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{quoted:TheVrk} This youtube link is not the Fairmount track...unless i'm crazy[/quote] Then i think your crazy... :lol: :lol: Have a listen again.... 
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{quoted:TheVrk} Can confirm for SURE that this was the opening track :[/quote] another youtube vid, with the intro... Apparently the track is fairmount - gazebo, see the link below... Full Version... 
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cheers for the up!!!.... EDIT: Man they are really tagging there mixes of late... Yeah we get it its 'Journey by Martin Garcia' Every Fricken Five Minutes Though Is A Bit Much!!!! 
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added 13.2y ago on Chemical Brothers - Live..
thanks to boldcaptain & for this release... 
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{quoted:Matt120} I music is constantly changing and some dj's (sasha and digweed) change with it. Now...personally I dont like a lot of Sasha's newer stuff. He's still one of my favorite dj's of all time but some of his mixes lately fall short. Now Digweed on the other hand...this guy BLOWS ME AWAY! Yeah his sound has changed a bit in the past few years but so what?! The guy is still making SICK SICK mixes and I love the new "tech-house" sound that he's been spinning. I dont understand why the guy commented on Hernan spinning minimal? Every mix I've heard from that guy lately has been straight up progressive! If you want an examply of minimal then go listen to James Holden. ;-) [/quote] i agree, why does everyone pine over sashas old style, get a grip people he has moved on and evolved his taste in music, you try playin the same style of music every night of the week for 10+ years and i bet you would get bored of it too... at least he is trying something different... 
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{quoted:bidona} ya ya... trance = pants!!!!..... 
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this set is old old old.... :no: :no: 
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added 13.6y ago on Hernan Cattaneo - Live..
yeah the sound quality is pretty poor on this one... very muffled... give it a miss until a better copy pops up... 
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i suppose if i have nothing good to say its better not to say anything at all... :whistle: :unsure: 

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posted 13.4y ago in I NEED THIS TRACK SO DO YOU 
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more music than you can ever imagine!!!! Cheers to Ozzymartin from Hoard hoard hoard.... 
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posted 13.5y ago in where to buy the tracks.....
try one of the best track download sites... 
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posted 13.6y ago in streaming divx movies...
streaming movies, tv, docu... all in excellant quality... sweet enough.. 
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posted 13.6y ago in Burning Software
Boca you never look happy in your profile photos, why so serious?... i also use nero 7 by the way... 
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posted 13.7y ago in F&%KING Funny movies... 
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posted 13.7y ago in Azureus says Uploaded 552MB..
more to the point stealing music jeopardizes future releases... think of the BIGGER picture not your selfish needs!!!!.... 
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posted 13.7y ago in Hernan Cattaneo @ Mezmor 16th..
im gutted, i was only there last week!!!! 
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posted 13.8y ago in has anyone ever eaten here ?
Only in America!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: 
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posted 13.8y ago in ebay meltdown...
saw this and though it was funny.... (taken from Thought I'd propose a new game - Bid Voyeurism (all due credit to SAXMAN for coining the term). Based on the fantastic entertainment that consisted of witnessing some chump melt down over too many people watching his auction, we decided it would be fun to get as many people as possible to watch either a) High Value b) Crap Sales, or ideally c) Both types of auctions on ebay. It's simple...just follow whatever link is posted in this thread, and select "Watch This Item" in the auction description page. If you see an especially good target, be sure to add it to this thread! Couple of basic rules then: 1) It must be an auction that will be active for at least 5 or more days...picking something that is over in a few hours won't get enough attention in time on these boards, nor will it potentially even be noticed by the seller. 2) Lame, overvalued, or just flat-out pathetic merchandise only. Don't bring your personal vendettas against sellers here (unless they're selling stupid shit!)...this is just supposed to be entertainment. It's all just a little harmless can get hurt or lose financially because of it (except for the chav from Peterboro who apparently ran his unsold car in the garage after his meltdown... So I'll get the ball rolling with a gorgeous collection of Elvis memorabilia, valued at only US $300,000. Let the watching begin! should be kinda funny to see the outcome.... here is the link to the forum thread... jump on board and lets melt some heads!!!...... 

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