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Thanks for this. And here is a tracklist I found: 03:00 - 06:15 ART (08:00 - 11:15 CET) Andy Moor 01. ID - ID 02. ID - ID 03. ID - ID 04. Ben Nicky - Drizzle 05. Norin & Rad vs. Recurve - The Gift 06. ID - ID 07. Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound 08. Tilt - The World Doesn't Know (ID Remix) 09. Ferry Corsten - Punk (Arty Rock-n-Rolla Mix) 10. ID - ID 11. Gareth Emery - Citadel (Super8 & Tab Remix) 12. Andy Moor - Fake Awake (ID Remix) 13. Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life (Andy Moor's 2011 Remodel) 14. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up 15. ID - ID 16. Arty - Zara 17. Tritonal feat. Meredith Call - Broken Down (Will Holland Remix) 18. Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Myon & Shane 54 Classic Mix) 19. Abvove & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Club Mix) 20. ID - ID 21. Ben Nicky - Drizzle 22. ID - ID 23. Paul Thomas vs. Andy Moor & Markus Schulz - Ultraviolet Daydream (Andy Moor Mashup) 24. Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (Arty Remix) 25. Stoneface & Terminal - Here To Stay 26. Kernkraft 400 - Zombienation (Chris Schweizer Bootleg Mix) 27. ID - ID 28. ID - ID 29. Faithless feat. Dido - Feelin' Good (ID Remix) 30. ID - ID 31. ID - ID 32. ID - ID 33. Andy Moor vs. M.I.K.E. - Spirit's Pulse 34. ID - ID 35. Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate's Back 2 The Future Remix) 
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Thanks for this, unfortunatly I missed James Holden at 10 day's off but this way I can still listen to it. I was also wondering if anyone has the sets from Saturday the 17th at 10 day's off? I'm especially looking for Kerri Chandler's set, his set was totally amazing and he had live singer on stage during his performance (a rather famous belgian singer Lady Lin) and here singing was awesome, it really made the set stand out. 
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Big thanks for this, I was there and this set was awesome. It was a perfect set to keep me awake and dancing. 
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Thanks for this. Do you happen to have Guy Gerber's set from this night as well? I was at this event and Guy Gerber's set was amazing, so I would love to hear that one again. 
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Thanks for this. I was just wondering if you have Leon Bolier's set as well from this same night and if you could upload it? And maybe you could upload the live sets of the Armada Night that was broadcasted last night as part of the 4yr celebration as well. I would be very great full if you could do that. 
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Is this the CD accompening this months mixmag 
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I'm gonna give this a try. The tracklist looks really intresting, I lot of tunes that I love, severall that I don't know. Some trackselection looks rather odd in my eyes so I'm looking forward to hear how this is mixed. I think this is going to be a refreshing show. 
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added 12.6y ago on Armin van Buuren, DJ Shah..
I went to this event live and it was amazing. Armin really rocked my pants of. We need more events like this in Belgium. 
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Thanks for this, this really looks like a rare gem. 
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{quoted:chronicbucks} The static is really noticeable on my speakers, it really annoys me. I now completly turned of my right speaker, but there is till a little static. I just hope it ends soon, because this is annoying. The music is great however. 

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posted 12.5y ago in What type does make you wanna..
I like em both, but if i had to pick a favourite I would choose redhead 
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I have never spended anything on drugs. I don't use any and the few times that I did try it I was given it by someone else. 
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Happy Birthday Tribalmixes, I have been here practically since the beginning, I only missed the first 14 days that the site was offline, so I guess that makes me one of the oldest still active members. And I'm really glad I an Tribalmixes are still here and I hope we will stay here for a long time. Keep the awesome Trance mixes coming. Licking Leatitia 
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Could someone please upload Eddie Halliwell's show from this week, Friday 15th June. The tracklist looks awesome and I wanne hear his Anjunabeats sampler, but haven't come across an upload of this weeks show on the net. Edit: ignore this post, I just found the set somewhere else. 
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I want some Britney Spears live :-P , preferably with video :-D 
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posted 14.2y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
Sander Van Doorn - Essential Mix 25/6/06 i download to many sets so sometimes it takes me a really long time to listen to a set :no: 
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posted 14.5y ago in FEEDBACK ON SETS
These days I just give a comment to the torrents when I download them, cause it usually takes a long time before I listen to them and after that I'm usually not bothered enough to go and search the torrent and post a comment. Unless when the torrent is verry special then I'll give feedback about it 
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posted 14.7y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
TATW 105 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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Antwerp Is Burning Outdoor (from 2003 or 2004, don't remember the year) Armin van Buuren played there and he was absolutly amazing. It was one of my first big raves and i'll always remember it 
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posted 14.7y ago in best radio shows to record..
{quoted:Leatitia} there's only one problem.. i'm so stupid i still can't figure out the right time difference, since it's been that website's time is gmt+10 (for some reason, i don't even know why), my time is gmt-6, radio is another time shift, then it's all calculated and miscalculated... so the thing is, i can't set it up right now, cause i don't see exact airing time in schedule until that week, i guess, so i'm just not sure on timing thing... and CET is GMT-5, i think, my time is CET - central eastern time...[/quote] The event is scheduled to start at 23.00 CET (or 11pm CET). CET means, Central European Time and equals GMT+1, I'm sure about this cause it's the same time as where I live. If you live in GMT-6, that would mean that the start of this event for you would be 16.00 or 4pm. I hope this helps. If I find out about any changes in the program I'll let you know.[/quote] I don't know if you can use this but here are the set times for the nigth: 23:00-00:30 Orkidea 00:30-02:00 Andy Moor 02:00-04:00 Menno de Jong vs Jonas Steur 04:00-05:00 Airbase 

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