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Excellent drone techno sound, recommend 
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What can i say? Suckut delivers again, nice minimal ben klock styleish techno 
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Nice mix, highly recommend for techno lovers :) 
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Excellent raw techno.. love it, more of this and the world would be a better place :wink: 
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U'r welcome m8 :wink: 
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will grab it for sure, thank you for these dj mixes
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great torrent, thank you!!! 
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WOW! What a Great Share! 
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awesome good job!!!! and more to come!!? 
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Good Job!! Thank You!!! 

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posted 6.7y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
Slobodan - War Pimp Renaissance | POWER! :thumbsup: 
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posted 6.8y ago in Hard Techno?
Ritzi Lee is oldschool.. a true legend. Disappeard for some time but got back with real power :) 
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allright, here we go: Peter Van Hoesen, Psyk, Samuel L Session, S.M.E.R.T, Staffan Linzatti, Par Grindvik, Dustin Zahn, Terrence Dixon, Surgeon, Virgil Enzinger, The Advent, Cari Lekebusch, Trevino, Truss, Trus'me, Veztax, Alex Bau, Agony Forces, A. Trebor aka Alejandro Trebor, A. Mochi, Andre Walter, Andre Winter, Angel Alanis, Arjun Vagale, Brendon Moeller, Electric Rescue, Function. Frank Sonic, Hans Bouffmyhre, Justin Berkovi, Grovskopa, Mike Wall, Mikael Pfeiffer, Andreas Florin, Mike Maas, Mark Broom, Mike Parker, Mike Denhert, Roman Lindau, Octave One, S100, Ripperton, Sacha Rydell, Sawf, Svreca, The Fear Ratio (James Ruskin and Mark Broom), Xpansul.. be back with an update :D 
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ahh, didn´t see u wrote NEW :/ sorry, but those are good techno producers/dj´s and there are plenty more lol :D 
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Plenty more: Inigo Kennedy, Phase, Developer, Mattias Fridell, Microsheep & Mollo, Frank Sonic, Paul Mac, Exium, Reeko, Christian Wunsch, Oscar Mulero, Silent Servant, Shifted, MPIA3, Samuli Kemppi, Rødhad, Area Forty One, NX1, Conforce, Andreas Kraemer, ROD, Tadeo, Unbalance etc etc... :) 
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posted 7.7y ago in TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO
I love Techno, listening to nothing else.. Don´t feel too much for House but in other hand i don´t comment it either. That works well for me. You like what u like, we are all different :-D 
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posted 7.7y ago in Any takers...
Im up to it, no problem.. :) 
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posted 7.8y ago in Fave Techno Deejays?
Hard to really say, but right now im in to melodic sound :) so i put out these: 1. Ben Klock 2. James Ruskin 3. DVS1 4. Marcel Dettmann 5. Surgeon :thumbsup: 
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posted 7.8y ago in attention: finite
w00t, i got whole ostgut label :wink: It sure kick ass :thumbsup: 
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posted 7.8y ago in The best dj's in the world
My man Carl Cox is TCB :cool: 

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