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no bother slash, all good. my torrents always start with date for archiving but will remember to edit torrent title before uploading 
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better now? 
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usually don't bite but.... been collecting and torrenting for longer than 15 years. The filename is in line with collecting and archiving. The system added the second date not me. I have only uploaded a few torrents here and after i have self administered 40 lashes I will make sure that any future torrents show the respect you crave!! drops mic....... 
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added 2w 6d ago on
POINTS : 455 + TICKETS : 29 
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thank you for this show 
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nice little set from the man like 
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cracking set from the man like 
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what a set. loving this one 
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many thanks for all the work in gathering these sets. first class listening 
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added 1m 3w ago on Sven Vath & Richie Hawtin..
trip down memory lane. cracking set from Sven & Ritchie 

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