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the orginal date of this set is 11 april 2008, it was part of sasha and john digweeds spring tour, but sasha couldnt make it toronto that night due to some airports problems. :-/ 
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this should be crazy!!! 
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lets see what will he(sharam) do here in Egypt.... thank u arnani 
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Dude you are ?%#$in awesom thank you 4 this 1, i will be the first leecher i wanna see you soon man :-) 
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Live @ Electrolux - Iceland (16-Jun-2002) $%?#en nice set :-) 
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bogy man here you are... :-) 
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i heared Eric Ez set was the best.... thanx ya wad ya arnani 4 this 1 you are the best :thumbsup: 
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{quoted:zahran} sry dont agree with this statment he and lawler are just having a rest and they will return back :evil: [/quote] :unsure: [/quote] you think so????? i hope.... thanks 4 the great effort , i have most of these sets and they are amazing 

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{quoted:lucabati} man your ears are very close to mine :-) 
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{quoted:arnani} how about the pyramids??? :whistle: 
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i would like to see sasha and john digweed but in 2004!!! 
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posted 14.4y ago in [dj] Pro-Moe plac[e]
this guy right here defently will have a succesful future with music, he is still so young and very talented with mixing skills :thumbsup: also i love the selection of his tracklists & his styel with music keep it goin brother :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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posted 14.6y ago in ..::World Cup 2006 Football::..
{quoted:zahran} agree with you :unsure: 
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{quoted:slash} i totaly agree :-| 
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img saeed mixing img img img img img img 
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guyz i got some messages from some people who want to see some more pictures of the party, the problem is that some need resizing so i will resize them and put them 2night :-) i love tribalmixes!! :love: 
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img fire works were of the hook!!! :thumbsup: :-) 
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img me sief & ali :o) 

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