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added 4m 2d ago on DepGlobe - Opus Apotheosis..
they don't stop link 
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good chill great set link 
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great set from link 
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looks good lets check it out 
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awesome shares, thanks! 
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added 6m 3w ago on
still works and what a prize for no use for a while POINTS : 498 + TICKETS : 14 
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added 6m 3w ago on Tiesto - Live at Red Rocks..
nice one, thanks!! 
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thanks for editing. believe me, i know what i am talking about... if you've been doing it for longer than 15 years, you should have seen sites which delete your torrents just for incorrect titles. i mean, isn't this the process: step 1 : upload torrent step 2 : check if everything is good step 3 : start seeding step 4 : check if torrent is live on the tracker at least 2 of these steps include "quality check", where uploader could, for example, make sure that title, bitrate, release date and other parts are correct... especially if this is your first upload. i remember my first upload was deleted from the tracker, later i realized i shared a commercial album. and that was back in 2003, i think, and i was really inexperienced with torrents back then, yet I remember obsessing over my uploads for hours, waiting if someone will snatch them, etc.. anyways, i really appreciate your sharing mixes here, please, do not stop. :pepsi: 
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it's been 15 years and i still don't understand: is it hard to edit the torrent title to make it comprehensible??? why don't you respect others just a little bit? why throw this in people's faces? why? this is the most annoying problem with tribalmixes over the years: users refusal to edit their uploads... 
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added 1.1y ago on
thanks for all you work done, brother!! 

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posted 2m 3w ago in Tribalmixes next evolution..
where will the crypto come from? 
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posted 4m 3w ago in nzb indexer
you make me :blush: ... 
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posted 4m 4w ago in Recommended VPN
you can try their vpn for free for a week or so.. when I tried, i was actually under impression that they were giving out free accounts, but 1 week later i got a message about the money... otherwise wasn't bad feature-wise.. 
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posted 4m 4w ago in Recommended VPN
i finally got myself VPN, wanted no-log so went with surfshark, they don't have limits on number of connections, which means they really don't log your activity.. although Amazon, Hulu and some others don't like Surfshark, websites won't even load no matter what I do, I am lazy to figure it out, so VPN is only setup in Firefox now via plugin.. everything else uses normal ethernet, can't even install any software - it creates additional network connections which don't help even if i set browser to avoid VPN - amazon still won't load.. not that i'm trying to hide or whatnot.. just need for some stuff.. =) 
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posted 5m 6d ago in No peers
try download them for a few days, peers may show up sometimes otherwise there's reseed request section.. but chances are slim.. 
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looking for a link.. any ideas? 
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only 2 people here.. props!! 
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coming back here, i would like to add link to this list of great online video download apps. also i've been using this link. you should try it too. they look alike.. maybe same maker 
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yeah... :pepsi: i am not really impressed with them charging for tuning in... to me this looks like cutthroat world of commerce. those who can - will walk on other people's heads to get to the top. obviously Tomorrowland has a huge fan base, so there will be 100s of 1000s tuning in, i am sure. yet organizational spending and resources needed to put this together are close to zero, just pay some streaming service and maybe give DJs some money for their sets.. i understand everyone wants to eat, but i would still argue that DJs, especially famous ones, are far better off financially than average music lovers, so IMHO it's all just not fair to the fans.. sorry if my opinion offends anyone. 
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posted 9m 2w ago in Torrents not downloading
you need to enable passkey in your profile and redownload torrent files with that passkey included 
download some torrents then you can comment
alex.cardoso.14268 user wrote on May 10th, 2014
I want to start uploading and sharing sets can authorize me to share I need an answer.
denim2 user wrote on June 4th, 2014
I want to start the download
denim2 user wrote on June 4th, 2014
Not authorized to upload torrents. Power Users can upload torrents. Read F.A.Q. on how to become a Power User..

the Choma I the rest of our lives download torent on the website  if you are a DJ trying to share your DJ Mixes, contact sysop to receive special upload permission.

with that permission, you can share your own sets (only). read how to share torrents in the forum. when granted uploading rights, make sure to read everything on this page when you return (it will look different)...
kebo0131 user wrote on June 22nd, 2014
Quiero empezar a cargar y compartir conjuntos me pueden autorizar pofavor

pengw user wrote on June 23rd, 2014
the Choma I the rest of our lives download torent on the website  if you are a DJ trying to share your DJ Mixes, contact sysop to receive special upload permission.
AKNDadkhah user wrote on July 4th, 2014
Hi. How can I upload my own mix on trial mixes ????
deleted user wrote on July 22nd, 2014
Hi, i want to start uploading and sharing sets can authorize me to share?
All the best,
milan75016star user wrote on April 13th, 2016
mate, do you have Lemon8-8-Track Mind on friskyRadio - April 2016
willydebillylightning Im listening wrote on February 1st, 2017
Many thanks slash, an awesome job
karim.aboelnaga user wrote on February 20th, 2017
hey  buddy, good work

alexmdj user wrote on October 27th, 2017
thnx for the big work WEM!
absolut.jdv user wrote on May 7th, 2018
Hi. Any possibility you have Intense Sessions Ep 1, 2, 7, 9, 12, 13 and could reseed please?
Pombo61184 user wrote on August 10th, 2019
I am not able to sign out of the website once I am logged in.  Need HELP !!!!