Choosing Seeds and Seeding folder

weav88 user on February 1st, 2016 / post 69149
So I changed laptops recently and some now I cant get the mixes I've got to Seed.

How do I choose the seed folder and get them to appear, as I cant upload at the moment due to hit'n'runs which I got from changing laptops..

How do I move the mixes to different folders yet keep them seeding through BitTorrent?

Seraiel Fanatic on February 1st, 2016 / post 69151
Moving folders is a lot of work. You need to stop the torrent, move the folder and specify the new folder manually in your BitTorrent client. If you have one folder for every DJ, move all torrents of him and specify the new folder via selecting all the torrents with Shift or Ctrl + Left Mouse Button. It's possible that you have to rescan the torrents after moving the folders, there should be an option (probably via the menu, so guessing right click on the torrent) to re-check the torrent. If the folder is right and the torrent is there fully and in an unmodified version, the scan will suceed and the torrent will be at 100% in the new folder.

If you seed 1.5k torrents like I do, you'll think very carefully about if that is really necessary :wink: . Maybe creating the same folders and simply copying the torrent resume files from one notebook to the other would be easier :wink: . The last are usually either in the torrent folder in the program-files or (more likely with newer clients) in the user folder below application data.
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