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Please reupload this mix I got a copy on CD and its broke. Thanx jozeg 
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posted 10.7y ago in TRIBALMIXES IS 5 YEARS OLD..
{quoted:srecko234} :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Happy BD TribalMixes ! 
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posted 10.7y ago in Should We allow downloads w/o..
In short..... :no: 
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Howdy all!!! long time since i wrote something :) got a problem. 1 of my cd's is damaged and i realy want to get 1 set from it. so if someone still got it by chance in archive ill be realy glad. here it is Shapeshifters Live @ Sputnik Intensivstation 04-06-2005 By Ls4U Org Thanx 
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posted 13.3y ago in Top 3 favourite games:)))
1: WoW 2:Wow 3:Wow 
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posted 13.3y ago in what's your hobby besides the..
Lol,ya! Actualy a little strange for guy my age but i started playing WoW-World Of Warcraft!! This game is very addictive i tell you. If im not the only one here playing this game ,i invite all to our server. :thumbsup: 
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posted 13.9y ago in club fg is best club ever
LLOOOOOLLLL!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 
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cloud nine 2 year annivesary session :thumbsup: 
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So where are the slovenian dj's ? c'mon ppl lets kick some ass!!!! :lol: 
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posted 14.1y ago in MARRIAGE
{quoted:bidona} probably not :unsure: . marrige is not a relationship or feelin, its kinda contract u know, there is a goverment intervention, the church want to be there so, and the man and woman themselves dont need these bullshit to live in love, peace and goodness :-)[/quote] amen to that!!! 

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Nice 1 :thumbsup: 
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Ill check this out. Nice to see active members from Slovenia. :thumbsup: 
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NEED SOME HELP!!!! Who knows the name and artist of the track at 16.20 min of this mix? I need to know :yes: (edit) got it - Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin 
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Thank You!!! 
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let see what this blondie can do. :yes: she is cute must say. 
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i hope that guest dj name is correct. again JD speak so weird :-/ 
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damn only now i notice. at 38 min mark of JD set is safri duo and commercials!!!! this is the first time that JD set is iterrupted 
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{quoted:babiss} i notice that but this is my recording and not from another site. 
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yes .on FG radio is a rebroadcast from kiss100. one week behind.and that is for all JD shows on FG. that is why i didn't ripp JD on FG radio.why ripp same stuff twice. :-/ you AZ as a brother of zahran should know about posting rebroadcasted shows. ppl download same stuff twice . 

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