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posted 6.9y ago in Design
Hey web designer guys, I will like you to change colour of the ratio because orange & green is not good put blank will be good 
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lot of months with no moving.Why I will not have move from you; no activity Since 2009 I was here. I can help you if necessary. My friends TRIBALMIXES 
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I have this set Quentin Harris - Live @ Red Zone Perugia Italia 21 10 2006 I can upload it if you want 
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with Winamp ... streamripper ;-) 
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posted 15.2y ago in irc instead of shoutbox?
my opinion for this question, I am not a regular user of irc or shoutbox or msn (take time) so I don't care 
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can't choose, don't listen them 
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posted 15.2y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
listening live now to Above & Beyond - Trance Around The World 128 with Menno de Jong guestmix 
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posted 15.2y ago in How many have you got?!
Humm... 1 HD 140 GB (full), 60 GB on the 2nd and 30 mp3 dvd 
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posted 15.2y ago in what r ur limits?
95 Euros for U2 concert in Paris Stade de France 
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posted 15.3y ago in vacations coming!!!
Armenia for me august 4th to 14 th, for preparing our next adventure racing in 2007 Spain after : 3 or 4 days in Mallorca to see my sister and a trip to Ibiza :cool: will come back in France august 23th 

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really B2B ?? ARNAK 
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bad quality !!!! 
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29 to 33 st germain - roses rouges Who is 35' to 41' 
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can someone seed it ?? thx 
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torrent re-seed now 
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ID ?? 
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added 5.7y ago on Disclosure - BBC Radio 1s..
Tracklist ?? 
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Deep House ? 
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@ 5.50 : Tiesto - Nyana remix 9 min 

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