcher with warning system leading to banning from tracker (that is for not seeding a torrent snatched in first hours of its life - hit-and-run), temporaty account suspensions for severe warnings, downloading limiting by preventing access to torrent files for users warned and non-confirmed with ratio rules, and much more. please stay tuned on this matter, as it will affect all of us. since we're growing, we want this to be a sharing community, where everyone will give back to what they take, or at lease do their best not to demand too much. this is only for your own good. and you will not be able to stay here with ratio below 0.10 after 2 weeks of using the website if your downloads are over 1GB or 10 torrents. [slash]
    ok,ok. step by step for everyone who doesn't understand what to do now:
    • create torrent and upload it to the tracker (look for PRIVATE tag and check it ON when creating torrent, saves you some of next steps, also can help checking option 'start seeding on completion' or something)
    • go to tracker's newly created page for the torrent and check if your seed is there. if it doesn't come up or rejected by tracker, DOWNLOAD this torrent file to your computer
    • , otherwise just skipe the rest.
    • open torrent file in your client
    • when client asks where to save, tell it that existing file or folder
    • refresh tracker page, if still no seeds - something you did wrong when choosing path to save mp3s to.
    it is the same process, you just need to get your torrent again, if it gets edited by tracker and has new infohash with private flag ON. so in case you do set up private flag in the very first step, torrent will not be modified and you will not need to redownload it. [slash]
    newsflash... ATTENTION!! all torrents must have PRIVATE flag set up when creating them torrent-files. if this torrent you're about to upload has no such a flag, IT WILL BE ADDED AUTOMATICALLY BY THE SERVER!! you will not be notified on that matter. if your seed doesn't come up in the list on the tracker, it means that you have to download modified torrent file from tracker, open it in your client and save to the existing mp3 or folder. sorry to all those who are using this private flag - you still have to reget the torrent file. it will be fixed soon.

    also we would really recommend all BITCOMET users to switch to something else, as bitcomet family will be banned from this tracker, due to inability to keep private status on torrents and stay away from DHT. just a few hours ago newest µTorrent was released, it even has torrent open dialog same as bitcomet.

