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This set is very good! Thanks cshekar! 
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Anthony Pappa looking fresh these days..... Makeover?? 
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A shit sandwich this one 
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Bunker in FLAC!!!! Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks!! 
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Many thanks!! 
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added 1m 2w ago on Solomun - Momentum Mix May..
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This is Brilliant by the way! 

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David Bowie Hunky Dory Malcolm Mclaren Fans Pixies Doolittle Serge Gainsbourg Melody Nelson I've got loads of favourite albums that are not dance music but they are ALL Electonica! Depeche Mode Violator, James Wah Wah, St Etienne Foxbase Alpha, David Bowie Low, Metronomy The English Riviera, Depeche Mode Music for Masses I now mostly listen to the stuff I download off tribalmixes! Many thanks to everyone who contributes to this amazing website. its not a life changer but it certainly makes my life that bit better!! p.s I used to love Rainbow Rising!!! Had it on vinyl when I was about 14 epic! Have portishead and all GnR too but Scorpions?? My god that Winds of change track used to make my blood boil. 
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posted 5.8y ago in Dj mag top 100 dj's leaked?
Hhahahaa HAHhahahaha Hahahah!!! That must have took AGES!!! Carl Cox won't be too chuffed being lumped in with these Twats! 
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posted 6.7y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
The Maya Jane Coles Mixfluence on B.Trait's BBC Radio 1 show. Someone please upload it! Many thanks Dan :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D 
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I just got a Hit and Run for Carl Craig Live at Movement that I downloaded only yesterday. I checked my Utorrent and it was Seeding fine. (along with about 20 others) I have just had to fix it (which is no big deal) but it is a bit of a ballache to spend points and time on things you don't think you have done wrong. 
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posted 6.8y ago in take your top 10 and get out
Just listening to Underworld on the latest 6Mix on BBC6. Talion seems to be the best bet for uploading 6Mixes. Please Talion if you are out there help (echoes of Superman II) 
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Ha ha! What you trying to share? Anklepants in the Boiler Room? 
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me too 
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posted 7.1y ago in World Cup Cunts
Thats not Oakie in the front row is it? Not listened to anything he has done for years but he has given me some great times over the years and I still listen to some of his classic Essential mixes and Perfecto Fluoro in the car still sounds fab 
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posted 7.1y ago in fucking terrible
WOW! Nick Warren must be choking on his cornflakes when he is mentioned numerous times in comparison with Anklepants penishead. I'm just going to go for a little lie down and listen to Global Underground Reykyavik CD1 and try to forget what I have seen. What is almost as bad as the animatronic cocknose is watching Adolf Hipster bopping around as if he is having the time of his life. The same guy who is dancing with Sven Vath, DJ Hell, Michael Mayer etc. These proper DJs who once would have given Adolf Hipster some respect must now think he is off his rocker. The only silver lining to this awful Boiler Room incident is that at least it wasn't FUCKING AVICII!!!!!! 
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posted 7.1y ago in fucking terrible No THIS is the new low for the Boiler Room!!! 

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