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happy b-day guys :beer2: u know i'm happy about the radio :) 
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Need to see it here too,over Bulgaria.The first two movies was great.I think Christopher Nolan is the Director. 
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posted 8.4y ago in DARIN EPSILON presents..
wow . A great idea ,no doubt ! 
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{quoted:IB1} Yea ,me too.I hear almost all mixes and i really enjoyed :) Amazing celebration. Thank you TM :love: 

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yep Summer maneuvers on tm. DJ Keon - Gone Surfing (Original Mix) [BC Tech] Julian Rodriguez and Martin Berger - Birdcage (Alex Villanueva and Kaban Remix) [BC] Leon - Stars (Yousef Remix) [International Freakshow] Maetrik - Herb House [Bedrock] Pig&Dan - Detonate (Punch in The Face Bass Mix) [Yoshitoshi] Michel De Hey - Whitebird [Circle Music] Sweet'n'Candy - Do Your Thang (Neat Edit) [Micro.Fon] Psycatron - She is Music (Hypnogroove Mix) [Planet E] Darren Emerson - Vamos [Octopus Recordings] Gabriel Ananda - Smash (Rob Hes, Noraj Cue & Mark Mywords Remix) Pig&Dan - The Sudden Rush [Bedrock] Thomas Bjerring and David Skog - Ice (Microtrauma Remix) [Traum] 
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mehhh from beat tv ? 
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2 Smoking Barrels - Basses Loaded (Yoshitoshi) MetrONomes - Sun Of A Beach (Original Mix) Balkan Connection Tech The Royal Pete - Love Star (Milos Pesovic Remix) Balkan Connection Tech Pig&Dan - Where The Wild Things Are (Original Mix) Elevate Heartik - Rain Is Done (Mistakes Music) Pig&Dan - Mooshi (Original Mix) Suara Khaan Alex Gori - Underground Lessons (Original Mix) Basswalk Alex Nemec, Nik Feral - Unicorn (Original Mix) Takt Guy Mantzur, Khen, Kamila - Moments Becoming Endless Time (Original Mix) Sudbeat Hiroki Esashika - Kazane (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue Remix) 10Dens - In a Distant World (Hauk'n Baum Remix) Wasabi Recordings Taster Peter - Nocturne (Original Mix) Phobiq Timo Maas - Kick 1 Kick 3 (Maetrik Sexy Remix) Rockets & Ponies MUUI - Sotaque (Quivver Remix) Change audio Nico Dacido, Ruben Sky - Upload (Nico Dacido Treatment) Das Ohr Nick Warren - La Fabrica (Warehouse Mix) Hope Gregor Tresher - About A Good Place (Cocoon) Leama - Requiem For A Dream (Quivver Remix) Perfecto Tommi Oskari - Dojosphere (Napalm & d-phrag Remix) BC2 records Oscar G. feat Stryke - Hypnotized (Boris Remix) Nervous Mea, Tom Franke - Chilley (Audio Safari) Luca Doobie - Ursa Minor (Original Mix) Highgrade Records (Germany) Makau & Kagl - The White Rabbit (Original Mix) Baroque Creamer & K - Forget The World (Guy Mantzur & Khen Master) Viridian - Sunhump (Paul Hazendonk Noraj Cue Bootleg) Fran Von Vie - Lonely Nights (Original Mix) Sudbeat 
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will try to record the new Live,next month Live recorded ,Club Mystery, Plovdiv [ 29-mar-2014 ] NiC Fanciulli - Work The Week (Original Mix) Rejected Wiretappeur - My Real Name Is (Original Mix) Bedrock Aitor Garcia & De Rodriguez - Somebody I used to know - (Aitor Garcia & De Rodriguez re-edit) Technasia - Sensuela (Suara) Martin Buttrich - Monkey Troopers (Original Mix) Supplement Facts Rodskeez - In My Naked Village (Sudbeat) Danny Serrano, Nick Daring - Steppin To Mars (Original Mix) Highgrade Records (Germany) Jamie Stevens - The Wonder Of You (Original Mix) microCastle Misha Klein & Prohorov feat. The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Deep Remix) Nick Muir and John Digweed - Bilder (Wiretappeur Remix) Bedrock Mitaric - By Your Side (Original Mix) 3d Avenue Pele & Shawnecy - Roach Hotel (Bedrock) AudioStorm - Time of Decisions (Original Mix) Balkan Connection Jakatta - American Dream (Supernova Remix) Z Records Gevo Agua - I Don't Know (Konstantin Yoodza Remix) Tech-It Steve Lawler - Upsidedown (Hector Remix) Siesta Rob Mirage - We bout To Bring It (Tronic) Sinisa Tamamovic - Tricky (Original Mix) Night Light Jon Gurd, Alan Fitzpatrick - From Here To There (Quartz Rec) Pig&Dan - Let The Show Begin (Bedrock) Christian Smith and Gabe - Continuum (Tronic) Deepdisco - Put Your Sunglasses On (Great Stuff) Nick Curly - Formerly (Original Mix) 8Bit Nat Monday & Jay Welsh - Waiting (Facundo Mohrr & Sound Process Remix) 2 Smoking Barrels - Basses Loaded (Yoshitoshi) :cylon: 