    so we're yet testing out stuff, and please help out if you see any more hanging up the server or other features disabled for some reason, report them to be fixed, thanks! also please read in.. as the website is constantly growing, we would like to ask everyone to think about their share ratios, because very soon rules will be changed on that. the main idea will be - the more you get, the bigger your ratio should be to stay on the website. new users will be able to leech up to 1gb before affected by those strong rules and keep ratio less than <0.10. say 3 gb - you will need to have ratio of 0.20 to keep it up. and so on. yet some more useful info follows here, as there is going to be no more double IP addresses, meaning that no multiple accounts will be allowed, and even if created - will not be managable. and as no more proxying your communication with tracker, just to keep it harder. no more cheating attempts - will get banned right away. and on top of that, current multiple accounts will be collapsed in one visited last, so beware... also hit-and-run strategy will be prosecuted, as if you snatch a torrent in first N hours and do not seed till given ratio or the end of this period, warning is given, few warnings will get you banned. so SEED EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. seed, not upload. and try to stay in shape. [slash]
    we're back! we're back! we're back online. and now we have hdd o 80gb in size, meaning many torrents can be stored at superseed's space there and reseeded at later times on request. thanks to all who was back in just first 10 seconds of site was posted active. really appreciated your care and passion for this one. just 2 or 3 new torrents were lost since oldest database was about 2 hours old on an unexpected blackout ended up in lots of fun now. so please reupload missing stuff and on we go without problems in future for sure. SEEEEED! [slash]
    as our hosting providers said: hdd will be replaced tonight or tomorrow morning, making it withing next 12-24 hours, but we don't trust them guys, so let's cross out fingers they do that soon... in any case, it will probably take another 12 hours to upload back all the databases and set everything up to work. so if you can't see website for a few hours, we're good there... also wanted to mention, that website's funds are running low and there's some urgent need of $29 required to pay monthly ren on 1st of february, leaving a month to collect that, so please donate. also sponsors' adds, they give a little income too. march's rent will probably be covered by google's check. [slash]
    hey, back again, still no news on harddrive occasion, so it's good that we keep it active, otherwise it'd be dead for a few days already. as promised, and since noone has reacted right to the warnings, now we activate the WAIT TIME DELAY, meaning only users with acceptable ratio can get new torrents instantly, others will have to wait for some special period of time up to 24 hours now, but probably will be increased later to 48 hours. remember, that you cannot get torrent until mentioned time to put it in your client to start leeching automatically when the time comes, so make sure to check back all the time to see if you can get torrents you want. i would say it will be very uncomfortable for some users... banners have given us $25 this month, still need about $15 more to have full hundred transfered to the website's account. thanks to all who doesn't forget to "visit the sponsors" :) and remember, if you do not see your seed on the website - it is your own fault, most likely you're leeching the torrent! [slash]
    i've set up a crontab script to dump the database every hour and email it to me. so basically if hosting crew decides to do anything, we'll have the newest freshest database when everything is back on. enjoy all these tons of new music here. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [slash]
    news on the Hard Drive are ... no news ... they say, no news is good news, but not here. i have 3 requests already just to know when they're going to replace the hd, but can't see no answer on those. so this can last a long time, cause this isn't some dream hosting, they're really hard with services there, taking many times sometimes rerequesting and reconfirming and etc. so for now LET's GO AHEAD and RESUME UPLOADING and i'll try to make up some script to back up the database hourly to make sure i have it, if they still decide to do replace HD w/o notice. but let's see what happend, i personally already miss new music... :) [slash]
    this is not a 'further notice', so don't start anything please. this is just for your own good, my friends, cause i'm constantly (every 3-4 hours) backing up the main thing - database, and it is growing (19mb now, increasing 100k every 2-3 hours), to keep the up/down/msg stats and files up to date. if new torrents were kept posted, i'd have to copy them and other stuff too, making it hard for me, because hosting staff doesn't want to tell me clearly when is it all going to finish. but one thing i know for sure: with regular cpu load bouncing between 0.00-0.30 (power users can see cpu load at the bottom of this page), it would go up to [b]45.00-60.00[/b] when website read files that are written over bad sectors/clusters of the HD. i was very worried about that load when i couldn't find out what was the reason for about 2-3 days. also superseed couldn't function 100% properly because of that. i have a backup file for the whole server with all domains and other stuff, which control panel Plesk has produced, it is 2GB in size, and am constantly renewing backed up database, so basically i hope that as soon as the HD is replaced, then it will only take me about 7-8 hours to upload everything back and restore it pretty fast withing 2-3 hours, hopefully it is done tonight, anyways, i wish you all good time and just only hope that right now you have more things to do than just hang out here, like NYE preparations and such. thanks for your understanding etc. :) [slash]
    little restart was required. sorry to all bothered on this fine christmas day/night depending on your position. and merry Christmas to all who celebrates. as you could see waittime is gone, consider it our present to all for these holydays. please take a little effort and seed more. and don't forget - we have only a week til NYE, and so much more music from 2005 is there to listen.. warm up your modems, cause they aren't gonna make it to the highly expected partynight of 2006! [slash]
    users, please, contribute, donate for our server. in a week we are charged $72, leaving $49, so there will be urgent need : $23 already. if you cannot donate, please click links provided by sponsors. it really makes a little difference if you do. you can see links in many spots.. also let us introduce to you all our server who decided to join the seeding team ... tadadada... superseed!!!! this is a client set up on the sever that will help out seeding to some popular torrents. that and help of dedicated users are reasons why lately you can see some users getting tremendous up to 10mb download speeds. and it is a very good reason to DONATE. if you are going to create a torrent with µTorrent and upload it - read this easiest - step by step tutorial! on how to do it! [slash]
    and here we want to wish you all boys and girls some merry christmas and more than happy new year. we surely hope you will be actively celebrating those holydays, dropping and popping, rolling and raving, going out of control and keeping yourselves there all next year long. at this moment we want to welcome our new skin - christmas/new year (winter holidays) skin. if you like it and feel like expressing your thoughts about it - feel free to post a message in forums. happen this you don't like this skin and want your old one back, but don't know how to change skins on this website - look at this screenshot explaining everything just as you see it on your screen. and remember, this site is best viewed with MS Internet Explorer or higher... [slash]
    introducing a new, ultra-low-memory consuming, fast-operating C driven, very best µTorrent (or uTorrent) bittorrent download client. the newest version available is program is so nice and neat, i uninstalled Azureus after 1 hour of using µTorrent, so much better it is with just few mb RAM consumption instead of 80-100 for Azureus with its java-core. honestly, try this program and you will see tremendous difference. and on top of that, µTorrent has an option to disallow DHT (decentralized hash tables), disallowing people from outside of the tracker to leech torrents from you. also we're probably going to ban few dht-unable-to-disable clients, like azureus, bitcomet and more. take an action now, install this nice client, and you will never suffer again if you did before.. also news are there's a new highspeed seed active now by the name of superseed, it is the client located on our dedicated server, and it can seed new torrents after snatching them to the website's ftp space. its speed can go as high as 10mbps, but usually will average 3mbps, giving about 400kb/s upload speed. hope you can see speed increase already in some torrents. [slash]
    as far as updating and upgrading and rewriting and reposting, the RSS feed has been restored for all of you who likes info handy and arranged. or RSS direct download feed if you want to click torrents directly. this allows you check site's new stuff without even visiting. bad (for community).. although useful(for you). also wanted to let you all know, that some recent studies had shown that some of the torrent clients are too bad for login-trackers like ours, causing many problems and fakes. so we are probably going to take some actions in that field. also Christmas Skin is on the way, be sure, you'll see it before the end of this year. and don't forget to click banners! [slash]
    i'm sure you guys couldn't not notice the difference in speeds lately - they raise up to 800kbps for some users. thanks alot to all thos who seeds. those who don't want to seed get banned. it is your own decision, i guess... anyways, our CHAT is back oline, so feel free to check it out! soon again there will be a trivia bot for those who feel bored.. it is also accessible without registering so that newcomers could ask questions. although i doubt any one will... [slash]
    tribal days now, huh? maybe it's winter, maybe it's just music preferences, but now website's name is going along with the music. website was started by tribal and progressive lover. than a great trance lover joined and supplied tons of awesome trance stuff. at that time we only had about 50-60 torrents active. over the summer and fall many more club music fans joined in, so now there are 18 official uploaders, and about 30 more users are sharing their mixes, making every 30th user wants to give and do that. about 30 power users are helping out alot with seeding and spreading new music. thanks a lot to all who joined, helped and enjoyed these 8 months as much as we did. [slash]
    and here we go... newest feature on the website is the RESEED REQUESTS page, which is designed and made for those users, who surf the website and find something they want, but no seeds are listed to download the torrent. in this case you can scroll torrent page down and locate the button to submit a request for this torrent to be reseeded. everyone is truly asked to cooperate and try to fulfill those requests. control panel above with your name and stuff has also been renewed and a link to reseed-request page has been added for your convinience. it is not about uploading torrent on the website again, it is just about seeding this torrent for some time until someone requested has completed the download. it is done because there are many torrents on the website, and some of them are really interesting for new fresh users, but have been dead for a few days or so, and noone wants to reply your added comments with a requests to reseed this torrents. so now it will be much easier for everyone to request those torrents for reseeding and to reseed them as requested. there's also a new section at the bottom of the top ten page with best reseeders. this mechanism is still being tested, so please report all bugs noticed in there. [slash]
    these news are simple..
    - power users get it all! they can dl mixes right away, they can see more colors, they can do alot. become power users!@@
    - and another one here for uploaders and those doing it for the first time: tracker works fine if you do it right. when opening this new torrent in your client make sure to point it to save to existing file or folder you've used to create the torrent! if you fail to do so, you get rejected by tracker due to wait time delay, because you are trying to leech file and not to seed in that case. no time limit will be to seed any file. so if you see something you've got posted here - try and seed that too, you will see if the your torrent matches exactly.
    - and please, seed as long as you can! or till you have given 1 full copy of what you've taken. all clients let you do so! [slash]
    news... sometimes we're in confusion, if someone reads these news... anyway i wanted to say, there was another problem found - users, who uploaded their torrents, couldn't get them back and start seeding due to wait time delay. we wanted to point that out, because it is your torrent and you've just uploaded it, means that you have it on your computer and can easily drag and drop torrent file into the client, point it to files and start seeding. you don't need to dl this torrent from the website right away. azureus even lets you start seeding right after torrent is created. anyways, this problem was solved, so now the creator and original owner of the .torrent file can easily get it back from the website and bring the problem to a solved earlier. to all who 'made mistakes' because of that - don't worry, you're fixed. :) [slash]
    is anybody with me watching the top10dj ratings and love measurement? right now it is setup to show you if any new points were assigned since your last time viewing that page. same with torrents page, as it is now pointing out the new torrents that have came up since your last visit. and please, don't forget to check out sponsors and stuff...
    hey-hey-hey... as you could notice, wait time delay has been eased up a little for now, but in future it will probably be thrown back to 48hours tops. anyways, as it is probably also seen at once, in torrents page you can find some new things going on. it is the new column and everything in it. so... if you haven't rated this torrent, you can do it right from this browse page. if you have already had, than a graphical rating will pop up, or it will in case someone else did rate this torrent. in case you feel so great about this torrent and want to leave a comment about it, there's a funky symbol line + + ! * + ! ? - right under the rating selection, each symbol is a link to a template-comment, which makes leaving comments very easy. and it is very appreciated by uploaders. just freeze the mouse pointer on any of these characters to see the short description of the template. hope you guys like this new feature and maybe finally one day you will start to give torrents ratings... [slash]
    as it is stated in F.A.Q. and our congratulations to the users who provoked us to do this and to those who gets affected by this... also little note here, we have revised these rules a little bit. to the lesser side of things.
    ::> this delay in downloading will only affect users with a low ratio, and users with low upload amounts. the feature is enabled to ensure that people who are willing to share and seed their new downloads could get new releases in first place. it's just one of the few ways to somehow grant active sharing users.
    ratio below
      and/or upload below
      delay of
    ratio below
      and/or upload below
      delay of
    ratio below
      and/or upload below
      delay of
    "and/or" means any or both. your delay will be the largest one for which you meet at least one condition.<::
    all right. i've noticed that e-mails were never sent to users whose uploads were deleted from the website recently with this upload rush started... so basically i feel sorry for those who didn't know what was going on when tried to upload again. so this issue is fixed and now you will receive a message from the system saying that blah-blah, your torrent was deleted, mistakes are bad etc. so far 10 users have lost their rights to upload. i'm reducing this number to 1, leaving only one terrible uploader who's never reacted on any messages about his uploads. all others are zeroed back to 2 mistakes to make. please, upload RESPONSIBLY. check history, check if torrent is already uploaded, take 1 minute to look through all results on your search. there will be no more changes to this mechanism as long as for uploads, except for limiting them again to vip and higher, if situation goes out of control. we're trying to work with everyone, please try to work with us! and [reminder] button will now only show on c-panels of users with the lowest class (user), sorry if it bothered mature and responsible users. :) [slash]
    high hi! or hi high? we're very pleased to say that and we were waiting for a half a year to say this : tribalmixes dot com finally stepped into the big world of clubmusic scene. our part of the scene is 100% legal except for a couple of misunderstandings with radio network department, easily resolvable if they contact us, so we're going to stick around for very long and website will be always full of fresh zero-week club and radio mixes and live videos. big thanks goes to all uploaders, who's giving us all this music without asking anything back but your gratitude, to say better they just want you guys to leave comments, rate torrents, maybe say how you liked or disliked the music, cause this is the only thing an uploader gets for his work. honestly, if we made some money off of this project, we would share it all equally between all uploaders to cheer them up somehow, but now all possible donations are saved for rent of our server, pity...

