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posted 1.5y ago in What Headphones do you use?
I am using for music Sony mdr-v55. 
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If you want to have bigger chances of wining, try buying as much tickets as possible.I did. :-) 
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Yes i think that armin........ ;-) 
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posted 13.4y ago in (Request)
Put more of new Sasha (Alexander Coe) sets, please, i want to listen baaaaaad. :-) :'-( 
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posted 13.4y ago in Parties in Romania !!!
img 13/07/2007 John Digweed - @ Arenele Romane, show begins at 10 PM. 
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posted 13.5y ago in what's your hobby besides the..
i have no hobby, probably chess not sure. 
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{quoted:Vitesse113} thank you :-) 
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Can you please tell me the name of satoshi's new album you guys are talking about, thank you ? :-) 
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posted 13.6y ago in Happy holidays!
happy easter to all tm and a jesus has risen for all of u out there :-D 
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posted 13.6y ago in Birthday Calendar
I was born on the 4th of october 1985 :smile:

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YEAH BabY, gREEK powah !!!! 
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this sounds bad very bad :( 
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a tracklist for this one would be nice :thumbsup: 
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:thumbsup: thank you for creating this mix for us :smile: 
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Thank you. 
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where are the other 5 parts, thanks a lot. :thumbsup: 
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thank you for this mix. :thumbsup: 
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thanks for villalobos :thumbsup: 
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Great dj great music, thank you. :thumbsup: 
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looks great, thank you :-) 

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