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Hi, Grabbed the latest July 2014 release & love it. Unfortunately I can't see any mega packs & most of the older releases have no seeders. Any chance of some yearly mega-packs? Thanks 
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Thanks for the replies, didn't think anybody responded to my post as I didn't receive any notification? hence the delay in replying. The numbers don't really matter but they are an easy way to list the releases. I'll grab the 2013 mega pack once I become more settled in with the site! Cheers 
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Hi, New member alert! Maybe the wrong forum section but........ I'm a great fan of John Digweed's Transitions sets. I'm after release numbers for the 2013 onwards shows The release number seems to disappear after 435 (2012_12_31) I've plenty of releases after this date & would just like to tidy them up. Tried google but only tracklistings not numbers come up Any help appreciated Cheers 
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Tried downloading even ratio free torrents & I still get redirected to the same message as above. It's an endless loop and impossible to get anything & fix my ratio. Oh Well... 
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Thanks Fires for the time in replying. I'll have another read of the various faq's & play the daily games to boost my upload credit! I'm not a hit n runner so hopefully with 24/7 seeding I'll make it. Cheers 
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Hi All I've underestimated how quiet this site is & it didn't take long to get a ratio warning. Now I keep being redirected to this message but I can't actually download anything even from this section as it claims I can? Am I doing something totally wrong! Cheers "this is Weekly Releases section. all torrents here become 100% Ratio-Free in 30 days: if you download something from this page today, you will receive a Download Debit award 30 days from now. In a long run, this will improve your Share-Ratio. you have an expired Automated Warning. until it is fixed, you can only download torrents from this section.." 

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added 3.4y ago on John Digweed & Oona Dahl..
Oona Dahl set is really nice. Cheers 
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Thanks for these mixes. Always appreciated. 
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added 6.6y ago on
Harthouse & Eye Q were what dance music was to me back in the 90's. Good Ol' Sven Vath is all over these record labels. You just can't play this stuff loud enough! Remixes I don't mind but generally find most don't come close to the original, this being one of the exceptions. Nice to find somebody with the same taste in hearing depreciation as me lol 
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added 6.6y ago on A remix which is equally as awesome. 
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added 6.7y ago on
Ha! No I cheated & copied it direct from the Hooj website. Bought most hooj on vinyl what seems like an eternity ago & still enjoy a listen once in a while. One of my favorites is "Viper - The Twister (original club mix) Hoojcd59 
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added 6.8y ago on
Phew, I've read the lot. I grabbed a very big shovel on joining & dug a deep hole but I think I can still climb out! I blame John Digweed... 

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