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Nice set of rules this year slash. I cannot wait for this event already. I wish to apply as a Judge again if I may. 
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posted 10.9y ago in Monitoring your home network
dude, it exists. i dunno what it called but if ya google it you'll find it. :whistle: 
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good set :yes: 
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posted 11.4y ago in DT's spaceship booth is for.. 
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posted 11.5y ago in Danny Tenaglia - Live at..
he has a right to it. 
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posted 11.5y ago in Danny Tenaglia - Live at..
lol, i dunno what its worth to hide for but a good Abelton user will twist your song inside out. :thumbsdown: 
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posted 11.5y ago in Danny Tenaglia - Live at..
So rants Danny T TO ALL OF MY SINCERE FRIENDS THAT READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE BELOW: PLEASE INFORM EVERY DJ AND AGENCY THAT NEEDS TO KNOW OF THIS CRIME! AND NOW: TO ALL @ CLUB CLOROPHILLA: TO DJ SKIZZO, AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH BOOKING ME. IT HAS NOW BEEN 100% CONFIRMED AS I HAVE HEARD "MY" ENTIRE SET WITH MY OWN 2 EARS. AND IT IS ALL IN HIGH QUALITY, SO PLEASE - DO NOT EVEN TRY TO FUCKING TELL ME LIES OR MAKE ANY EXCUSES! I CAME THERE AND GAVE YOU 100% OF MYSELF. I SHOWED EVERYONE RESPECT AND ENTERTAINED YOU ALL FROM MY HEART AND YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME AND YOU ILLEGALLY RECORDED MY SET! THIS WAS A "CRIMINAL ACT" AGAINST ME AND I FEEL LIKE YOU PLACED A BIG KNIFE IN MY BACK. YOU SHOWED ME HOSPITALITY WHEN I WAS THERE AND I SHOWED YOU MY SINCERE GRATITUDE AND DEEP APPRECIATION. NOW THAT YOU HAVE ILLEGALLY RECORDED ME, YOU FUCKED WITH ME! AND NOW I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW "I" WILL FUCK WITH YOU IN RETURN! I ACCEPT BEING SHIT ON BY NO ONE !!! I MAY NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, BUT I ASSURE YOU THAT MY ITALIAN BLOOD IS AS PASSIONATE AS YOURS, AND YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY SEE HOW I RESPOND WITH MY BROOKLYN ITALIAN NATURE AND WITH A VERY, VERY POWERFUL VOICE AGAINST ALL OF YOU -> AND YOUR VENUE! YOU SHIT ON ME, NOW WATCH ME SHIT ON YOU !!!!!!!!! I AM HIGHLY RESPECTED IN THIS BUSINESS, AND I AM FRIENDS WITH JUST ABOUT EVERY DJ & PRODUCER, MAGAZINE, INTERNET WEBSITES, PROMOTERS, CLUB OWNERS AND EVEN SOUND COMPANIES - INCLUDING PIONEER AND RANE! WATCH HOW I WILL CONTACT EVERY ONE OF THEM AND TELL THEM OF YOUR CRIMINAL ACT AGAINST ME, STARTING WITH DJ ALEX UNDER WHO I ADMIRE, AND I WILL CONTACT HIM TOMORROW TO TELL HIM HE SHOULD NOT PERFORM FOR YOU, AND THEN I WILL CONTACT EVERYONE ELSE THAT I SEE ON YOUR SCHEDULE BOOKED TO PERFORM FOR YOU!! AND IF I KNOW THEM OR NOT, I ASSURE YOU THEY WILL KNOW MY NAME! AND I AM GOING TO CONTINUALLY CONTACT EVERY DJ YOU HAVE BOOKED THERE TO ADVISE THEM TO NOT EVER WORK FOR YOU OR ANYONE THAT CLUB CLOROPHILLA IS ASSOCIATED WITH! I AM A VERY RESPECTED DJ AND WATCH HOW WHAT YOU JUST DID TO ME - ON AUGUST 8TH, WILL BACKFIRE ON YOU! THERE IS NOW WAY THAT YOU CAN REVERSE THIS UNFORGIVABLE DAMAGE! I WILL ALSO BE TAKING ACTIONS WITH MY ITALIAN REPRESENTATIVES TO SUE YOU AS WE HAD A "NO RECORDING" AGREEMENT/CONTARCT BOTH ON PAPER AND VERBALLY: FROM SKIZZO TO MY ASSISTANT ADRIANO. SO FOR NOW, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, I SAY: A BIG FUCK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH DOING THIS TO ME - AND I SPIT ON ALL OF YOU PIECES OF DOG SHIT AT CLOROPHILLA - THAT HAD KNOWLEDGE OF THIS ILLEGAL RECORDING! YOU ARE A DISGRACE! AND TODAY YOU MAKE ME ASHAMED TO SAY THAT I REPRESENT ALL OF THE WONDERFUL ITALIANS HERE IN AMERICA, AND ITALY! BUT, I AM STILL PROUD TO BE AN ITALIAN AND REPRESENT THE MANY GOOD ONES THAT ARE HERE AND EVERYWHERE! GOD ABOVE SEES ALL AND KNOWS ALL, AND NOW EVERYONE SHALL SEE AND KNOW WHAT YOU @ CLOROPHILLA DID TO ME! CIAO FOR NOW, DJ DANNY TENAGLIA - from BROOKLYN, NEW YORK !! - A very humble, loving, sincere, passionate person, but today ... I am a very, very ANGRY MAN! Then there is part 2 quote: very important and strong message regarding contracts with venues and festivals, etc. To all my many colleagues and mentors in the world of DJ-ing, clubbing, nightlife and Dance Music, I have copied 100s of people on this e-mail and I "encourage" everyone to please forward my words to as many of your colleagues as possible. And please pardon my very deep frustration, but I simply need to get this very sore subject off my chest once and for all, because: Enough is Enough! Dear Friends, I am writing this letter here to all of you