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masterpiece, the best trance set I've downloaded this year 
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U make my day!!!!!!!!!! 
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big thx Cristobal, last week there was some extra sets like louis boutello!!! amazing 
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what a tracklist....musthave 
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awsome ]:-> 
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Pro Moe ]:-> tasty music guarantee !! Edit: U're becoming genious with those remixes !!! keep it up !!! and bring it more often...we're hungry for such a great sets. 
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added 13.7y ago on Axwell - In The Mix Dance..
thx for great quality of the sets :D:D 
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A litlle to late, but happy bithday AZ, & this set is sick ]:-> thx AZ!!! 
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off the hook, for me the best set from WMC so far..... huge thx !!! 

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I'd love to see Antoine Clamaran & Robbie Riviera 
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he was playing this track with Sander :p great tune I;ve even cutted it from the set to have as a single ;p but I don't know the title :wink: 
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Matt Darey & Sander Kleinenberg Nocturnal 058 16.09.2006 Darey's part is much better :wink: but I have it as a one file so I mentioned Sander ;p 
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posted 14.2y ago in TRANCE vs HOUSE... the..
I can't talk about genres that I enjoy, when for example Gabriel A Dawn showed us new one in last torrent :wink: 
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posted 14.3y ago in which would u visit 1st?
there's nothing better then ibiza... 
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posted 14.4y ago in COMMENT INTERDICTION
I think that the prob is that Harkonnen lies in some points, U're commenting let say on the tribalmixes new names, featured dj's sets, U can't get those sets from your friends, U don't know the dj, so then what's the point of writing the comment? U're trying to show us that U're not doing anything wrong, becose it's allowed. But some things are so obvious that is no need to write's about culture and intelligence, oh and greets to adrainyouses :wink: 
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posted 14.4y ago in TRIBALMIXES VIP PARTY !
omg!!! tell me the date, maybe I could arange to be there!! It would be like a dream to party with such a great people like U, with such a great tunes like U play, I hope the date will be good for me! 
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posted 14.4y ago in BEST VOCAL
Andain in Here is the house this girl in last Lover4o podcast, the only ID track :p 
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posted 14.5y ago in ..::World Cup 2006 Football::..
Poland ... so sad , Boruc played the match of his life, but our couch is a ... piece of bastard!!! he did changes to late!!! for what was the offensive player in ! minute??? he took off the best defensive player Zewlakow, & after that on his side action that brought a goal had place... I'm still disappointed 
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As U know I,m in Belgium for a month maybe some of U guys live in Bruxxel? I need somones to show me some nice places here, & tell me where are some good raves!!! I count on U 

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