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posted 5.6y ago in Sunday viewing... G.oT. leaked
crap, i feel weird... i read all the Game Of Throne books instead. 5 so far. won't read the new ones if he ever writes them. they are nice, but hell if i remember how the last one ended. the shows are cool though. 
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posted 5.6y ago in Ignorant music
personally, i find most, almost all of words inside of electronic music to be distracting and unnecessary, at the minimum. and often just plain damn inane. i've been listening to music for 30+ years, and in a middle of a good track i really don't need some 23 year old DJ to tell me the meaning of life. seriously. also, i kind of wish the deep house producers would stop writing tracks with lyrics basically trying to explain "what house is" and "how old school is where it's all dope in chicago and detroit or somewhere else". yeah, we got it. i don't need my tracks to be a wiki on house music, really. etc etc just my 28 cents. 
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posted 5.6y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
I am listening to Dreamers - 08 March, 2011 - Fernando Ferreyra - Frisky Radio. It's prog. freaking awesome. 

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