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Ahmed Maybrook

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added 8.7y ago on Tom Beltor - Soap Bubbles..
that mini bio of him reminds me of me :D ... but i live in Dusseldorf , its very rare when you find a german who plays high quality music and a high quality genre...respect , thanks for the upload :) 
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hope you guys enjoy it , this was exclusively mixed for last THursday's Habitual Sessions (Low-Bit Records) ... thanks for your feedbacks :) cheers 
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nice one , thanks ;-) 
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thx guys...really appreciate it...look out for more sets to be released soon :) 
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going good mate :-D , im on vacation now , got some stuff recorded before i left , not posted yet either :D hope u enjoy!! :-) 
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hello everyone , im suspect aka Ahmed Mabrouk , thanks to slash for posting this to start off with :) ... this set contains a wide variety of genre's ( progressive , tech house ) its a promo so its got a bit of everything , i hope you enjoy it , and comments/feedbacks are always welcome thanks :-) 
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sander has always been my no.1 dj , except for the last year or so , so i must say he really killed it on this one......nice upload , and just the music that sander used to play back in the days , just new productions , thx again ;-) (tracklist if available) 
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hey guys...i know there are some mixing mistakes (2 or 3 to be specific) , this is one set ...more to come , just an idea of what kind of music you will be hearing , so this one might suck a bit , but i aint a pro either ;-) , will be with ur feedbacks and comments , thx for downloading :-) 

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u also need a team of five ppl...u cant do it on ur own....maybe next years bro....the IDC is good.....honestly i expected better and heavier music...anyways...alot of good talents out there....Good Luck to all Contestants :thumbsup: :cool: 
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{quoted:slash} more to that... maybe they will be DOUBLE-RATIO-FREE? maybe those torrents will "really" reward you, by not only giving back your downloaded amounts, but also DOUBLING those numbers, so that your ratio will actually GET BETTER (grow) and total downloads will decrease after you apply that award.. how would you like that? =)[/quote] i deffinetly LOVE the sound of that slash...DOUBLE RATIO-FREE AWARDS FOR EACH TORRENT....that would really help those in need....and deffinetly helping everyone else...because after downloading all the teams sets the ratio will be damaged even with a single ratio-free....great idea slash..... and i hope those mixes are in by tomorrow so the teams wont loose any points.....its good u made penelties so that the djs would hurry up with it......enough talking.....ciao for now guys 
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{quoted:edi} way too early for that.....only 12 or 13 teams that registered and not all of them are complete yet...alot of ppl wanted to join now only last years djs that joined....anyways...lookin forward to see more countries 
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the team registration just opened so this is not all the teams...besides.....the teams that u see on the idc page ,,some of them are not even complete yet...some countries dont even have the djs yet signed on....but we need a faster pace all contestants....teams that are shown are not even complete if ur from a country thats missing djs...plz sign up....good luck guys.....its thursday night here....and im going out...cyalll later... :-) 
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thats cool...i know how much pressure and work ur under....anyways...have a blasting new years....and the same for everyone else...just hope that the music changes to the better in 2008 not like this year...happy new years slash and all the community :-D :love: :thumbsup: im really happy to be a part of this community :cool: :-D 
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Slash...i understand being in ur shoes bro...all the questions and ppl's wonders.....sorry if u got pissed off up there...and i did read the rules and stuff...just didnt see the "we dont know how much music there will be and how much to give for the judges"...i guess i read an un-updated part....anyways thnx for your reply and concern...i also know ur under alot of pressure these i hope to see a reply when ur chilled out a bit ;-) ...thnx again bro...and TM is one of the best things that happened to me(ofcourse including the community and friends here) ciao for now 
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slash...i dont think the time is enough for judges to listen and submit their scores....i hope u give it a little more time...alot of music and a lot of thinking and judging aswell....plz reply back on this and give me your thoughts....later :-) 
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i see that a lot of teams are not ready yet....some dont have teams ready...and some dont have the sets ready....CONTESTANTS plz....concentrate on those stuff now..u guys should have started preparing a while back....dont get started on the last minute... :-/ ..and lets make this idc an unforgettable one....cant wait guys and good luck to all countries and contestans :-) 
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posted 13.1y ago in NYE 2008
{quoted:slash} not only is the states....but i think all over the world this year...there is not time off. :-/ ..ppl here also got work and exams on Jan.1st.. :-| ..dont know why this year no time off ... sure we all will manage to have fun on the 31st... :cool: 
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{quoted:matevone} If it was like this when you subscribed here I don't think that you were about to support such an idea ;-)[/quote] ur right about that matevone...u just hit a nerve.. :-P opinion on this is to just keep it the way it is....and the exception for making it an invt. only is when it effects stuff on the site...just love it the way it is.... :thumbsup: :love: :love: 

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