for your support today on Tuesday, September 4th. of 2007 as I feel this is a letter of great importance - not only for me, but for all of us "United Together As One" to further protect ourselves from such a "criminal act" that was recently done to me at a venue in Italy called "Clorophilla" last month on August 8th. This is not the first time such a "crime" has been committed against me, as I am sure many of you can relate, or have heard of such stories from other DJ's and live acts that have had similar crimes committed against them. This crime is also against all of the artist who's music is now illegally being passed around with no contracts and at the end of the day, what is being passed around is a "bootleg" compilation where no artist receives a penny from it! I am even speaking now of times long before the Internet where some people have confessed that they had recorded various DJ's sets, but they were only for their private listening pleasure and were never passed around. Today, I am through with such slimy people and I am letting the world know it. I am sure I will have to deal with all sorts of repercussions but I am willing and ready to defend myself and all of you while doing so. I can only hope and pray that I have everyone's support in doing so. Basically, as it is written in my contract that the venues are not allowed to record my sets, and we are very precise about it by saying it both on paper and in person upon arrival to remind them of how important this act of crime is against me and ALL of the artist that I choose to select their productions and place them in my sets. This has happened to me in the past at other venues and festivals, and I thought we were being as strict as we can possibly be by enforcing this and "kindly" reminding them to please make sure that no other DJ booth, lighting or sound area is hooking up a CDR/DVD/DAT or modern external hard drive device that can easily, unknowingly and illegally record an 8 hour set without one single interruption. Unfortunately, it brings me great disappointment to share with all of you that I and my associates were completely lied to 100% on August 8th at Club Clorophilla in Italy. It was the celebration of Ferrogosto Week. This is when most of Italy celebrates summer and take seasonal vacations, etc. I did a three city tour that ended in Rimini. I have to say that all three gigs were quite impressive with a turnout of 1000s of people in attendance and all of the venues were full beyond capacities. All of the gigs went extremely smooth and I came back to NY a very happy person, until Friday, August 31, '07 when I discovered and 100% validated with my very own ears a "part one and part two sets" that was most definitely me being illegally recorded at Clorophilla. As hard as I may try, words cannot even describe the anger I am feeling at this time, as well as such incredible disappointment against these people and this venue Clorophilla who "at the time of the gig" showed me wonderful hospitality, great admiration and respect. I, in return gave them the best of myself and the venue was still packed at closing time around 7am with everyone screaming for more and more! But we had to stop by law and it all ended very well and I was happily on my way to the next city. But, that is until this week when I heard that my set was being passed around by many, many people. I did not want to not believe it because several times in the past, some people have tried to push off old GU CD and other compilations of mine by saying it was me live at Pacha, etc, and lies of that nature ... But this one here from Clorophilla I personally have confirmed it to be 100% LIVE from my set AND in total high quality! This was not a person on a dance floor with a modern recording device - as there is zero distortion. This was professionally recorded on the premises and I firmly believe this to be 100% true! Upon arrival and sound check, my assistant and dear friend from Italy Adriano had gone ahead of me to do a full sound check and meet with Resident: DJ "Skizzo" (notice his name) - who was in charge of the sound and the booth set up. As of right now, until further notice, I "Danny Tenaglia" am fully holding Skizzo as the person in charge of lying to all of us and recording my set. Although my strong intuition now tells me many others knew! Adriano was there in the daytime and all was well. Adriano confirmed that after reminding Skizzo of my Anti Recording policy that Skizzo actually acted in response with a form of "semi annoyance" and with sort of an attitude by saying something like: "I don't need to be reminded, we are sponsored by RANE and I would not record the DJ's sets" .... Apparently, someone is lying through their rotten teeth? Underneath the console was a RANE Mixer