    soon all of you guys will receive a message from the system, asking you to take 2-3 minutes and something couple of things on the website. please take that time, because it is only for you this is done and it is explained in the letter. help our uploaders find out what music and djs you want most, what mixes you like best and they will bring you MORE of that music. seriously, every day hundreds of djs are performing in clubs, 1000s of mixes flying around... the more you show how you appreciate uploaders' work, the more music and pleasure you get. and the first thing to do is...
    select your top 10 djs.. [slash]
    rules about selecting your country have changed, since only 20% of the users had their country set up in the profile. now it is after 2 weeks of using the website you have to select your country, or it is done automatically according to ip-2-country ip-tables. now 900 more users who fell under that restrictions had their country updated that way. if you click on your name you can see a flag next you your name. if you don't think it is the right one, go to OUTLOOK and change it there. [slash]
    and the least, but not last, we have NEW DJ RATINGS and FAVORITES selections/choices. These ratings are reversible, as for you can change your favourites any time later your preferences change. to do that just go to djs/ratings menu and click the ratings ling on top. please take a minute and select your favourite djs from the lists, each gets from 1 to 10 points and all of them points are summarized to show how many users love these djs and how much perfectly they love them. if you don't see your favourite in that list, please contact any of the uploaders to put that dj's info into the database. when that is done you can easily revise your favourites selections later and update rankings by clicking a botton below. btw, power users can see older ratings, which first 5 are shown on the torrent details page, reminding you that your vote is important to all of us. :) [slash]
    uploads are active for everyone. make two mistakes, as for illegal/wrong/noseededtorrent, and no more uploads from you will be here. if you don't see your torrent check log and email. try to be responsible with this. check is torrent is on the website or in the history, both pages have search function. please, remember, that uploading new torrents is not going to help you fix your ratio, it is to share music you upload torrents up here. seed for at least 24 hours. check out forums and find the step-by-step tutorial on how to create torrent files. check your connectable status. and all kinds of new sets are always welcome! [slash]
    just to keep you informed, since the website was reopened about 3.5 weeks ago, some like 12 users were BANNED from the website, since they didn't want to keep their ratio above 0.10, which is so little... rules were eased on this issue, limits were decreased from 0.20 to 0.10 and from 0.30 to remove warning to 0.15, and still there are users who don't want to let others dl from them. these new rules are final and will not change in near future, so you must keep your ratio over 0.10 if you don't want to receive a warning and get banned maybe in the worst case. some help with ratio is given to those who donates funds to the website, but it is a closed matter discussed with every donator personally. and again, very soon you'll be able to upload your music here, which is good, but will be highly moderated, which is good too for the website, but those who can't do the right thing will lose uploading priviliges. anyways, you all have a good day. sun is shining! [slash]
    hey, my dearest friends, here's some good reports on new great things coming to the website soon, as for public uploading, wait time for new torrents, more users and music, and new dj favourites to choose with ability to pick other favs later. yes, wait time doesn't let you leech new torrents for up to 3 days if your ratio is below 1.00. that is to protect good responsible users who don't refuse to share. i think we're all forgetting, that SEEDING is the best way to give back for what great music you find here, otherwise only good sharers will have fast access to new torrents, and then you can have sunday's mix on wednesday. if you are one of the first lucky 10 to get the new torrent - please, do everyone else a favour, leave it open in client for at least 6-12 hours. and if we can notice improvements soon enough, no wait time will be activated. personal thanks to all uploaders. you guys ROCK. thanks. [slash]
    just a little note here... we are getting some many requests for uploader status. please pay attantion: being an uploader is a good responsibility, you have to check if file is already here, if it is needed etc. takes a little effort too. so... withing 1-2 weeks we will have a new added machanism when every user will be able to upload mixes. the only thing to stop crazy uploads from crazy users, who don't want to read and follow rules, we will have such a non-written rule: if your upload gets deleted by high-staff-member, than there was a problem with it, so no matter what happened, you will never have a chance to upload again. this is to protect easy-living. so right now no more uploaders will be assigned, only later when that mechanism is active. also we will have new dj-voting system soon, and you'll be able to change your favourite 10-djs and select new ones over the time with saved easlier choices. [slash]
    hi. i've notice people cheating the tracker with fake uploads... does it mean out site is getting serious? anyways, we have ways to notice that. 2 users were notified already of their noticable bad behaviour. it is done at the server side, so you won't get away with that. again, later people cheating like that will be banned immediately. number two, due to some unknown mistake or hack, older torrents were deleted. haha, we still have database at the old hosting! :) so from there our new db was rescued and updated. torrent files also found. don't you worry guys, featured djs' mixes will always be here for your pleasure. again and again we wanted to ask you to support the website by SEEDING LONGER, just once a day CLICKING GOOGLE ADS and taking more active part in WEBSITE LIFE, perhaps sometimes DONATING some money. thanks for all your time you spend here. we just want to make it better for all of us. many improvements are seen lately and only thing we want is to keep them improving more and better. :) [slash]
    hello!wee!n!!! haha. here's our new skin. it will be set default for all new users. if you want to change it back to what it was before - click the outlook link on your left and select another skin. some of them were removed since they were unfinished. sorry for any inconvinience. this is another call to all of you who wants to see other skins for the website - become power users, they have twice as many skins to choose from. this is just a little something to make you feel like talking to the dead american indians.. :) please feel free to drop a message on what you think about this skin in the dedicated forums section.