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Nathan Grigg - Hospital Ambience (Project Origin OST) Pig&Dan, Mike Frade - Remote Viewers (Original Mix) / Elevate Rob Mirage - We Bout to Bring It / TRONIC Nico Dacido, Ruben Sky - Upload (Nico Dacido Treatment Mix) / Das Ohr Digital ReAxis - Exchanges (Original Mix) / Monocline Records AlterImage - Time Change (John Dalagelis Remix) / AlterImage Recordings Luca Bacchetti - What Your Soul Sings (Paul Ritch Remix) / Hideout Christian Smith - Get It Done (Steve Ward Remix) / TRONIC Lonya & DJ Zombi - Kalaniot (Audio Junkies Remix) / Sudbeat Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Teleport (Paul Lennar Remix) Todd Bodine - Black Mamba (Original Mix) / Highgrade Records [Germany] Matthew Dear - Free To Ask (D julz Remix) / Get Physical Creamer & K - FORGET THE WORLD (Guy Mantzur & Khen Mix) :trampoline: 
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Guy J - Doves / Bedrock | 121 Timid Boy - Where Is Hardcore (Original Mix) / FORM | 121.00 Pig And Dan - Eagles From Space (Alt Mix) / Bulletdodge | 125.00 Jimmy Van M & Luxor T & Afkkt - Dreams / Bedrock | 123.00 M.O.D.E. - Circles (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix) / Sudbeat | 125.00 X-Press 2 & Sonny Wharton - Watching Octavia (Marco Lys Remix) / Whartone Records | 124.00 Simon Garcia - Hallucinogenic / DIEB | 123.00 Pig&Dan - Mamasita (Rob Hes remix) / SOMA | 125.00 16 Bit Lolitas Pres. The Doppler Effect Ft. Carol Lee - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Perry O'Neil Remix) | Armada / 126.00 Jon Gurd, Alan Fitzpatrick - From Here To There / Quartz Rec | 125.00 Jemmy - Suede Desert (Marc Marzenit Remix) / Flow Vinyl | 125.00 Elon feat. Maceo Plex - Bummalo / ReSolute | 125.00 cheers :cylon: 
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that was some kind of part1.Rest of the night was more progressive and melodic,but no recorded,You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass) / Yoshitoshi Robert Babicz - Prepare Yourself (DAVI On Acid Mix) / Subtract Music DistantVibes - Can't Sleep (Late Night Remix) / Elliptical Sun Nick Curly - That's That (Original Mix) / 8bit Deas - Freak (Pig & Dan Remix) /Secret Room Records Yousef - Firecracker (Nic Fanciulli Remix) / Saved Records Marc Poppcke - Displayed Emotions / Sudbeat Music Quivver - Fakes And Bullshit / Bedrock Adriano Filippucci - The Wagon (Alex Dolby Remix) / Monique Speciale Harvey McKay - Hard To See (Original Mix) / Drumcode Mattew Jay - Violet Fenix (Original Mix) / Amazing Records Taster Peter - Villa Frankenstein / Trapez 2000 and One - Tropical Melons (Kaiserdisco Sunrise Remix) / 100% Pure Makau & Kagl - The White (Rabbit Khainz Remix) / Baroque Lonya & Audio Junkies - Fetish (Audio Junkies Mix) / Wasabi Recordings Tom Ayann - Darker Than Blue (Scan Mode Remix) / JETT Records Dosem - Vesier / Tronic Rob Mirage - We Bout to Bring It / Tronic Redondo - Let Loose / KD Music Luid - Dusty Session / KD Music Beckers, D-Nox - Narita Express (Original Mix) / Suara JAKATTA - American Dream (Supernova Remix) / Z Records :cylon: 
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JOSEL - Another Earth [Pure Substance] Guy J - Bianca [Sudbeat] Eelke Kleijn - Rampestamper [Lost & Found] Deux - Deux (D-Nox & Beckers Summer Mix) [Great Stuff] Jamie Stevens - The Wonder Of You (King Unique Remix) [microCastle] Leama - Requiem For A Dream (Quivver Remix) [PERFECTO] Fran Von Vie - Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed (Egbert Remix) [Sudbeat] Joel Armstrong - Silvermoon (Pig & Dan Remix) [Mesmeric] John Digweed & Nick Muir Vs. Marco Bailey - Red Tape [BEDROCK] Napalm & D-Phrag - Boiling Point (Redub) [Bonzai Progressive] :cylon: 
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merry xmas ,hope to enjoy it :beer2: 
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good ! my mate. :cylon: 

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