slash ProDanceCulture on May 28th, 2005 / post 108
please read all topic as it has much information throughout all the text

all right! now we have a special feature that is really devoted to connectability or your seeds and leeches.
1. main page, bottom statistics table, check the bottom two lines for general overview of the question :).
2. torrent details page, click on 'show full list' fpr seeders or leechers at the bottom of the information table to see connectability of peers for given torrent.
3. on your profile page, click on your name and open your status page, check lines with info on your own peers, how many of each type you have.
4. scroll down to see lists of files you are seeding or downloading, there you see what peers exactly are connectable, and what are not.

don't forget, that around here everybody who is leeching or seeding a torrent we would call a peer.

and PLEASE when you are in your profile checking your peers SELECT YOUR COUNTRY!!
slash ProDanceCulture on July 24th, 2005 / post 218
a very new addition to the CONNECTABLE quest. everyone can and must conquire firewalls and any other walls between them and other users. only through achieving connectability you will have HIGH download speeds and other sweet things. so...

1. if you are not connectable and you're new to all this topic, try to open ports in your firewall. although i'm saying this, i assume next that opening ports in firewall is easy and anyone can do it.
2. still not connectable. here we go, a universal method that helps me ,ake my client connectable no matter what...
 - click on your name to see what you are leaching or seeding to see what of your torrents are connectable or not.
 - select all your not-connectable peers in the client. in azureus i ctrl-click them to mark them all together. say in burst you cannot do that, so you will need to do all steps for each torrent, which is not too cool. i make 40 unconnectable peers into connectable ones in azureus in just two mouse clicks.
 - stop them. do not pause, but stop. in burst or bit-tornado you will have to close that.
 - limit total upload speed to some smaller value. when done don't forget to increase it later to 80% of what it can do. less is greedy and selfish, more is bad for downloading or surfing the internet. again, azureus lets you do that easy, while others can be pain.
 - wait a minute or so, refresh your info, see if all of them disappeared. memorize the values on top of the screen for your peer_report, to see later what happened when you start all torrents again.
 - start all those torrents that you have marked. wait a minute. refresh info. check.  
 - here we can have three results:
    .. all torrents are said connectable. good!
    .. all ned peers are not connectable! worse, but not too bad. solution is : wait five to ten minutes and do everything again. see what happens. honestly, i do this always, and every time it helps 100%. so if you wait and let it stay for 5-10 minutes and then start them, they all become connectable with 95% chance. changing port or range of ports in client will also help a lot!
    .. some are connectable, some still aren't. repeat same thing in a few minutes for lesser amount of torrents.

i still need to figure out if there's something to do with hosting, but here's the best solution for now. do it and see what happens!

ps by the way, if you click this link, you will see (if the file is still on the website) a list of peers for this torrent, saying how many are seeding or leaching, and who is connectable. you can check it on any torrent scrolling down to the peers area and clicking see full list link.

useful links and resources (all are closely related to tribalmixes):

download DJ Mixes (our home page)
Club Music Radio (our own TM Radio, Streaming DJ Mixes - 24/7)
Club Mixes (preview most popular mixes)
Club Mixes Blog (all popular torrents)
Tribalmixes Blog (official news and best picks)
Tribalmixes Blog (all torrents)
Tribalmixes Fan Club (on facebook)
(user gone) on July 24th, 2005 / post 220
slash wrote:
- limit total upload speed to some smaller value.

i can confirm this method works! limiting upload speed when starting azureus (and setting it up again a couple of minutes later) usually helps me to get connectable. dunno why this works..
slash ProDanceCulture on July 25th, 2005 / post 221
same thing with bitTornado, i'm using its 0.37 version sometimes for new uploads, cause i found with a kick from a friend that it comsumes all possible upload bandwidth highest you can ever get. for me it tops on 42kbps. so basically when i start it for some torrent seeding or leeching, it will 60% chance be not-connectable. so i close it. and start it again once more w/o any wait or anything for the same torrent - 100% always connectable. so sometimes i would limit azureus to use only 5kbps for all 35-50 torrents open in it, and run bittornado with unlimited, giving it up to 37bkps. :super:
militostar user on July 31st, 2005 / post 226
(user gone) on September 24th, 2005 / post 312
I have noticed that a lot of people are unconnectable which slows the network down from what I understand (I may be wrong :wink: ...) A lot of times this is because of firewalls or routers not being configured correctly- if you are not connectable you can download from me but, I cannot necessarily download from you- Case in point- I was trying to download a torrent recently and it had three seeders- only one was connectable so I was able to download the file at about 6k/sec. IF the other two seeds were connectable I would have been able to DL much would everyone else who wanted that torrent. Most of the time this is a port forwarding issue and the default ports that a lot of bittorrent software usually defaults to that 6881-6889 range- I have found from talking to friends and my own personal experience that these ports are sometimes throttled by ISPs to try to discourage p2p sharing BUT, most people never have problems with this. I have found that anything in the 49000-52000 range usually does very well for sharing on p2p networks....You just need to forward the ports through your firewalls/routers and apply the new port configs in your bittorrent programs preferences - here is a link that can be very helpful with correctly configuring your router to become connectable (just remember to forward the same ports through your firewall(s)!!!). I am by no means an expert on these matters- I have just had my fair share of trouble becoming connectable over the years...cheers, good luck!
slash ProDanceCulture on September 25th, 2005 / post 315
great summarization. :)
anyways, there's one thing that differs this site from others - hosting. so it happens that even if you are connectable 100% on other sites, you can still experience problems here sometimes. and the last word is vert important, cause the hosting has such a feature in it, that sometimes it (probably) runs out of ports to open. this causes usually connectable people become unconnectable. why? because that's the way connectability is checked - when some peer registers at the tracker, site tries to connect to it using supplied info (ip, port). if it couldn't do it (port was wrong, firewall, proxy too), peer is assumed unconnectable. BUT. there's a solution for that - within the next 10-20 minutes of starting that torrent, stop it and start it again. almost 100% it will turn connectable (of course, if all ports and stuff are right). that is because hosting probably flushes all ports and aquires new resources by that. or if you have everything figured out and have no time to watch peers, just leave them like that, cause there's a special 'peer-watcherrrr' bot, which periodically tries to connect to all unconnectable peers and if succeeds than changes status of peer to connectable.