    we have so much music lately, it's hard to listen to all of it. thanks to all uploaders for all your hard work. please note, to become an uploader you need to have good upload speed or access to new releases. power users are also allowed to upload torrents. [slash]
    for those who reads news i will post here some more info on what's going on. first, staff page has been changed and emails removed from there. from now on address staff onl by using personal messages withing the website. click on pm links and send pms. second, please try to find your question in forums, do a search on key words. if nothing found, ask there, post your question and create a forum thread. third, is that we are not using even 1% of allowed bandwidth, so if anyone knows any groups looking for ftp, we could trade space for fresh mixes. okok. that's it. please, rate torrents, click banners, leave comments and never close clients. thanks. and forth, ohmg, the SCRAPE is back. that little problem was bothering me for a while. but it's solved. it works now. [slash]
    please welcome our new featured dj - Adrian Eftimie. his mixes have been here before, he plays amazing house and trance. just give it a listen, quality music with great experiences. soon new october promo mix will be uploaded. [slash]
    a few other 'move-al' bugs being treated as we speak. soon everything will be back to normal. hope you all like what we're doing and can contribute too by seeding what you take, clicking banners (this side of income was completely left out, so maybe by first anniversary we'll get a $100 check...) and donating some money. any other contributions as for playlists, cue files, ratings, suggestions, requests, comments and everything else are VERY MUCH welcome! [slash]
    just for you all guys to test out what speeds we have now nd how much it is all better than before - click here and download new Timo Maas - live @ Plattenleger - 05-07-2005.mp3 (~100mb) mix nice and great maas. [slash]
    we are back online
    as all of you guys could notice site was down for a few days due to ban from shared hosting. all the new users lately and they couldn't take this website there anymore. so now here's what we have... amd2.2,512mb,60gb and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH on 10mbit port, which means that in the nearest future speed will be too high to handle! so please excuse some of the minor problems for now. we're trying to restore torrent collection, but cannot find all torrents possible. and some artwork was lost. anyways, hope you all like this stuff now. more to come! [slash]
    hey. today is a good news day for lazy people, since rules have been changed and updated. now you have to maintain ratio of 0.10 or more, otherwise you'll get banned and your account disabled. if you get warned by ratio-watcher, you will have 7 days to bring your ratio to 0.15 or higher. we have lots of new great music coming, so watch-out, keep checking in. and thankx for all those seeds out there. we haven't seen such activity yet. now everyone can see that more users, more clients and peers, bigger and faster speeds we get for downloads, more music keeps falling in. we have hardly limited supplies of great music, so be prepared, seed longer, more seeders equals even more newer music. and yeah, forgot to say, edonkey and emule users cannot use them here on to leeach torrents, because they report stats incorrectly faking download counters up. sorry. [slash]
    hello. seems to be that problem was found and resolved for the time being. hopefully it doesn't rise again, cause still the reasons of it are unknown. it sucks, but we have to admit that. anyways, let's try to keep it going. download new music, enjoy.. [slash]
    strange stuff has been happening recently, and some of you have noticed that probably. we cannot identify the reason, possibly hosting maintenance had to do with that. anyways, it's another call to donate towards the new dedicated server rent. then we'll have no problems. soon. soon... [slash]
    hey. yesterdays news wasn't read by users. this is a pity. as of right now we limit uploading of new torrents to users with power user class or higher. sorry goes to all those who are uploading and making it right - please send a message to sysop in case you want to get uploader status. for us it is easier not to let users upload, then erasing 80% of new uploads. but it is safer and better in whole. [slash]
    more music coming, this is good news. bad news are - this music is dead on website. remember, you must seed new uploads for at least 25 hours! a few more of these dead torrents and we'll definitely take uploading privilege from all users and limit to uploaders only. also we have almost $200 already, so soon we'll have our new server going. [slash]
    yep, yep, the news is: i got banned from my own website by my hosting. for a couple of days already i have to connect to it using an anonymous proxy. well, this would be funny, if it wasn't so sad. hope we can raise some money in the near future to go on with the new dedicated server etc. if someone knows how to help me get unbanned, please msg me. thanks.

