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posted 12.9y ago in [dj] David Guetta plac[e]
:thumbsup: Ya dude cudnt agree more...... :thumbsup: 
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Hppy bdy thnks for the Gr8 TM :thumbsup: 

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Prodigy......this is huge.......thnks........sure gonna grab this one......These guys bck in the day they rocked.....i still guess goosebumps while i hear some of their classics... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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thnks :thumbsup: 
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Yeah Siabdo.....looks like we just cant get good music coming from this is her way to pay bck to the society which is very noble.....keep up the good wrk Oh sry just work out tht good time plz whn u play at a club get ur (girl)friends 2 who think just like U w love em all......cheers :thumbsup: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: 
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In other wrds F**K if i dnt play good music.....but u definetly getting more than wt u asked for......aint it. 
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Thnks and hey can some one let me knw whr can i get the previous show on wednesday this one (david_guetta_-_f_ck_me_im_famous_-clubfg-_07-05-2008[1].mp3) as i cant get it :thumbsup: 
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Thnks :thumbsup: 
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thnks :thumbsup: 
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thnks :thumbsup: 
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Thnks :thumbsup: 
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Thnks :thumbsup: 

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