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added 5.9y ago on
50pts in the lottery...sweet! 

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posted 5.9y ago in Torrent help
{quoted:moocowdan} I don't know what I'm doing wrong...just checked my client and those 5 files all still say "seeding". Any idea what I need to do? 
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posted 6y ago in Torrent help
{quoted:moocowdan} Smooks i have just checked your profile and there a 0 files seeding.... Your latest 5 files on question will not have a high volume of traffic on them. They have been released for sometime now. The only way which will heal, is to leave your torrent client open. [/quote] Ok. So just continue to leave my client open? Will I be charged for hit and run on these? I have left my torrent client open since I downloaded those files...shouldn't there be at least a little action on them? 
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posted 6y ago in Torrent help
My client shows I've been seeding since I downloaded some sets but it's not registering on my info page? Still says 0%. Any help would be appreciated...thanks 
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posted 6y ago in hit and run alerts
{quoted:munkyn} you have 3 unused tribalmixes awards on your profile, use them as well to help clear your account[/quote] Would you be able to tell me what I need to fix in order to download...I'm kinda lost 
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posted 6y ago in hit and run alerts
Hello...just trying to fix my account so I can start downloading again. When I try to download a torrent nothing happens when I clink on the torrent link. I received a hit and run I donated to get a couple hit and run fixes. I clicked on the box to apply them but I can't seem to find anything to fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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