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maybe tracklist??? awesome tracks here :yes: 
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must be the nice one :evil: thanks :thumbsup: 

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tribalmixes are the best! no doubt :evil: 
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posted 14.2y ago in How many have you got?!
70 GB Electronic music only... need better HDD :-/ 
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Im waiting John Digweed in Lithuania. Party in September :djing: :thumbsup: 
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only one ticket and i got IMMORTAL boost 500 :thumbsup: 
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There are so many awesome sets, but there are three sets that i was thanking God for: 1.John Creamer live @ JustMusic.FM, 2006.03.12 2.Yvel and Tristan - Foundation Records Hours 24-May-2006 3.James Zabiela-Promo Mix April 2006 
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posted 14.4y ago in Top 3 sets May
1.Yvel and Tristan - Foundation Records Hours 24-May-2006 2.Damien Heck - Fashionable Scandal 023 @ - 2006-05-24 3.Essential Mix - Tiefschwarz @ BBC radio1 28-may-2006 
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posted 14.6y ago in Right now I'm listening to ...
{quoted:yebanat2} Global B-day party was faaaakin amazing.i just can't forget it :thumbsup: listening that too! 
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posted 14.7y ago in top 3 sets of January 2006..
1.Hernan Cattaneo - resident live from london on metro 95.1 fm - jan. 21, 2006 2.Shiloh - January 2006 Mix (2006-01-05) 3.Lexicon Avenue-Live@Greece 2 Global Radio show 01-13-2006 
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omg im the youngest (19) Rutis from Lithuania studying political getting crazy because of music and football.Cheers :beer: 
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well i dont have much, only 80gb(only electronic) but most & favorite music goes into cd's 

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