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armin_van_buuren_-_a_state_of_trance_320_( :djing: 
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Counter Strike, Snowboarding, Disc Golf, Partying lol, Hiking :thumbsup: 
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{quoted:BOBATION} So true, I found this out the hard way when I let myself go. Let me tell ya its a pain in the ass to get yourself back. I was so sad for about 2 months and it didnt even really bother her, so it ok to love but, never forget about your needs as well. :thumbsup: :yes: 
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posted 13.9y ago in TRANCE vs HOUSE... the..
1.Trance :-D 2.Chillout mix :thumbsup: 3.House :-P 
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posted 14y ago in favorite burning program?
Nero :-P 
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Born In A Tropical Swamp- Secede :djing: 
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posted 14y ago in Hash or Grass/Skunk??
I like to smoke the grass, not as much as before but enough to relax at the end of the day. :w00t: 
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posted 14.1y ago in Fav track to listen to while..
Solar Stone - Www TranceAddict com - Speak In Sympathy (Orig Mix) :thumbsup: 
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posted 14.1y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
Zappi Ibiza Relaxe 01 Blue Marlin 2006 :djing: 
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posted 14.1y ago in "NEW SKIN COMPETITION"
Yeah, the twilight skin is awesome, thats my new fav. Thanks. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 

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Enjoyed the set, keep it up...... :djing: 
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Thanks for the upload, love the dubstep. :yoji: 
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Nice Set..... :yoji: :yoji: 
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Awesome set!!!!! :yoji: 
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Keep up the good work! :djing: 
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Its by far one of my favorite sets now! :yoji: 
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Some more from the Digweed, awesome. Thanx for the upload. :thumbsup: :w00t: :thumbsup: 
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added 14.1y ago on Steve Lawler - P3 Klub (DR..
Doing a great job, keep it up. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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Awesome Set!!!!! :mbounce: 
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I enjoyed this set, thank you for the upload. :thumbsup: 

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