    hey, thanks to all who's helping while i'm out. upload new music! seed! share! enjoy! really, thanks!
    hey, we're on our way to a dedicated server rent. a few people donated, thanks a lot. for all of you guys who chose yes, but i've got no money in the poll above, there's a good solution for you - click ads which are displayed on the torrent details pages. you can do it like once every time you visit and download a torrent. as for questions about how much it can give to website, we can say, read forums..

    for thos who uploads new torrents. remember, you have to SEED them for at least 24 hours or till well seeded. uploading a torrent and asking others to seed is not a good way to share. we want all of the users to be able to upload torrents, but if this erroneous uploading persists we'll limit that to official uploaders. please be careful and open torrents for seeding in your clients. also if you have a red triangle next to your dname - you've got a ratio warning. your account will be deleted and ip banned, if you do not act immediately. it is not a joke, maybe fewer users wanting to share is better than many more leechers, who don't want to give back. [slash]
    this starts the countdown for the 2 month (or little longer) period when we can raise some money for new hosting, to rent a dedicated server. hopefully we could raise some $350 maybe to be able to rent some cheap server for at least 6 months. or maybe for a year if resources allow us. ourselves we will try to cintribute in it as much as possible, but times are that school starts soon and more. we hope that you realize by now how important is getting new server up and running, how benefitial it is also. so... $20 is received already, thanks! all donor receive a star and more to show the recognition. and click ads on torrent pages! they can help, although by now we have $4 income, which is not memorable... so, thanks to all who can put a little in it, to get very big later!

    please, donate! [slash]
    all right! finally total website's traffic hits 1TB. it's a pretty good and round number. congratulations y'all! so far connectability is getting better. apparently if you are connectable on other torrent sites, the problem here is hosting which sometimes screws up new peers. but if you know that everything is fine with you, your router/firewall and bt-client, than don't worry about anything, cause new peerrrrr-watcher bot will find all your peers and eventually change their status to connectable. of course a good course of action would be stopping-starting your torrents every 5-10 minutes until they are listed as connectable. thanks to all those who don't hestitate to seed and share. please remember: as more you seed and share your downloads, as less uploaders have to worry about it, and so more new live mixes will appear on the website. share and enjoy, could probably be the slogan of the website... [slash]
    please check out this new cool page - dj ratings by how we love them. over there you can and really should choose up to 10 of your most favorite djs giving 10 points to your best loved one. you can only vote once in a long period of time, so please be careful with your choices. can't give points twice to one and same dj.

