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Perfect :) 
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Zahran :love: 
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ohh thanks alot, its good quality also a share that was not in mind. thumbs up :thumbsup: 
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Hisham Yahia - Journey To The Sky - Easter Overclocking Mix Tracklist: (First Hour) 1. Olivier Giacomotto - Bipolar Star (Original Mix) 2. Hisham Yahia, 4strings, Dave Darell & Rank 1 - Take Me Away On A Symfo (Hisham Yahia Rework Mashup) 3. Genix - Olympus 4. Nadia Ali - Better run Away (Hisham Yahia Monster Mashup) 5. B.Exp – False Fate (Original Mix) 6. Chocolate Puma - Popatron (Extended Mix) 7. Andrew Rayel ft. Emma Hewitt - My Reflection (Extended Mix) 8. Das Kapital - Bend It 9. Nadia Ali - Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix) 10.Mark Bale feat Cosmo Klein - Gimme Some Love (Original Mix) 11.The Beatrabauken - Sometimes Bikin 12.Matt Darey Feat Leah - Hold Your Breath (David Forbes Remix) 
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Yea He Did It For Me :) We Were In Same Gig Together And We Talked About How We Will Make This Deep Rise 3 Mix ,, And That Was The Great Result See You Soon At Club Escape Amsterdam I Will Be Deejaying With Sander There Again :) 
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Great One Hernan 
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added 7.8y ago on Musabesni - IDC 2012..
What is the Genre ???????? 
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oh my goooooooooood am on the front page of the amsterdam news papeeeeer i cannot believe thatttttttttt :-O :o) 
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Sure Folks :)) Gonna Share The Show Hisham Yahia & DJ Tarkan _-_Am A DJ_-_Live On Unlimited Friday Party107 fm (14-dec-2012) Tomorrow,,,,And By The Way This is a Fixed Show For Me And Tarkan Every Two Weeks Regards DJ/PRoducer Hisham Yahia :-) 

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