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Mrsmith3578star DigweedFan on January 3rd, 2022 / post 75658
My windows laptop died and while Iím waiting for my friend to repair it all I have is the iPad and iPhone and I accomplished downloading once but itís apple and that was months ago. I have access to a MacBook too. Im not an apple fanboy. Old parents couldnít handle windows and android. Only kindle. I searched all I found was badmouthing apple. Iím not hear to defend apple. I just want to know my options before I my friend decides if that laptop is salvageable
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munkynstar Moderator on January 8th, 2022 / post 75666
Providing you can get to the HD, you can buy a SATA/SSD to USB cable which once you have another machine to connect to will see the internal drive as another drive, that way you can copy/drag files off it.

Alternaitvely you can use some boot media (USB drive/CD DVD rom) and boot from this and accomplish the same outcome. Every Linux distro you can create a boot iso via USB (unetbootin) or DVD room.  I assume you can do the same in MS, but no idea how it would be done as I don't use it.
technoristi on February 4th, 2022 / post 75721
Sticking to Operating System (OS) is going to limit your capabilities as a techno:being. I would repair your Windows, and continue using both Ecosystems.
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