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{quoted:slash} BitTorrent bought uTorrent, I think, like ten years ago. They are basically the same program, just different names, and uTorrent supports Linux and Mac OS. I'm not sure if they included the miner in the Bittorrent installer, but I wouldn't doubt it...there are a lot more uTorrent users so I'm guessing that's why it was noticed there first, or maybe that is why they targeted that user base first. I was using an old version of Utorrent until last year, the main reason I stopped is that older software like 2.2.1 has a lot of vulnerabilities that have been patched up over the years. I prefer the open source clients for peace of mind as any unsafe code is usually found quickly...but maybe I'm just paranoid. :unsure: 
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It seems that uTorrent has included a bitcoin miner in the latest update (some say it installs silently), in light of this you may want to switch over to something else, preferably an open source client (deluge and qbittorrent seem to be a couple popular clients). Be sure to check this out if you recently updated as the program can/will use your CPU cycles to mine bitcoins for someone else's profit. I found it hard to believe at first, but as more comes to light this seems to be the case. Proceed with caution... Here are some links you may want to read up one the issue: 

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Absolutely sick mix! 
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Amazing, thank you! 

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