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Thank You :) 
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thank you :) 
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wowww thats fast, thank you uploader :)) 
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many thanx for this :) i was so high i missed a lot lol 
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niceeeee, muchas gracias :) 
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Thank you :) 

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Was any kind soul able to cap this in the end? i missed it live thanx to work :'-( 
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what an age we live in! :thumbsup: 
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posted 1.3y ago in July 14-16: Ultra Europe
yes please Day1 and 2 mainstage 
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posted 1.3y ago in July 14-16: Ultra Europe
No day 1 upload? :'-( 
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Alex, give this a try for the sdcard issue,it works better than letting windows do it. 
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Cynic! :-P 
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Hi, did Mysteryland have a problem? cant find the stream anywhere :-( 
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posted 2.3y ago in Tomorrowland Belgium 2016
Youre welcome :) The live streams were all over the place earlier, i tried recording but it just went tits up :-P 
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posted 2.3y ago in Tomorrowland Belgium 2016
Everything you guys do, to bring us all these sets to keep is really appreciated, I dont know any of you, but im very grateful for all the work you do Thank you, and much love to you all :thumbsup: If i can give anything back to this community, just ask, im happy to help :-) 
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posted 2.3y ago in Tomorrowland Belgium 2016
Sync is fine here in Uk, but cant change stages now...stuck with guetta :-( 

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