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Hello Everybody, i read this book a couple of days ago it's by danny rampling, although this DJ is not familiar to a lot of you, but trust me its worth it to give it a is really useful... just check the content here... he is sharing 20 years of experience, give it a minute link Danny Rampling's Bio: ------------------------------------ Danny Rampling made his name as a revolutionary dance music pioneer affectionately known as the Godfather of the British House Music scene. His fame and notoriety originated from the late 80s when he catalysed the dance/rave Acid House explosion with his legendary club Shoom. Few would have guessed how all-pervasive this influence would prove in the years to follow. With his growing profile Danny was asked to DJ for the groundbreaking Kiss FM radio station. In accepting he was able to powerfully extend his influence over dance music and the changing attitudes of young London. In the 90's his influence gained massive momentum as he toured worldwide and became a household name with a Radio One show that lasted six years, generating sales in excess of one million compilation CDs. As a result he became a brand unto himself, building an international army of fans and supporters and a vast array of high calibre business contacts. He became the 'must have' DJ for the cool celebrity party scene, playing at key personal and corporate events for George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys, Mick Hucknell, Gloria Estefan, Depeche Mode, Patrick Cox, Boy George,and many similar. During this time he was specially commissioned to provide the catwalk soundtrack for Milan designer Antonio Berardi. It proved a glorious success and he carried on in this role for a further five years and as a result he became the darling of the fashion world. Danny continues to this day to play at exclusive private parties, glamorous events and social gatherings worldwide. In the new millennium Danny's success has taken on a new persona but continues unabated. There has been an extraordinary evolution in consumer choice and lifestyle expectations, creating new markets and levels of sophistication. Danny remains at the forefront of these trends retaining a visionary awareness that has been the hallmark of his career. His business interests include property, stock trading, personal development, internet marketing and music consultancy. Danny has over twenty years' experience in brand cultivation, event management, promotion and PR awareness as well as running highly successful club nights. In 2006 Danny entered a period of semi retirement from the music business to concentrate on other business interests. Now in the 20th year anniversary of the Summer of Love Danny is back in the limelight again, sharing his passion for music as we enter a year of special celebration and recollection of a vibrant and pivotal time in contemporary culture." ( 
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posted 9.2y ago in The Greatest Speech Ever Made what a speech :) 
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{quoted:slash} thank you, i just want to clarify my intention is not spamming, i really found this thing interesting 
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Hello Everybody, a couple of days ago a friend of mine introduced this idea to me, at the beginning i thought like network marketing i don't want to hear this bullshit again but actually when he explained i found it really interesting and today i just made my first cycle and i earned 1000 USD so i thought maybe i should share it with you guys, take a sec and check this thing out, and than click on reward program to understand more [link changed into 'text' by slash] what do you think ?? 
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So where is the 7th team 
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Chris Bau, Mavri, Satline i heard your sets in a friends melodic very great job and hard luck i hope we have more uplifting sets from the other teams and wish everybody gd luck btw everybody need to stick to this rule:: "You Cant Judge A Judge" have fun everybody :thumbsup: 
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{quoted:mohamedbasha} yeah sure open that link and just fill in the info its for 9.99 GBP and you have 60 day money back 
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Hello Everybody, i just need a sec from you guys, if u don't want to read all this skip it and read the most important part the last paragraph which has the tittle Zero Risk don't leave without reading it cause it sounds perfect :) and after reading if your interested you can buy this book from this link was very special price:: 9.99 Check this Out:: An Outstanding book by danny rampling that gives you all the information you need to know to be a successful dj just give yourself a sec to read about it maybe its the reason for you to become one of the most successful djs in the world. if your interested check it.with 50 % sale now and you have 60 day money back guarantee back This Isn't Just For DJ'S & People in the Music Industry This Is Relevant to EVERYBODY!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn How To Market Yourself How to Approach Nightclubs & Promoters to Get a Gig Ingenious Ways to Increase your Fan Base How to prepare the perfect demo for promoters and club owners Which DJ agencies to contact How to break into the radio broadcasting What it takes to be a great resident DJ The essential skills to be a great mobile DJ How to promote yourself using different mediums How to develop a strong, professional image and identity Advice on Finding Professional Photography & Design (& other skill sets), Cheaply! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn About Music Business How to promote and throw your own events How to negotiate, how to use contracts and how to create invoices How to powerfully Network / Market and promote yourself How to leverage the internet to get maximum results for minimum cost, time and effort using websites like Myspace and Facebook effectively Teach you how to set-up a decent website without breaking the bank What NOT to do in Your DJ Career And So Much Other Miscellaneous, but essential Stuff, I'd be Here all Day listing it all! "You'll improve on so many levels after reading this detailed and inspiring book. I was thrilled with the amount of energy and passion this books gives. A top purchase for any DJ or music lover!" - Gordon McNevin "Since reading the book I have moved from Ireland and am now able to support myself full time from just DJ'ing. I have 4 residencies and I will now be playing in the Ministry of Sound with my idol Erick Morillo. This is beyond a doubt the biggest achievement to date and none of this would have happened without the book." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zero Risk (Backed With My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee) What you will learn in this book WILL propel you forward in your life and I believe in this so much that I personally back it with my 60 day money back guarantee. Yes, that' s right. You can buy this book, read it from cover to cover, and if you genuinely think that the contents don't deliver huge value to your life then simply get a full money back refund. You won' t be wanting your money back, but that's just my confidence in what I have created knowing that this is invaluable, life changing content that, when implemented, cannot fail to make huge changes in your life for the better. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. img ">link 
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posted 11.2y ago in Equalizer T-Shirts
Ohh thats great willy :) 
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lol i saw a funny comment in another site a guy saying tiesto died like 45 times in the past 3 years i guess i fell for the armin one cause i didnt know about that site lol but you know what i like this site haha its fun :lol: :whistle: 

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Crazy mixing! beautiful song selection! 
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i will grab this for sure keep it up guys :) 
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you know spr i also got shocked when i found that u and ur team are on the 12th place....i have been on this site for like 3 years and i remember old days you guys were legends you had the best tech tribal sets so don't let this competition bring you down...i personally enjoyed your sets...wish me luck i hope me and my team will do a good job on this one 
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added 10.9y ago on IDC 2010 WARM UP SESSION..
Thanks slash...i missed those guys well done usual, tribz, dirtytribe the last time i heard their music they played pure tribal i guess it changed to minimal now...i m going to grab this one thanks again 
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I Guess Your Right Willy :-D 
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{quoted:Willy84} ok willy i added it :-) 
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Emata my partner :-D so glad to hear ur spinning tech house...good job bro :thumbsup: 
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Thanks man for this wicked words lol :evil: :-P 

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