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I hear the old Martin Garcia here 
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I like it! Its interesting set. 
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Very Very good set from Guille 
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Very Dark and Sensitive. Thats what Frangellico is making! 
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Nice Set. I need the tracklist, please if somebody can tell me what is the track in 49 minute? Thanks 
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This set is really old. It's at least from 2007. Anyway wonderful set. 

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What about ? for example 
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Slash you can make it just more friendly and do it like "hell yeah help donate push this volume button up" so everyone can choose how much power to share...and you will see machines on 100% LOL 
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I been on this site long time. probably 8-9 years now. And we been in arguments with the creator when I was younger. Its his site and rules are set the way he wants to. It's a great idea to open such a site first of all. If he can make profit of it and you want quality stuff without buying it donate. But people usually tend to forget so in his game he has the rights to bitcoin from your computer in my own prespective as soon as you know it. if you dont like it buy stuff... 

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