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Please please, please any chance of more seeders for this one? Only one seeder - it will take 26 days to complete. Maybe the weekend will see more seeds - Thanks! 
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added 12.5y ago on Moshic - - Mega- Pack..
Trying to download this one, but only one seeder. Have 90MB, need 1.6G more or so. If some more reseed, I promise I will seed this one long-term to keep it alive. Moshic megapack needs to remain here for new fans and old alike who are yet to discover it. 
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Thanks for this one! :cool: 

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posted 12.5y ago in Kasey Taylor Megapack??
Is anyone interested in a Kasey Taylor megapack? Just added up my Taylor files and came up to about 1272 MB. Just enough for a megapack I think. Thing is I am missing all of his Proton Radio shows - Vapourized, many live sets and promos, the 4th anniversary Mercuryserver gig and others. I am not sure how available any of these missing sets are. The ones I have are good, but also still available other places. Perhaps we could put a megapack together, together. cheers 
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I am very pleased with TM! Three killa years and the next three will make us even stronger! :strongbench: Thanks for the new rules, the great seeds, and the greatest music!! Happy Birthday traibalmixes! :thumbsup: 
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HELP!! HELP!! Any help in seeding these greatly appreciated. Boscarino is currently dead and has been for several weeks. :'-( Mariano has just one seed. :-/ If I complete these I will seed for long-term... Its kewl :cool: Thanks! 
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Anyone who could assist in seeding these awesome megapacks is greatly appreciated. I have a small start on each (one seed each) so far, but it will be weeks at this rate. I pledge to keep mine seeding long-term so that new users and old alike can continue to enjoy these sick sets well into the future! tribal mixes rulez! ;-) 
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Hey everybody, This is such a great site and I am getting my ratio back to acceptable levels, slowly, but surely. My request is -- does anyone have any vintage Martin Garcia from the year 2005? I just got the 2004 mega-pack wooohooooo!! Haven't seen any of his 2005 stuff around. Thanks everyone for seeding! CB 

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