and I did question it? I had requested a Pioneer mixer and Skizzo said the reason why the RANE mixer is there is because he decided to connect it to the Pioneer mixer in order to get a better overall quality from the sound system. I once again said to my assistant Adriano: please translate this and remind him of my No Recording policy! Well, here I am writing to all of you to tell you that we were all obviously very lied to, and I am now asking everyone here to please join with me, not only against club Clorophilla and Skizzo (and whoever else was involved) but to please UNITE with me together so that we "as artist" are no longer stabbed in the backs, deceived, lied to, and feel as violated as I do today! When we go into a DJ booth or onto a stage and perform, that is OUR art, and if we choose to not be recorded or filmed we should be entitled to this right. I honestly cannot imagine anyone here to disagree with me or feel that I am being irrational over this sore subject which is quite sacred to me? There are many professional ways to do this. For example, when I played at Exit Festival in Serbia they politely asked me if I minded being filmed for the first 20 minutes of my set after Paul Woolford and I fully agreed and appreciated them asking. That is where it's entirely different. We no longer can have much control these days at all over the 1000s & 1000s of patrons with cameras and cell phones that also act as cameras and record us, but I have learned to accept this modern concept and I deal with it without any frustrations. However, in the case of this recent incident with Clorophilla - and last year at the Monegros festival where I signed an agreement to have them record the first 15 minutes of my set for radio promotions and hype, well they too lied to me and more than One Hour of my set was on the radio in Spain and then was downloaded and passed around, also including tracks I would never give away out of respect to the all of the artist and producers and labels involved. I will not go further in who else has disrespected my wishes to NOT be recorded, but there have been many clubs from Boston to Ibiza and I have had to go to the extent of asking my personal sound tech or assistant, or my manager Kevin to please double check the situation. Another area to beware of is our sets being recorded from where the lighting people are, as we have on a few occasions now discovered "them" recording the DJ's sets onto a DVD player, and several times were lied to (at first) and they said no, this is for visuals. We then retrieved the DVD's or DATs, and sure enough it was 100% all audio as they were recording the entire evening of all the DJ's that night! So, as I am trying to keep this brief, it's almost impossible because I want this letter and one with a very important message to be very understood as I only speak English and this is becoming an "International Virus" not just with Italy. I am hoping that my words get translated to every possible language from NY to New Zealand, etc. I have been doing this for almost 30 years now and I am as established as one can be. I am fully content with myself, my career and grateful to God that it has exceeded and far surpassed what I had ever envisioned and dreamed it could ever be more than 20 years ago! I am still overwhelmed with a great joy at what God has allowed me to achieve having traveled to 25 countries now and for what I have achieved in also creating some music as well. The last thing that I want to add here is: And this is from the deepest part of my heart and my existence .... Is that, my greatest reward that I hold so dear to my heart is having the wonderful gift of being able to say that I have met most of you personally. Many of us have now even shared the same booths together and I humble myself here to say to all of you that at the end of the day I am truly a fan of all of you. You have all inspired me in so many various ways from Deep house to Techno and especially with many of you as Producers whom I revere highly for helping my career blossom as most of you have also helped me become successful as I have played all over the world playing so many of your productions and remixes. I can elaborate for days, maybe weeks, but this really is from my every fiber and I hope that you all can sense my sincerity and my deep gratefulness to all of you for helping me over the many, many years. I wish I had the e-mail addresses of 10,000 more people to add to this, but hopefully this message will be passed around and everyone will eventually feel me and prayerfully agree with me on this topic which is all about "r e s p e c t " and I was totally and completely disrespected @ Clorophilla. I am not expecting everyone to reply or respond in any specific way. I just needed to