When moms unite to support their children and to help their kids, they can accomplish great things

slash ProDanceCulture on June 22nd, 2022 / post 76072
Coalition of Mothers Against Censorship (shorter CoMAC), is again on the warpath. Following the unrest of Summer 2020 the majority of those who suffered were mothers. Children were protesting against various causes and their mothers were waiting at home, anticipating the day their children come to them for medical attention. Because of the epidemic, the idea of going to the emergency room in order to treat minor injuries was not the best idea. In the worst case it is possible to contract Covid just by being there. Mothers prefer to look after their kids at home, with lots of love as well as bandaids, sanitizers and sanitizer.

When everything was settled, CoMAC came out to try to show the government, perhaps for months that this wasn't the case. Are you familiar with the protest videos? Did you observe anything? The way police treated peaceful protestors and how they would spray them with water, and how trucks were able to pass through the crowd.. You can see those videos by searching twitter or Youtube. You can download them directly from Youtube. This isn't the case. We donít have to keep evidence of who might claim the video. It will be taken off the web, and erased personal accounts.

It is possible that you be aware that the police will sometimes play popular music when they film. This is done to activate copyright mechanisms when the video is posted online on Youtube or other websites which respect digital rights. Another way is to cover up evidence. It's a long-standing strategy of ignoring reliable sources who are able to provide truthful information on what's taking place both locally and globally. YouTube and Twitter videos that are uploaded to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter could be taken down due to fake copyright claims. CoMAC may have to contact uploaders to ensure evidence remains open. Moms unite their strengths and offer emotional support to each other and extend the same support to extended families across the country. We must unite and stop removing evidence that shows the brutality of government employees towards otherwise located protesters.

Mothers are the ones who find themselves at the frontline of issues simply because they love their children and bring home all the fumes of the frontlines. This is not the way our children are taught to live their lives in peace. Let's be in control of what's happening within our own communities. Only thru individual responsibility and more oversight by the government can we flourish as a nation and overcome every problem with grace. Go to your CoMAC branch, and fill your seats! The commentary tour is headed to you. We'd like to see everyone there
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