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posted 6.5y ago in for angry power users ...
Heh, I remember when I used to upload a lot of torrents. I went mad when people didn't comment what they think. :lol: Now with scene so active, so many livesets, soundcloud mixcloud etc. and internet connection 100Mbps!, I download much more ... virtually impossible to comment on everything. :-D I agree, it's important to build a community and not just let everyone in. About ratio, I liked the draconian rules. Think every tracker should have them, sharing is caring. 
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posted 6.5y ago in My favorite DJ is...
Probably I could never tell. There're so many great DJs, I like listening to different genres (techno, trance, progressive, hardcore etc). It's more likely fav DJ right now, maybe Roger Shah. Been listening to his music a lot the last month. Josh Wink was the first I ever heard, great music. Love his acid house, been to his parties. Definitely one of the best. 
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img img img Nice ! :) 
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My ports are all open. Every tracker says I'm connectable. When I make connection test in uTorrent I'm connectable. After few hours (sometimes less, sometimes more) the trackers begin to see me as not connectable. When I make the connection check in uTorrent it says I'm not connectable. Right after I check again, the same port. It says I'm connectable. Than all trackers see me as connectable again. After some time I become not connectable. The trackers again say I'm not connectable. The connection test in uTorrent report the port to be closed. I check the port for a second time and uTorrent says its open. Than the trackers again report me as connectable. For some hrs ....till I become not connectable again. I dont know if that matters, It seems that I am able to seed. But it's really annoying. And kinda looks ugly to see on all trackers in your profile not connectable. 
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posted 11.6y ago in what's your hobby besides the..
Football (Soccer), Movies, best horror and thriller. Motorsports. PCs and stuff. 
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posted 11.6y ago in What type does make you wanna..
Blondes for me, definately. :-D 
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X-Files and Friends, very sorry that they are no longer on TV. Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural, 24 
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posted 11.6y ago in Tell us your Cell Phone and..
Nokia 6300, very pleased with the Phone, although is 2 years old. Mtel 
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East Cafe - Melting Point 2nd Anniversary on Pure.FM 29.03.2009 The set from yesterday. Please, when someone have it or can find it to up it here. I missed, but would like to hear it. many 10x in advance. 
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Like it. The site is a little bit slower, but is worth having them. Can dl a lot of torrents much quicker. Just clicking on the button. I dont like the pics instead of uploader name, i must scroll the mouse to the pic everytime to see who is the uploader. 

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Tried to download this one from be at tv for so did you do it? Thank you. 
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Thank you so much. Awesome music. 
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added 8.6y ago on Sasha - @ Harmony at The..
Another classic. Thanks, bring more oldskool stuff if you have. 
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Brachiale Musikgestalter .... nice. Love their crackling sound. :thumbsup: 
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Very happy about this new show. The set is superb. 
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WOW. Amazing. Top DJs. Looks awesome. Thanks a lot. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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Thanks. Awesome torrent. cant believe its 11 years of now. :-O 
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Thank you so much. Tamer is awesome. Great party. Viva Plazma. Hope to see Tamer Fouda again in BG. 
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added 10.1y ago on Oxia - Live @ Club Plazma..
Thanks a lot man. Missed the party that night :-( , although I wanted to go. Should be awesome. 

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