    also level of not-connectable peers is rising again, now they double the number of connectable ones. for me it is hard to tell everyone how to and why make your downloads and clients connectable by others, but things like faster download speeds and more sources to download from should sure make you work on it. it is completely safe to open a range of ports in your client, firewalls protect you perfectly.. if you struggle to become connectable try changing ports in your client, stopping and then restarting your torrents in that client. check on the website in your details if more peers became connectable. and read posts in forums about it. there was said a lot. [slash]
    howdy. we just wanted to personally thank those guys, who take website's life as a part of their own and contribute with either uploading new torrents or seeding and sharing with others, even posting tracklistings or comments on uploads: alee, bo12, paulb, viktor1983, PUFFY - thank you very much! just basics : without you we wouldn't have so much fun and music here. if we could, we would give out some cash or webspace, or maybe send some candy, but website brings expenses only, so these gifts have to wait till better times. :)

    also a little note here, that i personally stop keeping 150 torrents in my azureus. i'm tired of my computer giving me hard times playing games, because azureus consumes 100-120mb of ram, which is pretty annoying even with 1gb ram that i have. so i will only keep 1 week old torrents in there. if you want something seeded for a little while, send me a message and i will open torrents in my client again and let you get them. so, for all of you guys who likes and wants to help somehow, i can see a great way to do it: SEED what you leech. and be connectable. that's it, we aren't asking for anything but do for us what we do for you. many people were banned from website, ip-ban list is growing. we feel sorry for those guys, but can't do anything about it. if you want to take without giving back, you cannot be here. [slash]
    hi. please welcome new featured dj in tribalmixes team. his name is Kosta Del Mar, he's released two mixes already, one of them brand new just a few days ago. both can be found among other torrents. please check out his promos and let him know in person or by a message in forums what you liked or disliked. [slash]
    hello. a couple of new features was added to the website. first, ratings were added to details pages of torrents. it means that you can rate every torrent (if you like it or not) and by that tell everyone what you think about it. this new addition is accompanied by top ten rated torrents section in statistics. second, we have set up a way to support the website and donate to its growth by sending money via paypal system or just clicking google ads. please check this page and read more. and once more, beware of the ratio-watcher bot. about 40 users were banned from the website since it's been activated. no more joking with the ratio. those who donate will ease up the pressure driven by that bot. [slash]
    hello everyone who likes to read news.. here i have to say today to all those who is trying to become connectable, to increase their ratio and just help out. right below the logo you can see your nickname and peer_report message. if it says that some of your peers are not connectable here is what you should do (of course, this is for you if you have already opened ports in router or firewall, but still have some unconnectable peers)... click your nickname and scroll to seeding/leeching section. then do same for each of these two types. find them all seeds/leeches in the client and mark them all. stop downloads/seeds. then start them again. wait a few seconds. refresh the page. if it still says you are not connectable all you should do is : limit your upload speed to like 3/4th of what it can do for seeds and for both types just repeat all this procedure in about 10 minutes. i guarantee if you do that 70% chance they will become connectable. if did not - do it again in a few minutes. you are still around computer, so give it a try. this procedure is good for a single torrent too. and signle-torrent clients like bittornado fit this scheme, only there you will have to restart it all the time. it is easy and it will definitely boost and raise speeds for any downloads, whether they are new torrents or old. just imagine 10 people are getting a file, that has 2 seeds. those seeds will each upload half the file, and all peers will exchange data they get from seeds, so all of them will have file as soon as seeds send out just 1 copy of the file. this teoretically is what a perfect bittorrent community would look like. :) this would be fun. and remember - if you are connectable, your dowload speed is many times bigger! [slash]
    as 5 days have passed, about 30 users were banned from the website because of the low ratio. now we have a new addition to that rule - if your ratio gets lower than 0.2, you have 5 days to prove that you want to stay on the site and bring your ratio to 0.3 and no less. ip addresses are also banned, so creating new names won't help.

    thanks to everyone who is uploading and sharing. please keep in mind that we cannot have anything illegal. so please watch out. thanks. and please make sure you seed new uploads for at least 24 hours! if there are no seeds seen for a few hours for new torrents withing this 24 hour period, torrents will be deleted even if they are legal and highly demanded! [slash]
    finally it's on! thanks to all those who didn't want to share now we have a ratio-watcher bot, who's already done a few things, as for sending out warning messages to about 40 users with extremely low ratio (<0.2) but excessive use of the tracker (more than 1 gb downloaded). we're convinced that this lowest ratio is the least acceptable, but the number will increase to probably the double itself in future. okok, those who received such a message have now a red exclamation sign next to their name, that states as of right now you have 5 days to improve your ratio, otherwise you will be banned from the site. we give and take, having 'give' as the first priority, so if you don't want to give, your ip is banned from further access. become connectable, seed, share, give. this is the only solution. cheating this doggy is useless, cause everything is set up to reject your ip submask from the tracker access and other peer listening, so new usernames won't help either. [slash]

    please, read this carefully, very important!

