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Amazing stuff from the master, as always! 
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Wonderful mix, as always! 
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added 6.2y ago on John Digweed & Ali Ajami..
Excellent mix, as always :) Thanks for posting! 
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Really looking forward to future editions of this show! Killer mix to kick it off :) 
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Thanks for the upload! Always great mixes by digweed, but I unfortunately can't listen live :( 
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Too bad this is the best quality recording of this set (I checked all over the net). This was DEFINITELY the best set of UMF 2012 and I'm so glad I got to see it live! Listening this recording again takes me back and I'll definitely be re-playing for years to come! Thanks for uploading this! Cheers :beer2: 
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I believe the date on this should be 04-Aug-2011 :) Thanks for sharing though! 
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added 9.3y ago on ELECTRONIC FAMILY 2011..
Thanks for sharing :yoji: Wish the stream quality was a bit better, but I assume only event staff could have got better than what was on the stream. Thanks again :) 
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thx a million!! 

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Yeah, looks like it was a temporary glitch. Thanks. 
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Not sure where to post this, but I've got a strange message from the tracker saying "refused!! have to wait 30 day since signup to download this. this is good hacking thou... props... id = 40005 was logged..." The torrent is John Digweed - Transitions 596 - 29 January 2016. As you can see by my profile, I've been a member for a fair bit longer than 30 days. The hilarious thing is that I'm not even trying to leech. I'm presently seeding this torrent and my ratio is 7.71. All other torrents in my client (Transmission for Mac v2.84) are fine. I'm assuming just a minor tracker glitch. Let me know if I can assist in debugging. 

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