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On all my other sites (AlphaRatio/Empornium/GGN/MTV/PornBay/TorrentBytes) I have no issues with connectivity with all the torrents I'm seeding. But out of 60ish torrents on here only 4 are seen as connectable on here. This whole thing came up because someone sent out a reseed request and I went to check why they couldn't already get it from me... I've had the same setup for at least a decade and everything is properly port forwarded and the firewall is setup correctly. I've tried to re-add the requested torrent into utorrent and nada. And everything in uTorrent is blue and saying that it's connectable. Have I missed something? 
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So I've scoured this site high and low and only found a few DJ sets from my hey day in Toronto, Ontario that's Canada! Any sets from these nightclubs would be much appreciated: - Comfort Zone - System Soundbar - Film Lounge - BOA - The Guvernment Especially anything in the hard house, tribal house area. Music that you dance to, not lounge around with. Possible DJs would include, but are not limited to: - Deko-ze - Syndey Blu (but only if she spun right after Deko-ze) - Addy - J-Prez - Evil P. - Paranoid Jack - El Duran - Manzone and Strong A few examples of what I'm talking about: 

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I've been scouring for anything Toronto in general and Boa Redux sets in specific. Used to work there before it shut down, and sometimes I get homesick. Thank you cshekar for this, you made my week! 

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