when we transfer to a dedicated host - there will be NO problems like that. so...
slash ProDanceCulture on October 26th, 2005 / post 391
hey.. this is like a neverending quest for connectability status. hope that new users would read all this topic and get to this message also. just wanted to mention, that connectability as a server issue is not a problem any more. if earlier on shared hosting it would be sometimes a problem to make your peers connectable, even if you did all changes in firewall and router, cause hosting's server would periodically run out of ports to open (when checking connectability).... now it is NOT a problem any more, which means that if you really know what you are talking about when asked to open ports in firewall and/or router, then you will always be connectable at this website. note, that if you don't know how to open ports and allow incoming/outgoing traffic, then you probably need to read everything again. and visit other sources like and stuff.
(user gone) on November 28th, 2005 / post 661
I've noticed a lot of 'unconnectables' while browsing through the torrents as well.

Forwarding (or opening) ports can be a pain for those who are not computer savvy and for those who don't understand why ports must be forwarded when a router and software firewall combination is used - especially when users can still download files. Speculation has it that many users do not have issues with the 68xx port range that defaults with many of the BitTorrent clients. Many ISP's have blacklisted this range, severely reducing the ability to send and receive data through these ports. But to simply change the listening port to one between 49152-65535 is not enough when the computer is behind a router and/or a software firewall (the usual router being of a Network Address Translation type often having a built in firewall). These things are meant to block unsolicited, unexpected data.

In a nutshell, here's what could happen:
In the BitTorrent protocol, there is a tracker involved in arranging connections. This tracker has the port list of all the users trying to exchange the data. This list is used to allow the users to freely contact each other in order to exchange the data.
If a user's computer is behind a software firewall or NAT router, either may not have been configured to know that the other BitTorrent users are allowed to make the connection to acquire the data they need. Because the software firewall and/or router hasn't been told that to accept the connections for the data exchange to occur, it blocks it off - limiting the data availability. The more users that allow data exchange to occur, the faster everyone can get the data together. This is where share ratios come in. If no one can upload data from the user behind the firewall or NAT router, the worse off that user is going to be when they download because they are limited when it comes to sharing data:

share ratio = amount uploaded / amount downloaded

To configure your router and/or software firewall, check out

To set up the firewall in Windows XP

To test your connectability, check out where xxxxx is the port number you used

Because BitTorrent is all about sharing data, forwarding ports helps all end users.
(user gone) on January 11th, 2006 / post 1039
I have a wireless router, and, when I first came to Tribal Mixes I was having a problem with connectivity. I consulted all the mentionable sources on how to solve the problem and spent the better part of a day pulling my hair out when it turned out it wasn't doing any good. Then, on a hunch as it were, I decided to check out Norton Anti-Virus. Sure enough, all my problems with connectivity had NOTHING to do with port forwarding, NAT errors, or DCHP IP addresses. It turns out that besides the auto-protect function, Norton Anti-Virus also has a Internet Worm Protection, which can, in cases, can block off certain neccessary ports, which in turn, causes connectivity problems. Hopefully this may help somebody out there, and save them a lot of grief.
plazmafreak user on January 18th, 2006 / post 1192
Some days i am connectable and others si am not .  I have checked my ports in my router and firewall but still am not conectable.

I am coming to wonder if the people who are trrying to connect to me might be having the issues.

But am always checking  the settings weekly.

I use utorrent and am not sure if I need to check the settings in this program.
(user gone) on February 14th, 2006 / post 1768
i have a problem with the seeding i have all the file but bit torrent pro doesnt upload these sets but it does to other files and i cant increase my ratio
ucef user on February 14th, 2006 / post 1769
kashwa3 wrote:
i have a problem with the seeding i have all the file but bit torrent pro doesnt upload these sets but it does to other files and i cant increase my ratio

as slash said about 400 torrents have been lost, that why when u seed a torrent from those ones , the tracker reject it
Feel The Drums
(user gone) on February 14th, 2006 / post 1771
wich ports do i have to open to become "connectable"?

whateverlightning Power User on February 15th, 2006 / post 1781
i'm new here, and i was wondering, what is wrong with my connectabillity, i've read this topic, used the links and noticed that it works..many thnx for all for this useful info..
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