    this has been a lot of fun recently, my darling friends. but not for the staff behind this tracker. so this is supposed to be the final notice for all of you guys. if you comply with it and go with it and do everything right - nothing will change. if you do not - many things will be lost. and just to make everything clear, here are things you should keep in your head:
    • do not upload illegal torrents, as that any kinds of material that is sold for money. this tracker is completely legal, so no pirated cds or mixes!
    • do not upload torrents that are on tracker already, this happens a lot.
    • seed new torrents for at least 24 hours since uploaded. if you do not - what's the reason to upload, - you are not sharing it!
    • share. Share! SHARE!!! this is the last notification on this topic. your share ratio must be 0.2 or higher. for those who accumulates downloads over 1GB and keeps ratio lower than 0.2 - your accounts will be deleted in exactly 1 week. and your IP will also be banned. and not only ip, but the whole subnet mask will be banned. and from that time anyone with 1GB+ dl and ratio < 0.2 will be deleted as soon as they dl more than 1GB or drop ratio below 0.2.
    • make your peers connectable. if all peers are connectable then you can dl file even if there are no seeds at the moment, but all peers have unfinished file, though all together give a full copy, so theu'll exchange missing parts and will complete torrent even w/o seeds.
    if problems described above persist, and you do not act the right way, everyone is facing following: uploads will be restricted to only users with uploader status, your account will be deleted and you will be prohibited to access this tracker in future, as for your ip and all subnet mask will be banned. please take time, read and investigate, and act right now! we do not want to close your access to all this beautiful and awesome music we have here, but you have to agree and do what we ask you to. we do not ask for much, just few simple things. because this is the way a free service works. thanks for your understanding and have a goood sessiiion. [slash]
    heyheyhey! thanks to everyone who is sharing their downloads with others. now with 2-3 more seeds per torrent you can really see the difference in dl speeds. and of course thanks to those who is uploading torrents, but again and again we wanted to mention - seed your torrents. if you cannot seed them - do not upload.

    and here is a little but detailed step by step tutorial for those who doesn't know anything about making a torrent and sharing your own collection with everyone else on this site. please check it out in this very forum thread and let us know if it worked out for you. feel free to upload mixes using this tutorial and don't forget to seed them. [slash]
    all right, this weekend everyone is much welcome to upload mixes played by Sasha, preferably 2005, but any will be great. although we are having problems with uploaders. please take a notice what is written in rules about uploading torrents: you have to seed the for at least 24 hours right after uploading. we don't really like seeing torrents dead as arrived. if these problems are present in the nearest future, we will have to allow uploading to only users with that status. we want to stay an open for everyone tracker so that anybody could submit their mixes. but prior to doing that please read rules and understand the idea itself. also you cannot be unconnectable when uploading and seeding a new torrent - it is very bad and only allows some of the users to get files with low speeds. we really hope that you guys read all this because that really has a big impact on site's life. [slash]
    time is going, and apparently 4 weeks have passed since first torrents were uploaded to the tracker. in about 8-9 hours 2 of them will be removed from site. so we decided to bring a little more fun into browsing pages on this site and tribalmixes dj list was added. there you can find some of the dj whose mixes were shared here and read their life stories. even more, power users can add new djs to that list. and even more - stats on djs and their mixes on tracker. that includes number of torrents, snatch count and more. just check top ten page. and for those who wants to upload mixes - can help you decide.

    if someone reads this, you should get disappointed right now, because we have brought back the ratio system, so now you have to wait some time before you can get new files, if your share ratio isn't good enough. you can completely get rid of it by becoming a power user, thus uploading 10gb. oe decrease waiting time by (again and again) uploading and sharing, read more in faq. also for those who are trying to upload or seed torrents - you will not have to wait to seed new torrents even if there's some time listed at the browse page. [slash]
    bad news. my dearest friend and biggest help and support around the site is gone due to some personal reasons. this means, right now i'm the only one who is sharing music 24/7. my internet connection is always stuffed up to the top of it, so i can't even browse this site without delays for up to 30 seconds, so slow my internet is because of all the mixes i'm uploading. on top of that, i'm seeding 25-30 files at the same time, and that gives you guys 40kb/s upload speed divided by 25-30 torrents = about 2 kb/s per torrent, promising to finish any smallest size mix in like 10-12 hours.

    so as of right now, i have no help whatsoever keeping this site alive. so here are a few things i wanted you all to know:
    • we are looking for uploaders with good will to share and help this growing community and bring new mixes to this site
    • also we need seeders who can download mixes first thing and share them with everybody
    please, understand, this site is made for you and for you only. if you do not participate in its life, it only leaves us bad feelings about all these bodymovements made for nothing. we had about 100 torrents posted here in 3 weeks. this says all. if you do not help out, it will soon turn into one of those dead sites with a dozen of active users, couple new mixes a week. and yeah... a few more weeks and me.... [slash]
    just recently added new features to the site. you can see now we have official chat room (more like an irc channel i'd say), so if you have any questions - please join in, java vm and pjirc together. and of course, logn awaited search button in forums section. now if you have a question you can search forums database for maybe something similar that was discussed already, like performing a search with keywords being connectable will return 7 different posts in 2 forums. please use these new things and report bugs if you find any.

    thanks to all those who seed and upload torrents. if you think you can become an uploader and seed or just power-share new torrents - please let any of the staff know, we really need people with good bandwidth! and thanks for believing in us. with more of your help seeding torrents we will be able to upload even more music. [slash]
    everything is done to help you understand what is it being 'connectable' and why is it important. just note, that connectable peers can stay connected to each other once connection is initiated, thus keeping constant stream of data flow between them. in this case no additional time to locate peer and connect to it again(which can be a few times bigger than actual transfer time) is needed, so you are getting your files the fastest way possible. please read this forum and look around in all data tables for 'connectable' columns and 'yes/no' words. ;-)

