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if you can't live in the particular country interacting with other people trough internet should also be usefull 
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No, no I was just saying coz most games are English only you kno. 
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The easiest and fastest way is surely living in the country.But since that ain't an option for you I would suggest you take all the methods mentioned.Dunno about class.. it may be helpful.Watch a movie or two a day.When you go out put some lessons in you Ipod.Just make the studying of this language some routine, part of your everyday life etc. I myself learned English mainly from games and internet. Dunno, just my 2 cents. 
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posted 11.6y ago in To do before you die?
You'll get bored while all your relatives and friends die out. Although its worth the pain to see what's going to happen in the future. 
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posted 11.6y ago in To do before you die?
Attend to concerts of my favourite bands as music plays a large part of my life.Of course play myself at some amazing gigs. Someday I wanna be a Jazz piano player, maybe not the best but a decent one.And that's something that is going to happen. :-D Also attend to a champions leage final and my favourite team playing in it. World trip is kind of a cliche, but I would like to see some east asian cultures. These are just top of my head, but that's pretty much it. Cool thread, James. 
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posted 11.7y ago in what's your hobby besides the..
{quoted:laptopz} offtopic: what the hell are u talkin about?!-you are 14 years old :-D ontopic: I also like lifting.......cans of beer!!! :beer: :lol:[/quote] I'm 16 =P.I just like exploring the misteries of the universe and all that crap. 
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shows I watch but are rather boring lately: Heroes, Prison Break, Lost shows I watch and love: 24,house,Battlestar Galactica,Stargate: Atlantis, SG1, Sanctuary, Rescue Me, The Big Bang Theory 
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{quoted:slash} You don't? :lol: I'd love to watch some of your commercials. What grinds my gear... meh, teachers that have no idea how to teach.I kinda encounter them quite often lately.. and there aren't much of that profession left in my country either. 
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posted 11.7y ago in After WMC no more music 4 me
2 years?You kiddin'?Music quality goes down the charts the last decade.People take working/catchy melodies and chords from old songs and turn them into a commercial monster and make enough money to buy a lill' island and don't even bother coming up with a second album.Bands/musicians that are actually real artists, making real art are harder and harder to find - mainly old ones from the 70' 80' and 90' that are still alive or just keep doing their thing.Just compare hip hop nowadays to the hip hop 20 years ago.There are some times I wish I wasn't that young.But on the other hand if you look hard enough you'll find plenty of cool music from people that have never been on MTV and will never be, if you get what I mean. My connection to music is very strong.I wouldn't be able to give up on it.You know, I stopped listenin' to new stuff coming out on beatport etc, from time to time I've been given newly released music but I mainly concentrate on music from the old days.Music I missed but shouldn't have.Trying to find my own thing when I produce myself, looking for inspiration etc.And to be honest modern music can hardly do the trick.Some stuff just sounds as if it's been written with no influences whatsoever.I wonder, is my taste f*cked up or the taste of my generation? 
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posted 11.7y ago in After WMC no more music 4 me
Yeah mate, I have the information hunger too.But that does not mean you have to learn something just like that.. just to learn something, no matter what.I think its more important you concentrate urself on studying a field of study that will later come to use.Russian is one hell of a language.The information/literature you can find on russian is immense.There is no other language like that.Another thing is, enlightening yourself, learning new things, making a new experience... that doesn't really have to be done without music. Let me quote a legendary musician: {quoted:Frank Zappa} I feel that your decision is widely influenced by religion.I'm happy you found your way of life, but don't forget to have a little fun, too. 

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always thought ur name is spelled with 3 'n'. not 2 :-O 
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added 12.4y ago on Adham Zahran - Tech Bloom..
nice artwork ! 
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''disco ftw'' 
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already 15 actually, gotta update my bio hehe 
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cheers keek, u just stay 2 more years here.. and then 2 more.. 
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u made my day keek 
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