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jonathan74 tribalmixr on June 20th, 2014 / post 64882
With some luck I will see him (along with laurent garnier) live in this years Neo Pop ...Portugal! YEAH!
sznekelightning Power User on April 27th, 2016 / post 69441
Best DJ 4ever!
fixilubestarlightning Power User on May 24th, 2016 / post 69554
slash wrote:
Digweed is the KING! =)

REVOLUTION FESTIVAL 3-4 june 2016 Timisoara Romania...digweed!!!
i can't wait !!!
fixilubestarlightning Power User on May 24th, 2016 / post 69558
and i am waiting for the last 3 cd john digweed live in montreal final
john digweed is the best...i am eager to listening the last 3 hours from the 11 hours on montreal!!!
dongbongstarlightning tribalmixr on September 17th, 2016 / post 70032
Digweed was great on 1992-2000
madesstar house addict on September 18th, 2016 / post 70043
Digweed is great 1994-2016
dongbongstarlightning tribalmixr on September 24th, 2016 / post 70066
1993 was the first time heard John o became stuck in his mixes and sets.

This set was the first  heard of John.
RichTeestar ReSiDeNtAdViSoR on March 16th, 2022 / post 75786
Digweed is STILL the king ;-)
Ghizy APW on August 31st, 2022 / post 76288
One of my favorite progressive djs
Progressivey user on September 6th, 2022 / post 76305
RichTee wrote:
Digweed is STILL the king ;-)

Still?! Always been.
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