How to promote your torrent on TribalMixes...

slash ProDanceCulture on October 5th, 2011 / post 41764
this is a recent development: each and every torrent can be promoted. i will be adding new ways to promote torrents, or simply expanding the older ways, but all in all will try to cover it here. everyone can promote everything, not just torrent owners, and in most cases the latter cannot do much.. so far the simplest ways:

  • write more comments, with the new TOP 20 most ACTIVE torrents on the main page, the number of comments on each torrent contributes directly into the "score", thus allowing longer exposure on the front page (up to 1 year, if torrent makes it into the Top 20 for this year - the last tab).
  • still write more comments, the older but still most reliable system of bill-board ratings (TOP 20 above in the menu) has a section Top 20 Most Talked about torrents of last 10 and last 100 days, thus torrents with many user comments can be showing up in those tables for over 3 months.
  • call your friends, users and unrelated downloaders to comment on any torrent, thus multiplying the results described above.. yes, everyone can write many comments by themselves, but... spam will be removed without questions, and spammers will be silenced. so don't jeopardize your user account on tribalmixes by excessive commenting on torrents (including your own)...

    so far this is good, i will post more tips every few days...
  • slash ProDanceCulture on October 6th, 2011 / post 41774
    today we're going to talk about torrent ratings, or rather about 'rating torrents'.

  • every torrent rating is as good as a torrent comment. the only difference is, anyone can comment on a torrent, but not everyone can rate it: only those who have downloaded it. each rating gives torrent one extra "point" that will move it up higher on the front page, it will keep it shown in top 20 most rated torrents, giving it extra popularity points hour after hour.
  • slash ProDanceCulture on November 6th, 2011 / post 42108
    a month later i've realized that i forgot about this thread... hehe... many things are going on.. but i will try to keep it up here..
    :lol: :)

  • seed your torrent, if you've shared it, for as long as you can. and if you're trying to help promote someone else's torrent you've downloaded, - keep seeding it as well.. the more seeds there are - the higher torrent gets into those top20-s that rely on seeds and peers.

  • try to use tags and get (your torrent) into the tag cloud. tags are extracted from torrent titles, they are usually single words or multiple word combinations. some tags are displayed with bigger sized fonts - that means they are popular now, if your torrent title will include such tags, it will show up in the search for that tag. but also don't go crazy here. do not include irrelevant tags into your torrent title, confusing users will only backfire next time you share another torrent, - they won't trust you,or they might give you a lower rating for that torrent, which is not really good in itself.. tags are usually extracted by cutting titles into smaller pieces they way they are separated in those titles by dashes, commas, dots, underscores, etc, etc.. punctuation, to be more specific.
  • slash ProDanceCulture on November 16th, 2011 / post 42188
  • promote torrents with banners. in each torrent details page, there's a special link "promote torrent", click it and check out the banner submission page. any banner can be submitted for free and will function free for three days. after that - you will need to sponsor the banner. if you have no points, ask your friend or someone from staff with many points to sponsor your banner. banners must be of 450x375 in size, if not - they must be centered/stretched/shifted/shrunk, so to fill as much of the 450x375 area as possible, but still retain readability for people to see what's actually being advertised. banners can exist for as long as the torrent exists. before submitting your banner, try to see how it looks like by pressing a button on the bottom right there...
  • mohamedbashastar Little Death on November 25th, 2011 / post 42297
    anything you would like to add slash? its been a week since you last said anything
    La petite mort
    slash ProDanceCulture on November 26th, 2011 / post 42313
    i can't reveal all the secrets too fast, bro.. =)
    Seraiel Fanatic on September 9th, 2015 / post 68178
    Forum posts as a new major source of points, but what do I post? (J/K)

    How about a feature to make a torrent ratio free for points? Let's say someone invests 20k of points or so and can buy the torrent to become ratio free by that for a certain amount of time. Fits into the category of wanting to promote torrents or DJs we already talked about via PM.
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