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posted 13.8y ago in funny !
looooool..thats very funny :lol: ...havent heard about it be4 or seen it on any program\show 
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posted 13.8y ago in free gmail invites...
very nice of u sure alot here will want it and appreciate it very much..i`ll stick to the yahoo & hotmail i guess :-D used to them,cant find myself usin another email inbox 
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sounds really!!what technology can do...cant wait 2 get my hands on one of them :-D 
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posted 13.9y ago in Happy New Year!
HAPPPPPYYY NEW YEARRR TM..wish u all the best..may all ur raves come true :-D 
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posted 13.9y ago in Merry Christmas
MERRY CHRISTMAS every1.have fun gwende :beer2:....wish i was in england for christmas this year :-( :'-( 
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posted 14y ago in MARRIAGE
{quoted:Clumbsy} yeah :yes: it is very unfair to of the mostttt things i hateee in egypt the kind of people that keep lookin at everyone.they stare!!and there are alot of that kind :-/ ...i really hate that,alot of times they over do it!!i dont stand for it actually at all :-) 
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posted 14y ago in MARRIAGE
{quoted:Commissar} like this sentence mate :-) ...its like a golden cage.very powerful word and very true 
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aight is fedup from not winnin :-D ..i`ve wasted NOW allllll my immortal points 900 i think or a little bit more..and i took numbers from like 980 to if i dont win then this lotto is messed up :-D thats all i can hopeeee i win :-) ...check da results tomorrow every1 :-D :lol: 
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posted 14y ago in [dj] Paul Oakenfold plac[e]
snatchin snatchin :mml: ...Oakey RULEZ :love: 
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posted 14y ago in [dj] Lover4o plac[e]
big biggg fan...keep it up lover4o :thumbsup: :beer2: 

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tyvm, pure quality! 
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Gr888 tunez Amir,keep it up mate :beer2: 
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SALUTE! :thumbsup: bomber set guys,must have! 
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added 12.6y ago on Amir Nashaat - Tribute to..
now thats the shizzzzzzle! awesome mixin man i must say.impressive ;-) keep it up mate 
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wow this set just blows ur mind! :-D gr8 track selection & awesome mixin Amir.keep it up :thumbsup: 
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Awesome as always :thumbsup: thnx Boca 
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:thumbsup: gr8 set,huge respect to Morillo..thnx alot willy,diein to hear the one in Rotterdam too. 
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sweet sweet sweeeeeeeet bro!i enjoyed this 1,specially the 2nd hour keep it up!!! 
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really disappointed :no: ..not much of a big wow as the usual sets of terranova..thnx anyway spr 
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sweeeeeeeeet!!keep it up keep it up :thumbsup: :lttd: 

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