How to Download .torrent Files from Tribalmixes

mohamedbashastar Little Death on February 5th, 2011 / post 38557
First go to utorrent <------ clickable word

  • download

  • 2: double click the file you downloaded

  • click run

  • install the program, and when its done you should see

    need more help installing utorrent, check this forum link

  • choose a torrent you like. for the sake of this tut i got the first torrent on the page, you can get the torrent from the download button

  • OR from inside the torrent page details

  • after you click the torrent file you should see a window pop promting you to save the file. do as you are told

  • 3 is where you choose to save the torrent on your PC

  • and now wait for it to finish and njoy

  • La petite mort
    mohamedbashastar Little Death on March 1st, 2012 / post 43030
    need help installing utorrent

    check the Installing Utorrent forum post
    La petite mort
    kenny.luke.1 user on February 15th, 2015 / post 66919
    Can't seem to open download file on my android phone,  won't even make it to utorrent,  just says can't open file,  any help please?
    qocipetan user 4 days ago / post 73335
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