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posted 1.7y ago in Seeds?
Is it just me or are mixes not seeded enough, I can hardly download anything, do I have to me a request? The new ANNA essential mix for example is on the top 20 and I'm still on 0% for three days now. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you all! 
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yeah ive tried everything and no luck :( 
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posted 10.4y ago in Should We allow downloads w/o..
If they really want it, then they should become members and get the full on experience, its not so bad! 
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well i live in a border city between El Paso texas USA, and Ciudad Juarez Mexico, when im in USA im able to be connectable, and when im in Mexico im not Connectable....Is it the ISPs? im a computer literate person and im only not connectable to this site! what could it be!? 

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added 1.7y ago on
» POINTS : 0 + TICKETS : 35 « 
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Was waiting for this one 
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Best quality ever 
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its not seeded 
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added 1.7y ago on DJ Tennis - Essential Mix..
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thank you! 
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Any chance of this being seeded again, I can't download it. sucky 
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best night of my life, and it was my Bday 
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