get this off my chest and with the hopes that many of you may feel the same way and care if you are illegally being recorded or without any permission. * When I play, I often incorporate accapellas' and parts from masters that were given to me exclusively out of respect, or some may have been from my very own Productions. I have learned to be careful in what I use when away from clubs in NYC where I am 100% certain that I am not being recorded, and I feel I was still careful at Clorophilla because it's still hard to trust people, even if they give you their word, which is exactly what happened to me there. Upon my first listen, I heard the first 5 seconds and it was 100% me triggering an exclusive accapella I have of Celeda singing: Pick yourself up, Pick yourself up, I knew instantly it was me, as this event was only 2 weeks ago and I had not used that accapella it a very long time. This recording is 100% ME! There is no doubt whatsoever. Please share this message with all of our other colleagues that I may not have e-mail access to. Please inform as many DJ booking agencies as possible and once again, let's please Unite Together in taking better action against venues and festivals, etc, so that we will no longer be recorded against our wishes and have "our artistic expressions" stolen from us! I feel extremely violated today and this was the last straw for me. I told my manager and associates that I was preparing myself to spend this very lovely and sunny summer day indoors to write to all of you and get this awful situation of my chest in the hopes that it will bring me (and many of you that have been in my shoes) some Justice, Comfort and Peace of mind. With all of my deepest RESPECT to everyone that reads this here extremely passionate letter! Sincerely, danny tenaglia PS: These words are 100% from me. No one including a lawyer, manager, agent, associate or friend helped in any way to write this e-mail. This is purely from the deepest part of me. Sorry for the length of it as I guess this validates my anger at this time. Also, pardon any typos, I did my best to be as clearly understood as I possibly can. PPS: I will try to reply to as many people as possible with any questions, etc. However, my mailbox is already backed up from previous travels and I am still here working very hard as I still have a very full summer schedule. If you have any other form of questions, please write to my manager Kevin McHugh at: 
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posted 11.7y ago in TRIBALMIXES T-SHIRT OFFICIAL..
This is cool. :thumbsup: I'll make some designs. :cool: 
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posted 11.9y ago in THIS HAS TO STOP !!!
you like little kids in a classroom without a teacher. may be its time to limit out the number of uploaders for beginners. unite the uploaders to work the issues out would be helpful. once you have a working system between uploaders, start bringing in uploaders who have to follow the rules, you guys who should be experienced uploaders by now can work out between each other. on all other trackers there is always an Admin who takes care of all the issues to do with uploaders and uploading rules and regulations. Geez, this isn't freakin rocket science to figure out guys & there is no point just getting mad at each other just because there isnt a system or a problem. Guys, just be calm & figure it out by first making a list of problems & then find solutions. (this isnt rocket science) PS. Let me know if you guys need help. (after all I have experience with these issues) Good Luck, -RTT :-| 
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Updated: March 28, 2007 :cool: 

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added 2w 3d ago on Erick Morillo - Subliminal..
When generations of chic's dig YOUR style: YOU ARE THE MAN (BEHIND THE DECKS)!!!!! 
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phew, thank god you only pranked us it is house & he still spins trance! you had me there for a minute thou :thumbsup: 
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added 1.1y ago on Chicane - Sun Sets 187..
this is anything but chillout 
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This is awesome!!! Love it!!! :clap2: Thanks for this share!! Thank You!!! 
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{quoted:lobojuanky} Amazing indeed!! Many thanks! :happy2: 
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Sounds more like 'happy hardcore' but a dope set! Lots & lots of energy!!! 
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just because i grew up in same hood with Frankie, it has been a 25 year love affair with electronic music! Tnx to the only DJ who never sold out! 
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