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Roger Sanchez will lay on Nessebar Stadium in Sunny Beach. Tickets you can find from here: More information and hel with hotel resetrvations: + 359 887 333 112\ The Next day there's Solar Summer party with Richie Hawtin at Cacao Beach The Saturday there's Noisia LIVE. So prepare for a BLASTING weekend on the sea side 
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posted 8.6y ago in Dance Club Mania Sunny Beach..
After 11 years playing hard the legendary club Mania in Sunny Beach - The one that made the resort the EDM thing it is now was closed for a massive renovation. The club will open doors this friday May 17th for a bew begining stqarting with Luigi Madonna and the rest of the program sounds more than impressive with the best from Techno , Tech-House , Progresive and Tribal all in one place. Event information: Tickets: 
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♪ ♫ ♬ link For tickets: img At the 4th of August, in the middle of the hot summer season in Bulgaria, Cacao Beach is presenting for the first time in many years Bulgaria one of the most famous world Djs and producers: Danny Howells and Martijn ten Velden. Additional info: Danny Howells is one of the few Djs on today's scene that truly has a style of his own. With his passion for all styles of music and infectious personality, Danny has created a unique, eclectic techniques that has established him as one of the most in demand Djs in the world. With over 20 years of experience and a hectic touring schedule, Danny is constantly seen around the best clubs in the world - Arc, Ministry of Sound, Twilo, Renaissance,The end и Bedrock. As a producer he has been responsible for many stand-out tracks, including the timeless “Persuasion/Repercussion”, “Breath” and “Kinkyfunk”. He also hits the charts in 2004 with the Miami hit “Dusk till Dawn”, which featured the talents of Dick Trevor and Erire. Danny has also had a massive dance floor success with Deep Dish as „Size DDD“ and the Eminem sampling „Nobody listens to techno“. The other star who will entertain us on 4th of August will be our beloved and well known legend from previous summers on Cacao - Martijn Ten Velden. Мartijn Ten Velden is a leading DJ and producer, being numerous times at the musical charts and having won many awards when it comes to house music. Everyone remembers his everlasting track “I wish you would”, which became the anthem of Ibiza for summer 2006. Another emblematic song is the remix of Defected Records, remake of The Shapeshifters of the classical “Chime” of Orbital. His successful cooperation with Mark Knight in Toolroom Records and during the past years Splittr and Mark Yardley from Stanton Warriors show how innovative and inspiring is Martijn ten Velden. Besides these two emblematic house names, the organizers of the party – club Chervilo Plovdiv, will enrich the party with unique decorations and lots of effects which Cacao has never seen before. 4th of August, Saturday night, will create an unforgettable experience and make the summer of 2012 a season to remember. 
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{quoted:matevone} Yup it's the best Also Heroes rocks as well Prison Break was good but the last season sucks[/quote] Time Warp on Discover also is great 
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{quoted:Lover4o} Yup it's the best Also Heroes rocks as well Prison Break was good but the last season sucks 
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posted 13.1y ago in seeding weird problem...
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 
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posted 13.3y ago in µTorrent 1.8
Bidona it's not the nod32 I use AVG and got the same problem as you "not connectable" or the status is "timed out" 
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Well a bit later but I was away and it's my turn to say my bi HAPPPY BIRTHDAY to our beloved site. Thank you slash for building the site that showed me som 2,5 years ago where is all the music in the world. Thanks to viktor for always finding a solution for our problems with the server And thanks to all the uploaders back in the days like muscletech , spr , bidona , commisatr , zahran .... all of you great guys that made this place what it is now :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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Thanks mate will make few jumps for you :mml: :lol: 
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Well I me and my people about 27 persons actualy are leaving on the 1st for Budapest :bike: I know it's a bit late but is anyone else going. :mml: Also is some hungarian radio going to broadcast and if so lets record it :thumbsup: If you go there you will recognise me by the white shirt hahahahahahaha :-D 

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2 sets from tenaglia in such short period we're blessed Thank you man 
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loving this dj torrent, thank you!!! 
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excellent upload whqat is strange is i'm watching it live at the moment on the live stream maybe he had 2 sets today os something 
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added 8.8y ago on
I haven't cpomented anything here from a loong time but if this is a mix of Robert Knight consisting of JD's track mann you have to change the name of the otrrent ot Rober Knight - live in london JD Tribute or smhthing. No everyone will thing it's digger himself in it ! 
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I'm so glad Sander's back to the soundz I love. His latest sets are just AMAZING thank you for sharing !!! 
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Excellent uplad !!! 
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Maaaad posted :thumbsup: :o) 

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