IDC 2012: Judging, Scores, Ratings, Prizes

slash ProDanceCulture on January 11th, 2012 / post 42687

there will be 3 types of "scores":

1. Official Judges' 3-way Scores
  • Every mix will be rated by our Official Judges for DJ Skill, Track-List and Feeling/Drive.
  • Scores for each mix will be averaged, bonuses applied for usage of own remixes and tracks, and in case of a team (2 or 3 DJs) - the lower DJ scores will be dropped. Thus teams have a better chance for higher score. Team score will be the average of the 3 highest scores left.
  • this team score will constitute 75% of the Official Final Score.

    2. Official Listener 1-way Ratings
  • Every single mix will be shared as a separate torrent on Every registered user will be able to download such torrent and rate it on the scale of 1 through 5.
  • Ratings of 1, 2 and 3 will require a valid explanation, or they will be dropped. 20% of the lowest ratings will be dropped before the final rating is counted as average of all ratings left for each mix.
  • In case of a team (2 or 3 DJs), the lower resulting average Listener score will be dropped. The remaining highest score will be the final user (team) score.
  • this user score will constitute 25% of the Official Final Score.

    Quote: The Final Score will award 2 PRIZES:
    1. Best Team High Score - $150 US
    2. Best Personal High Score - $50 US

    3. Fan-Choice 3-way Scores
    Fan Choice is a new development for IDC. It will be a Personal Award given to 1 DJ mix. points will be given for the certain parameters, for definite actions of fans and listeners on the torrents and dj mixes and the mix with the highest final score will win the Fan Choice. this score will be counted as the SUM of the following:
  • Every Facebook "Like" and Goolge "+1" displayed on the torrent page will count as 1 point.
  • Each torrent download will count as 5 points.
  • All torrents will have 1 direct download link (from each Valid* download on that link will count as 1 point.

    Quote: The Fan Choice Score will award 1 PRIZE:
    1. Best Fan Choice Score - $75 US**

    * valid download is 1 download per IP address per 1 day (24 hrs) as reported by direct download services in use - valid downloads will be a dark horse, their numbers will be revealed when the Fan Choice Award will be given out, i.e. not until the final moment.
    ** so far prizes are set on 150, 50 and 75 US Dollars. if you would like to increase those numbers - <a href=/donate.php>donate</a> and mention that it is for the IDC 2012 prizes (if only for 1 certain prize of the three - mention that too). prizes will be sent to winners via Paypal, if paypal is not acceptable - prizes can be transferred into Gift Certificates for major EDM stores (such as beatport, juno, etc).

    good luck!
  • monkwgunstar user on January 12th, 2012 / post 42695
    This looks fun. Wish I was still mixing but I will try to judge as much as possible. Will these mixes be ratio free to dl?
    slash ProDanceCulture on January 13th, 2012 / post 42699
    monkwgun wrote:
    This looks fun. Wish I was still mixing but I will try to judge as much as possible. Will these mixes be ratio free to dl?

    slash ProDanceCulture on February 5th, 2012 / post 42842
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