    and good things. finally, saturday is here and Steve Lawler is the official winner of the poll. because the runner up was 'other than listed', we decided to transfer their names to the next poll, along with 7 new names there. please enjoy mixes posted on the music page. and don't forget to share! [slash]
    new users! here is what you should do first after registering on this website...
    • you haven't received confirmation email! please read this, very easy procedure!
    • if you have no idea on what's going on, please read this short info, especially torrent section of it.
    • in case you don't know what program to use for downloads, check links section for programs called Azureus (version recommended, not newest one), BitTornado, Burst and ABC.
    • if you want to upload new dj mix, make a torrent with Azureus' menu file->create torrent or check MakeTorrent program also on links page.
    • you didn't find something you came here for. don't get disappointed, but use this page to post a request. don't be afraid, this site is made for you to let you participate in its life!
    • new:: a column has been added to the seeder/leecher torrent report page by the name of 'conn' - saying whether seeder or leecher are connectable. please check your name for the torrent you're getting and if it says 'no'... you have to work on it. first try to close client and restart torrent, read faq on this issue. okok.
    any other question? we'll be happy to answer you. and btw, nice seeing so many people get new mixes. don't forget to give back what you've taken and seed them for a little while. i'm like obsessed with it. will keep it coming everywhere.
    slash. [slash]
    new feature was added to the site menu on your left. it is 'featured dj' link, which represents the page with info and links for our very special and great DJ Detale. please visit his page and take a look at his mixes.

    as a reminder to all those who doesn't want to share what they are downloading we wanted to mention that site is growing pretty fast. in 3-4 weeks the ratio system will become active again and will automatically disable any account with share ratio less than 0.2, it will also not allow you to get mixes for up to 48 hours since the post date. :( sharing doesn't take much from you. the only thing you're asked to do is just give back at least 1 full copy of what you've taken, thus keeping your ratio at 1.0 and above. let torrent sit in your client for a few hours and raise up its upload speed. it doesn't interfere at all with listening to it or viewing it, taking very small amount of resources. thanks. [slash]
    another day in history of tribalmixesdotcom. we slow down on posting new torrents because no seeders are wishing to seed, not many people are leeching. so basically a single person is seeding everything, couple guys seed few. we need more support, because new users are coming right now pretty often, so after we have about 1.5-2k users we'll implement our RATIO SYSTEM back, and that means that some of the worst sharer accounts will be disabled, some users will have to wait to get new files etc.

    you should clearly realize that now is the right time to upload and share your own torrents too. please read faq and check links menu on the left to get more info on how to make torrents and stuff. if you have some new fresh mixes - share them. and the reason to be active is : site is very new and just growing up, so those of you who act now will sure have all good priviligies later, when strict rules will come back to action. :)

    uploader team is just getting packed, so if you think you can easily get new mixes in future and have something already, then start uploading right now, choose carefully what to and share it. someone from staff is here all the time, so your activity will be definitely noted and rewarded as an invitation to join team of uploaders. also we are in strong need of people with large bandwidth. many cable users are usually bounded within 40-50kb/s for upload, so if someone has a good bandwidth and wants to participate in this site - please let stuff know, this will really be much appreciated. :)

    also those who get vip or uploader status can personally ask sysop to create a pop3/smtp e-mail box with for address. little nice reward for those who contribute in this site or are very important to creators. becoming a vip is harder than becoming an uploader, i'd say, but first is a lesser class.

    thanks to all those who seed and to those who leech too, this way you're showing us you're interested. soon we will make a donate button too. :) [slash]
    ok, here we go. we temporarily removed all time delay features. this is done to start things going a little. this is active until further notice. take note that in some distant future time delay will be activated back on. please dont ride this, but seed torrents after leeching them. thanks!

    if your torrent doesn't want to start downloading, first thing you should do is restart it or restart the client itself. if it doesn't help - refer to faq. [slash]
    hello everyone. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!

    that includes following: downloading new mixes, uploading mixes from your collections, writing detailed reviews of new downloads and of course posting your thought in forums. if you came here looking for some special dj - please let us know in this forum section.

    without you we cannot function in the way we intended it to be. anyways, trying to provide you with best dj mixes on the net we are still the winners, because our collection are constantly growing in size and variety and we are sure enjoying those new sets.
    dixi. [slash]
    we decided to take timedelay in our hands and reduce it for some mostexpectedandappreciated files, so that few torrents you had to wait for are now available to download. for the time being we are going to keep doing it eventually because as we`ve noticed almost nothing could be downloaded. [slash]
    new users are starting to pop up. that`s spring, baby... :)

    for those of you coming with big intentions (that clearly includes uploading and seeding) i would recommend not to wait, but act. now is the time when new people start coming, traffic starts moving a little and demand grows. uploading and seeding gives you a very good push for uprgading your account and advancing to new levels and visual features at this site.

    new forums are being added. please consider reading at least top-most topics that stuck to the top of forum threads - they usually carry lots of valuable info. and just keep it roolling. thnkx. [slash]
    ok.. hey everyone visiting. site has just opened to public and is very unxpectedly new sometimes. you are surely welcome to browse the content of the site. some files may not have seeds but that is temporary until somebody requests given torrent. even if its seed number is zero you must start download and eventually a new seed will appear in the tracker allowing you download. that is done by an undergoingconstructionmod and works fine as of right now. in the nearest future you will see a few dozens of torrents appear here inluding livesets by such famous people like sasha, lawler, digweed, saeed and palash, deep dish, maas, freeland, fortier, creamer, vath, fontaine, and many others. the word is - kings of their fields, battlers for the freedom of minds and souls of ours.

    all right, my friends. please sign up and go ahead to getting your favorite dj`s stuff. please let torrent seed for a few days. we are just gaining our audience, so dont hestitate to share your own collections here. with demand for live club music so enormous we hope to pick up speed in nearest future.

    more to come here... more neat design and frames. more skins (stylesheets if u wish) with more graphics. read more about accessing them in forums.

    and please seed. [slash]