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posted 15.3y ago in seeding problem???
{quoted:syfra55} ...same for me... :weep: help...please... :weep: 
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posted 15.3y ago in [dj] Valentino Kanzyani plac[e]
:mbounce: The Best ! Respect the man :rofl: 

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Thanks mihai :-) 
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Quite nice progressive AZ :-) sweet tunes! :yes: 
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:) and again awesome set AZ :fun: still ur number one fan :-P thanks for the special delivery :-D :-P 
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Niceeeee :-) thanks matevone for Carola :fun: 
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Awesome work again :-) Gonna wait for the 06 :-P Keep it up!! 
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Great great work my friend...again another awesome mix :-) Keep it like that :yes: 
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And the winner is............. EGYPT :hooray: :-P Nice work from all :) 
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And the 4 like the others 3 its just awesome kay :-) Sweet sound like always ... Thanks for it and gonna wait yes for the surprise :-P kisses 
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With this one...u did make my day AZ :-) Nice work :yes: and slash grabbing this one was (i supose) worse than giving birth :-P :-D to many hours in childbirth work :-P Thanks for it :-) 
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And again my friend u did surprise myself :-) Very nice set very nice tracks and amasing the way that u can really put so different elements from so diferent styles in one set :thumbsup: u know...i'm ur number 1 fan :happy2: :-P Keep the good work and lets open the Club :-D kisses :punk: 
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