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posted 1.5y ago in Cannot download. . . Help
Figured it out from another post. I changed to Had to remove that 's' in https:// 
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posted 1.5y ago in Cannot download. . . Help
I'm unable to download anything right now. I don't have any warnings and I seed my downloaded per website policy. The mixes I'm trying to download have dozens of seeders. Any ideas would be appreciated. Using uTorrent on Mac. New version. 
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The Guy J - Once in October Mix. It's pretty solid. Well worth a DL and a few listens, but nothing out of the ordinary for Guy J. 
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posted 6y ago in hit and run alerts
I'm also having a couple issues with hit-and-runs. I don't appear to be getting credit for the seeding that I'm doing. For example, I seeded the Nick Warren - Sound Garden (Frisky Radio) [HQ] - October 2014 to 155.4%, according to uTorrent, but Tribal Mixes is only giving me credit for 87%, and I'm about to get a hit-n-run for that. Another example, uTorrent says 110.5% for Dave Seaman - Live @ White Ocean Camp, Burning Man Festival - USA - 26-Aug-2014, but Tribal Mixes has me down for 58%. Shortly, it'll be another so-called hit-and-run. Sorry to whine, but I thought I should share. Thx 
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posted 8.8y ago in whats ur favorite sport
I'm a big fan of both baseball and Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). 
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My all-time favorite is The Wire, with the close second being Six Feet Under. Honorable mentions go out to Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Carnivale, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead. As you can see, I love these HBO series. 

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I still think this is the best Essential Mix of all time. The last half hour is mesmerizing. 
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Nice mix. Bit of an unusual sound! 
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This is LNOE 58 from Manchester 
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added 7m 2w ago on Caribou - Essential Mix..
Better than the last Essential Mix from Caribou, which won Essential Mix of the Year 2014. This mix will win another. 
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Really cool venue. Nice set too 
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Terrific mix! 
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This is LNOE 032 - December 2017, not LNOE 033 - January 2018. Thanks for the upload anyway. 
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Very nice down-tempo mix. I don't think I've heard a Sasha mix like this before. 
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{quoted:cablemon} Here's a video of it. Better sound, too. 
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This Essential Mix is smoking hot. Easily one of the best I've heard in years! 

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