• this private community counts members from over a 100 of different countries. thus only ENGLISH language is allowed for any public activities, including torrent uploads and comments, forum posts and shoutbox usage. for communications in your native language use private messages (pm-s) and private shouts. 1st offense - minimum 1 week warning.
  • do not argue with moderators!
  • do not try to share anything commercial/illegal and/or encourage anyone else to do so! just one illegal upload will stop you from ever sharing any torrents on this tracker. (see the F.A.Q. for more details)
  • bad behavior on this tracker (flaming in forums, spamming shoutbox, cursing out loud, cheating tracker stats, assaulting other users, etc) is strongly prosecuted. easy offenses will result in warnings (warned), while strong ones like cheating or assaulting will most likely get your account disabled and your IP address banned from accessing this resource in the future.
  • every community member is required to select their "Country" within 2 weeks of starting using this website. if country is not selected by the end of first two weeks, it is automatically set by the system, according to certain geographical ip-filters. since many of us are studying or living abroad, it is always great to select your proper country (using your Outlook a.k.a. Profile), before the system does it using its geo-tools, which might be outdated or simply wrong.
  • every website user must have an email (working and confirmed one) listed on their account. sometimes will take steps to ensure that, and most of the pages of this site will not work until email is entered and, subsequently, confirmed (for example, starting 7 days after the registration)..
  • DO NOT ABUSE the points system. if abuse is noticed, you will be silenced and unable to score any major points.
  • We do not enforce any Share-Ratio rules since 2014. They are now just guidelines. We still celebrate those who help others download stuff by seeding it in their torrent clients though!!
  • We do not enforce any hit-n-run policies since 2018. Yes, we still track your uploads and downloads on all torrents, but just for informational purposes. You can also look up those stats, if desired.


  • download all you want... in this day and age, this can be afforded... plus we (community) have many seedboxes ready to max out your download speed. Due to rather small sizes of the dj mixes (averaging from 50 to 150 MB - not bad at all) our clients mostly sit idle... not really.. but we do have bandwidth to spare.


  • "seeding torrents" is different from actually "uploading new torrents to the tracker". Anyone can upload new torrents on regular basis.
  • read the faq for details on how to become a certified uploader. a proper candidate has to be at least a Power User and have at least 40 torrents online prior to applying to be promoted into the uploader team.
  • new DJs (members of this website experimenting with mixing tracks) or their friends (of class 'user') can contact sysop to arrange special uploading permissions for these new DJs' music. after sharing a few torrents, such arrangements become permanent.
  • all uploads must have proper descriptions, possibly include play-lists, play-times, flyers, banners, personal emotional descriptions and anything else not mandatorily specified on the uploading page.
  • only club-music-scene releases, demo/promo mixes or genuine first-hand radio/club/rave recordings, nothing commercial/illegal, no bootlegs allowed. sharing of single tracks or full albums is only allowed in case of your own composed productions and remixes (including promos split in tracks), but is not encouraged.
  • all uploaded files must be in their original state and format (usually mp3), it is against the rules to remove any text from the id-tags of the mp3 or place anything of your own into the tags, as much as it is illegal/prohibited to change/alter the sound of the mixes/videos that were recorded/created by someone else. removing any additional files found in torrent folders along with mp3s (such as scene nfo, file_id, etc), changing mp3s after download completes or immediate removal of files from their downloaded folders (wait a few days!) is not good and will only result in your client's inability to seed these torrents any longer.
  • make sure your newly uploaded torrents are well-seeded for at least first 24 hours and possibly seed them at later times. a torrent is well-seeded if it has at least 10-15 seeds online.
  • when sharing torrents involving more than 1 DJ name, such as full radio show recordings with guestmixes, full party line-up recordings, etc, always share such related mixes in same torrents, use folders to make .torrent files, do not separate them mixes into several torrents.
  • when fuller/better/longer/fancier version of a show/mix/recording is uploaded, shorter/worse/incomplete torrents of same events must be removed from the tracker. unless the latter was created/recorded/produced and uploaded/shared online by a member of the tribalmixes community. i.e. those who upload their own radio recordings (e.g.) are immune to removal of those recordings in case some better versions come up.
  • stay active! if you get the status of an uploader - keep it at high standards, publish new downloads etc. long-inactive uploaders are demoted without prior notices at sysop's leisure.
  • torrents manually removed by staff will result in revocations of uploading rights for power users and users. most common reasons for torrent removal: new torrents turning dead within first 12 hours of upload, new torrent being an exact double of what was uploaded earlier, being a fake, being a rebroadcast, being an illegal/commercial product.


  • no aggressive behavior or flaming in the forum threads or torrent comments. empty, senseless posts like "this sucks. i hate it." will be considered flaming if no explanations are provided on why the poster didn't like this mix (or this post, comment, shoutbox shout).
  • no trashing of other peoples' topics or torrents(i.e. spamming). any meaningful shout posted more than once in a 24 hour period will be considered 'spamming the shoutbox'. that includes advertising of fresh uploads or unrelated websites.
  • no language other than English in the forums, unless otherwise stated in forum description.
  • no systematic foul language (and none at all on titles of forum topics). some mild cursing that seems fit to the situation might be looked over, nevertheless: respect your fellow community members. cursing in shoutbox will give you a 7 day minimum warning.
  • no links to warez, crack or free mp3 sites in the forums. there are other resources for sharing such information.
  • request special mixes/torrents in dedicated forum section.
  • do not post images larger than 800x600 pixels, and preferably web-optimized (smaller file-sized).
  • no double posting. if you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the edit function, instead of posting a double.
  • do not cross-post your messages in several forum topics, find one appropriate section and make just one thread.
  • it is best to ask all kinds questions in forums. when doing so, try to find the best related forum section or an existing topic for your post. please read the F.A.Q. and search in forums before asking anything! both resources are very informative and have lots of answers already.


  • the allowed file formats are .GIF, .JPG/.JPEG, .PNG (.BMP is NOT allowed)
  • be considerate. resize your images to a width of 150 px and a size of no more than 10-15Kb. browsers will resize avatars anyway: smaller images will be expanded and will not look good; larger images will just waste bandwidth & space.
  • do not use potentially illegal or offensive material (such as porn, extreme nudity, open violence, etc) for your avatars. if in doubt ask a moderator.
  • if you are storing your avatar image in your special folder on tribalmixes, it will be resized to 150px and a new version of it will be created (with low quality JPEG compression) next to the original for use in forums, comments, etc. it is done to save on data transfer.
  • if you are using animated gif for your avatar, only the first frame will be used and resized image will not be animated. to preserve animation, please, either host your Animated GIF on a picture hosting other than tribalmixes (tynipic, photobucket, imageshack), or upload two versions of your avatar, one named "yourname.gif" and another - "resized-yourname.gif", this way our system will avoid resizing your avatar and will use the pre-existing 'resized' version of it. if you were too late and such a version was created for you, simply re-upload your properly named animated avatar file (as in "resized-yourname.gif"), and it will replace the auto-generated one.

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