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Been a while. :) I have all the streams of the second weekend. Will make a release within a week. 
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{quoted:papawise} Sorry, but I don't understand you... All videos/live-streams on tracker with this filter: 
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N.B. I'll record day 1 all stages, but can make release after monday. Anyway, if somebody will be quicker - not problem. :) 
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{quoted:papawise} Did you record it? :)[/quote] Yes, but jerpaa already share this streams. 
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DrDentz Big thanks for playlists! 
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jerpaa I'll be record weekend 2 also. I hope there will be no technical problems. 
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Resistance Day 2 
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Resistance Day 3 
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Resistance Day 2 and 3 - later. 
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Day 3 (Main): 

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2 calypso21 On the day 1 there was no "true" stream on youtube - there was only advertising. I have a 3-hour file with ads. :) Maybe there was a stream somewhere else, but I didn't know that. 
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Yeah! Thanks! I missed all... :( 
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jerpaa, as far as I understand it, this broadcast was parallel with the show, but the songs in this broadcast are not all due to advertising? I look to Armada Twitter and can't figure out where the missing songs at the end of the show (not shown in YouTube). :) @kensingtonband - 'Sorry' (@arminvanbuuren Remix) @arminvanbuuren pres. Rising Star feat. @betsielarkin - 'Again' (@alexmorph Remix) Eric Prydz - 'Opus' (Gms Remix) @arminvanbuuren & @vinivicimusic feat. @hilighttribe - 'Great Spirit' @arminvanbuuren versus Human Resource - 'Dominator (Festival Mix)' @arminvanbuuren versus Ultimate Seduction - 'Ultimate Seduction' @arminvanbuuren - 'Ping Pong (ArenA Mix)' @arminvanbuuren feat. @GavinDeGraw - 'Looking For Your Name' * bold - songs that i can find... :) Can you help me to understand situation? :) 
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Yes! Thank you, jerpaa! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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added 4.1y ago on Martin Garrix - Live from..
{quoted:jerpaa} I don't have "Night 2". Either was not stream, or I may be missed it. :( 
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And again great thanks for full stream without cutting! 
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